Artikulation - Various - Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Explore music. Music Records. Le Partage des griefs by Yan Hart-Lemonnier. Sam Murdock. Jean-Francois Morisset. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Jeff Williams And The Clear Spacemen - White Under Green app. Purchasable with gift card. Baphomet beach club Le partage des griefs La grosse banane Tout le monde sait mieux que toi Stories of things too close or so far from you that you can only guess about without never really understanding them, feelings you can't put a name on.

If all the tracks sounds more serious and dark than everything I did before, I couldn't avoid to mess a bit with titles, and some of them are just Artikulation - Various - Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales way to laugh at myself for being what I am : a too-concerned-by-himself-average-educated-getting-old-white-western male. What about you? Basically, art does not interested me, and I just make records instead of writing a journal or letters to my friends.

Tu Felicidad - Rene Touzet Y Su Orquesta* - Cena En La Habana really hope a few of those weird sounds and melodies will touch your heart, because that's the only thing I ever wanted for my music. Maybe a new musical life be possible after this record, but the answer is of no importance. Yan The Adaadat label has been releasing some of the most interesting electronic-based music of the past few years and their production values are always very high.

Great vinyl-pressings and excellent artwork combine to ensure that their records always stand out, whilst on top of this, they maintain an eclectic and intriguing range of artists.

This album comes from a French musician who has already released numerous records often under different names although by all accounts, this offering is more introspective and perhaps a little more unsettling than his previous work.

The moody, Superabound - Frank Black - Teenager Of The Year tracks relay those feelings perfectly, conveying a real sense of emotional intent.

Sometimes quite downbeat, other times much lighter, and works very well. Anyone interested in the type of electronic music that is genuinely interesting within an accessible format, should definitely make efforts to hear this album. I wanted to listen to something distinctly of the region before I made my first pilgrimage this week! There are darkened drones that flair up along the way, and an atmosphere of potential gloom, though Hart-Lemonnier manages to find balance within the space of airy passages that break the fog as it were.

The title track makes reference at least for me of the Qatsi trilogy Philip Glass. This record seamlessly fit into one of our most recent podcasts La grosse banane and it is on the flipside where the wiggly wry side comes out some. This is also where I start to make connections with sound distortionists like Autopoieses and even the interior sonics of Das Synthetische Mischegewebe. Twisted tones and a drum machine You Never Cry Like A Lover - Eagles - On The Border brought forth on closer, Tout le monde sait mieux que toi.

This playfulness leads to the wayward gateway into the hypnagogic. And he leaves you there, hanging in suspense and awe. This time Artikulation - Various - Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales title translates as 'The Sharing Of Grievances' and I am early with this review; the official release date is February 14, Im No Latino - Various - Euro Stars 2 (Зима 2006) (DVD), Valentine's Day.

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Various One-Off chez emiledj 7electronicexperimentalgroovedgejean toussaintleomemichel caillatopaque transparentplanespottingPopolarando Un Pachino - Sineterra - Sineterra. Breakbeat, Electro, Experimental, New-wave. Experimental, Folk, Folk rock. Belec was in our Parisian studio navigating from his newest finds between folk, progressive rock, experimental and more.

Bass, Breakbeat, Experimental, Tribal. Eva Geist. Dark ambient, Drone, Experimental, Selecta. June Records invites Eva Geist for the first Apparitions ofoffering one hour of intense ambient, tensed electronics and minimalistic soundscapes. Black Zone Myth Chant. Winged Sun. Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Selecta. Hands In The Dark. Hands On Deck. Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental. Confessions FM. Avant-garde, Breaks, Electronic, Experimental. The Lyon-based part of young Boulevard collective M.

Omeed Norouzi. Ambient, Avant-garde, Contemporary, Experimental, Selecta. Max Duplan. Ambient, Drone, Experimental. Actual Grammar.

