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The terminations, suffixes and prefixes, from the various languages, are pre- sented together, and, as far as possible, arranged in classes. Tkis last feature is one of much interest, and will render the study of the materials of orthography more agreeable and prosperous. The law of mind, by which the child picks up nouns first, then adjectives, and afterwards verbs, is given in full. According to this plan, three exercises will complete each study, and furnish the child with the most desirable words in the language on each topic of thought, and in the order in which they enter into the structure of sentences.

This third Hand-Book has some original and substantial claims. They are presented in the following particulars: 1. The child is naturally introduced to the study of English Orthography. In this introduction, he is led to see its relations and extent. The field is surveved and bounded. The mixed character of English Orthography is noticed and explained. The words of Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin and Greek origin, although na- turalized, retain much of their national form and structure.

See p. The engrafted elements of the English language, consisting of the dif- ferent national groups of words just mentioned, are carefully estimated. Their history is given. The elements of orthography are pointed out and defined. Such are the sounds and letters of the English language ; syllables, accent and quan- tity. See pp. The subject of etymology is presented fully. The attention of the reader is called to its two forms : the historic and philosophic. They are illustrated.

In addition to these, great care has been bestowed on the subject of English etymology. Simple guides are furnished, and the nature of the inquiry clearly stated. This is a point of interest See p.

The subject of double letters has been examined. The doubling forms no part of the spelling of such words as robber, batter, mapping. It is an organic necessity. The terminations are separated from suffixes proper.

Their office is to express the relations of words. The suffixes have been investigated anew. Their national origin is in- dicated. They are grouped under the things for which they stand. Their form is made more simple, and their number greatly reduced, by distin- guishing between the true suffixes and the letters that connect them with the radical words.

The prefixes have been reduced to system. They are classified, and all referred to motion and rest in place and time. This feature is full of in- terest See p. The relations of suffixes and prefixes to the radical word and to each other are noticed.

Radical words are the seeds of language. The prefixes represent their relations in place and time, and the suffixes furnish a history of their growth. These are the prominent features of the First Part The Second Part has some additional claims to attention. They are presented in the following 1. Some seven thousand words, from the various sources from which our language has enriched itself, are arranged under the various topics of thought a ready and rich vocabulary foi each subject 2.

As far as practicable, the primary meaning it given, and then the secondary. They are arranged in families. IX in connection with it, the suffixes and prefixes by which the child constructs the derivatives for himself.

They are divided into three great groups nouns, adjectives and verbs. In this division they are presented in connection with each topic, and in accordance with the laws of the mind. The three necessary Something To Believe In - Poison - Swallow This Live of a sen- tence are furnished.

They are arranged under the names of the nations from which they have been received. By this arrangement, we are able to see at every step where the old Saxon was rich and where it was poor. It forms a sort of history. They are also disposed under the things to which they relate. The child, by this disposition, not only acquires a ready and fine assemblage of words for every topic of thought, but also an excellent method of thinking he passes methodically through the domain of language and nature.

They are referred to their origin in nature. This is their philo- sophic etymology. The organ of speech gives forth the word. But on examination, it has been found that this organ is acted upon by the other organs of the body, by things without us and the soul within us. All these aid the organ of speech in shaping voice into words. This discovery has led the Association to group the radical words of our language under the bodily organs and things Back To The Break Shop - Leksa - Octo Beat vol.2 Acme Scratch nature that gave rise to them.

By this arrange- ment, the pupil finds the study of etymology to be the study of the actions of his men bodily organs. In the beginning of the Third Part this is explained. The Words in the Collection. In selecting them, the Association was guided by the wants of the mind, and the requisites of good taste.

Technical terms are sparingly introduced. These will be best learned in connection with the arts and sciences to which they belong. Long abstract terms have been commonly excluded. Economy, as well as good taste, led the Association to overlook them, and select words more portable and effective.

The words, in the collection, are referred to their national origin. In making this reference, the Association experi- enced at first no ordinary difficulties. The word, it was evident, could be traced back to the Greek, perhaps to the Sanskrit. Where should we stop? At that language from which we directly received it.

But how was this point to be determined? French pere or the Latin pater. Language, on the other hand, is referred at once to the Dark Man - Various - Ferum Music Awards Vol.

1, and not to the Latin, because its form is agreeable with the French langage. The Instructions may be 1 in oral or written analyses : the Studies may be recited in oral or written exercises, in which the child shall fill up all the blanks, pronounce, define and use each word in the exercise. A model and complete exercise is furnished for the guidance of the child. Wherever it is practicable, the primary meaning should be given ; as, iruult, to leap upon. This being done, the child is prepared to understand the secondary meaning ; as, insult, to strike against, to hurt by act or loord.