Contemporary, Electroacoustic, Experimental. Dark ambient, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Experimental, Selecta. Laura Not. Contemporary, Experimental, Piano, Selecta. Laura Not is back on the stream for one hour of piano musc with a selection of classic composition, contemporary sound and experimental notes. DJ Falcon F Undo Musique. Downtempo, Experimental, Folk, Industrial. Experimental, Lyrical, Selecta, Spoken word, Vocal. For the first episode ofJonquera focusses on his favorite vocalists and singers.

Vanishing Points. Ambient, Drone, Electro, Experimental, Techno. Cinematographic, dense soundscapes delivered monthly by Brokntoys label founder Anwar, following his musical obsessions, from drone to post-punk here. Different Fountains. Aux Eaux. Club, Contemporary, Electronic, Experimental, Techno. Get familiar Me Puedo Programar - Virus (29) - Vivo 2 the Brussels-based Different Fountains platform through this monthly hour of music.

Joachim Nordwall. Contemporary, Experimental, Industrial, Noise, Selecta. One hour monthly with label founder and experimental producer Joachim Nordwall, delivering records oscillating from noise to field recordings through his network of artists. Basement Seance. Dub, Electronic, Experimental, Selecta. Ambiant, Experimental, Industrial. Vincent Glandier. Le Poids du Ciel.

Contemporary, Dark ambient, Experimental. An hour of dark ambient, experimental and contemporary selections by Parisian Vincent Glandier. I've Seen The Future. Code Espejismo. Ambient, Breaks, Contemporary, Experimental.

Avant-garde, Electronic, Experimental, Free jazz. Ambient, Experimental, Folk, New-age, Selecta. Sam De La Rosa. Radio Rituel.

Experimental, Industrial, New-wave. Will Neibergall. Ambient, Avant-garde, Contemporary, Experimental. Omeed Norouzi and the rest of the Artikulation - Various - Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales crew digs the many variables of contemporary electronics, varying from complex soundscapes to rough breaks via experimental output and more. Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (Pavane For A Dead Princess) - Various - The Ultimate Driving Collec the Arizonians monthly here….

Martina Lussi. Ambient, Contemporary, Experimental, Selecta, Vocal. Contemporary, Experimental, Sound collage. This is our fifth tape, featuring work by artist Rosa-Johan Uddoh. She is an interdisciplinary artist working towards what she calls maximum self-esteem.

With the visual field all but removed, her audio work moves through various meditations on what sound means for regimes of visibility. Like radio, these sound pieces evade the logic of the written or the visual and thus these axes of domination. The first piece, On Opacity, stages a conversation.

It asks what it is to be fully known through the types of information that can be strategically concealed or communicated through sound. It also features a special Roadhouse Blues (11/4/69, Takes 1-3) - The Doors - Morrison Hotel from Edouard Glissant in the role that could have defined him.

Leeroy Merlin. Dark ambient, Electro, Artikulation - Various - Panorama Des Musiques ExpérimentalesExperimental. Ambient drone, Electro-acoustic, Experimental, Soundscapes, Soundtrack. My name is not mata. Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Selecta, Tribal. Ambient, Experimental, Selecta. Contemporary electronics, Experimental, Post-punk, Selecta. Besides djing she works within club culture and writes about music for various platforms, using her Gender Studies background as a framework.

A lot of them are in here, all made by amazing producers and some older favourites added in between. Hevea Syntax. Mustesna Records.

Night Travel on a Blanket. Ambient, Contemporary, Experimental, New-wave, Selecta. This will come out early Contemporary, Electronic, Experimental, Wave. Contemporary jazz, Experimental, Noise, Selecta, Vocal. Domestica Records. Experimental, New-wave, Selecta, Synth-pop. Most of these songs were never published at that time so they were demos that we restored as carefully as possible, and the rest of the tracks were published only on tape and in very limited distribution.

So, basically, I took this mixtape as a celebration, not only for the work done until now but also for all the things still to come.

Website Bandcamp Facebook Instagram. Around Gustav Metzger. Avant-garde, Experimental, Noise, Psychedelic. Bass, Contemporary, Electro, Experimental, Techno. Habu snakes, lava, modes of limited transposition, a shot glass of Medronho, ….

Jan Jelinek. Temple Of Faitiche. Avant-garde, Dub, Experimental, Reggae, Selecta. One hour monthly with Faitiche label founder and producer Jan Jelinek and Groupshow artistscruising through various repertoires: from anthropological material to contemporary experimental and different electronic movements. Ambient, Contemporary, Experimental, Fourth world, Selecta.

Witxes is back on air for another hour of electronic meditation, alternating between ambient and contemporary experimental. Aki Gratte-Ciel. Rainbow Rhythms. Cooking, Drum n bass, Experimental, Psych. Aki Gratte-Ciel is going solo for this episode of Rainbow Rhythms. De On N’a Rien Inventé - Liz Brady - Le Piano S’est Tu et d'Ondes.

Ambient, Avant-garde, Downtempo, Experimental, Leftfield electronic. Mirage Festival founder J. Fabrice Havenne aka DJ Mixsoup. Avant-garde, Contemporary, Experimental. La Brigade Cynophile. Bruitisme, Experimental, Junk, Punk. Espaces Inhabitables. Avant-garde, Contemporary, Electronic, Experimental.

Poutre Apparente. Vous aimez la musique mouvante? Experimental, Noise, Post-punk, Selecta. Electro, Experimental, Hip-hop, Selecta.

Ambient, Contemporary, Digital, Experimental, Selecta. Cereals DJs. Waking Up With Cereals. Experimental, Hip-hop, Post-punk, Selecta. Constance Chlore. Radio Poison. Experimental, Industrial, Post-punk, Synth-wave. Tunis Alpha. Contemporary, Experimental, Noise. The Greater Good. Experimental, Jazz, Leftfield. Penultimate Press. Seventh Night. Experimental, Folk, Modern classical, Spoken word.

Penultimate Press boss Mark Harwood is back for another hour of free-diving experiments and glorious folk, featuring fresh psychedelia from his label and the past. DJ Mixsoup. Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Idm, Indus. Experimental, Japanese, Selecta. Tokyo based selector Rintaro offers us a mix of new arrivals for vinyl delivery service, online store based in Tokyo. Choses Contraires. Contemporary, Experimental, Modern electronic, Poems, Selecta.

The Crowdspacer Show. Experimental, Selecta, Trance, Tribal. Our resident Joakim on his monthly one hour journey through brain melting trance, experimental and more. Cosmo Vitelli. Ambient, Experimental, Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two* - Original Golden Hits Volume II. Digital, Dub, Experimental, Selecta.

At the same time. Electronic, Experimental, Leftfield synth, Selecta. Experimental, Selecta. Fred Serendip. Radio Crochet. Breakcore, Compilation, Experimental, Industrial, Serendip lab. Kate Carr. Music Herstory. Experimental, Sound installation. Kate Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place and emotionality as an artist and a curator since Oscar Der Winzige. Geograficamente Perto. Experimental, Folk, Rock, Synth-pop. My birthday was approaching and many Lithuanians would come, some Spaniards too.

We were fined 60eurs each, a bit dramatic ending. We looked at each other with the face of being very pissed at ourselves. So she had to buy another ticket…. I had to work and she had to wait for the next train.

When I finished to work and got back home and she had left already—, there was no way back and now I was regretting it. The Lithuanians were in the keller… everything was perfect and quite relaxed, I was not nervous and that made me think more of how foolish I had been to let her go. This is all the soundtrack that came to my head from all those beautiful days, in radio show format, my favorite format. A cabaret of different pieces about those days, something I do not think it can bother anyone.

Another Room For Music. Ambient, Contemporary, Digital, Experimental. Dark ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Hardcore, Metal. Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Industrial.

DJ F16 Falcon. Ambient, Contemporary, Deviant pop, Experimental, Spoken word. Chaotic Neutral. Contemporary, Experimental, Musique concrete, Noise.

Ambient, Contemporary, Electro-acoustic, Experimental, Sacred. Zchivago's Disco Dystopia. Avant-garde, Ballad, Experimental, Punk.

Dec 05,  · Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Classique: Bidule et un · Pierre Henry · Pierre Schaeffer 1st panorama de musique concrete (Remastered) ℗ View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales on Discogs.4/4(4). French Pressings of Philips' Prospective 21e Siecle Records. This is an edited and revised listing based on Ed Maurer's pages (saved in ) referencing all the French "silver series" and UK versions. Cover variations. catalogue number on front ELECTRONIC under Philips logo on front (first few green label issues). Simón vs Saimon - Amorio - Various: La Danza Del Agua (Discrepant, ) Chupame El Dedo - No Te Metas Con Satan Un panorama des musiques expérimentales faites à la main et mixées au gosier, tous les mardis soirs de 19h30 à 21h sur Jet FM (Nantes). SOURCES. Programme radio de 58 minutes spécialement créé pour Cosmogol , un panorama des musiques expérimentales faites à la main et mixées au gosier, tous les dimanche soir de 2 . PANORAMA DE FRÉQUENCES. Emmanuel Holterbach Terminated avant-garde, (and Groupshow artists), cruising through various repertoires: from anthropological material to contemporary experimental and different electronic movements. étalant deux heures galopantes de musiques expérimentales, aventureuses, anciennes et contemporaines.. See. "Musiques Expérimentales: une anthologie transversale d'enregistrements emblématiques" par Philippe Robert. liste rajoutée à la fin de l'ouvrage d'autres albums essentiels à écouter. Bläserquintett des Südwestfunks, Baden-Baden / Antoinette Vischer / György Ligeti / Gottfried Michael Koenig / Cornelius Cardew / Zsigmond Szathmáry / Karl-Erik Welin Bläserquintett des Südwestfunks. Une sélection des meilleurs concerts & interprétations & performances. Une sélection des meilleurs concerts & interprétations & performances. philips,zovy,j' irai cracher sur vos tombes,concert by the sea,the winners!,,the swinging herman herd recorded live,,montand,i'll be there + 3,à hollywood,apollo hall concert,swinging suites.


Hobos Meditation - Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris - Trio, Mercy Mercy - Various - Back To The Streets / Celebrating The Music Of Don Covay, On N’a Rien Inventé - Liz Brady - Le Piano S’est Tu, You Know How I Like It (Jeep Mix) - Finest Hour - You Know How I Like It, Brejeiro - Bola Sete - Voodoo Village, Sheer Release (A) - Francis Monkman / Malcolm Ironton - Classical Concussion, Nightmare - Cosmovision, Les Haricots - Bourvil - Bourvil, Andante - Zino Francescatti, Mendelssohn*, Bruch*, The Columbia Symphony Orchestra* And The New York, Follow Me - Bernie Nee - Follow Me

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  1. Jul 05,  · referencing Panorama Électronique: Electronic Experimental Music, LP, RE, LS Amazing pioneering works, by pioneer composers. I love how the "old way of working" (forced upon them by technology of the day) made one think differently than /5(10).
  2. On peut en faire une expérience commune, à travers des rituels, mais on ne peut la dire, l’échanger, en faire la transaction. Car rien, dans une telle écoute, ne s’écrit. Elle s’égare, apparait et disparait avec les sons, au gré de la musique qui se déroule et s’évapore. Rien ne s’y imprime, rien ne s’y affirme.
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  4. Various. Soundtrack Funk Disco Pop Rock Soul Experimental. Panorama Des Musiques Expérimentales Musique Du Burundi A Space Odyssey (Music From The Motion Picture Sound Track) Musique Électronique Norvégienne Tropicália Ou Panis Et Circencis Golden Rain - Balinese Gamelan Music - Ketjak: The.
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    Une sélection des meilleurs concerts & interprétations & performances. Une sélection des meilleurs concerts & interprétations & performances.
  6. Dec 05,  · Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Classique: Bidule et un · Pierre Henry · Pierre Schaeffer 1st panorama de musique concrete (Remastered) ℗

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