The Difficulties of the System and Plan of Study? The difficulties attending the introduction of the Hand- Book into any school must be imaginary. The system is practicable any where : the plan is an economy of time. The writing of the exercises on slates, or in blank books, engages the attention, and forbids an afflictive ennui. It secures a correct orthography. The recita- tion is full of interest It is at once an exercise in reading, pronunciation and composition.

Interest waits upon it As one child after another is called tip and reads a part of the exercise, the instances of the use of the words keep up a lively attention to the end.

The progress is rapid. The results of the third Hand- Book mast be desirable. Studied according to the plan laid down, the child will have a fine knowledge of the engrafted elements of our language, and A pleasing method of thinking. Words, and what they stand for, will be intimately united, and all that pertains to their orthography, will be under- stood. The materials of sentences, nouns, adjectives and verbs, will be at hand, duly dinposed under the leading topics of thought.

Combining these results, with those arising from the study of the Hand- Book of Anglo-Saxon Derivatives, the child will be well furnished with the materials of a rich and ready language. And yet, the study of words is not complete. XXVI I. A Retrospect of the Three Hand-Books. Its aim is to make articulate sounds visi- ble, and teach by letters what is taught by sounds.

The eye is made to accord with the ear, and convey the same information to the soul. It was brought into notice with written language.

While language was only spoken, there was no need of it. The child caught the word by ear, as he caught a strain of music, and repeated it in happy imitation.

But as soon as man attempted to make speech visible by the use of certain marks called letters, orthography arose, and has ever since been a part of the study of written language. As these were the forerunners of our present letters, sb were picture and symbol-writing the forerunners of our present orthography.

See Lingual Header. THE first orthography, like the first language, exists only in its thousands of varieties. Its record is found in the giving of the law at Mount Sinai. Its varieties are found every where. Each nation has its own orthography ; and in it, is readily distinguished from all others.

As the English- man and Frenchman are easily known by their features, so their languages, even where the words stand for the same things, are known at once by their orthography.

So it is with all other nations. An instance will explain this. We select the word, father. Its English, Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin and Greek orthography is as follows : father, vater and fader, athair, plre, pater, pater. Varieties of orthography, as thus indicated, are to be explained in the same way as varieties of language. The causes are nearly the same, and are, differences of climate, education, pursuits of life, objects, and the organ of hearing. The ear has always influenced orthography.

The instance given above may serve to illustrate this, and make clear what we mean by them. It may do more. It may direct our attention to their importance.

They are guides in the study of languages, and prepare us to look for, and find the same word in different languages, but under different forms. Kules are almost useless. In vain we look for a key, or method. The only key is the eye, fixing attention on the forms of words ; the only method is written exercises, teaching by the sense of touch. English Orthography is too diverse for rules.

A few in- stances will illustrate this remark. The spelling and speaking of words differ widely. The words, stags, tripped, boxes, plucked, loaves, for instance, are pronounced as if spelled, stagz, tript, locksez, pluckt and loavz. Letters have different sounds. We spell city with a c and pronounce it with an 5 ; toss and egg double the last letter, but only one of them is heard when the words are spoken.

The same combination of letters often has a variety of sounds. This is the case in such words as hough, cough, enough, plough, rowgh, and sough. Letters are doubled or dropped without certain rules. This is seen in such words as duZness, instiling and fuZness, skil- ful ; doe, foe, hoe, and go, so and motto. There are forty sounds in the English language, and only twenty-six letters to represent them.

So we have only twenty-two characters with which to write the forty sounds. It has its own laws. When it was developed in England, no less than eight kingdoms of Saxons existed in that country, with local differences, greater than what we find in our own country.

The Norman Conquest deluged the whole, and changed the entire face of things. French words were introduced. They have Georgia On My Mind - Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band - A Tribute To Humph - Volume 5 laws. The mingling of the Saxons and French after the con- quest, led to many changes.

The French affected, in some degree, the Saxon ; and" the Saxon conformed, in many things, to the French. Early English writers paid little attention to spelling. They were guided solely by the ear ; and this was an uncer- tain guide. The same word was spelled, in some instances, no less than fourteen different ways.

Our language is mixed; so is its orthography. It is natu- ral that words taken from the Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin and Greek should retain much of their native form, and be spelled in some degree in a foreign land as they were spelled at home. Foreign words, like foreign people, retain their native char- acter, even when naturalized.

It appeared first in the old Anglo- Saxon, the mother-tongue of our native speech, and differed widely from our present orthography. Since then, it has passed through many changes, and is still changing. It arose with the introduction of Christianity into England, A. The Anglo-Saxons had written characters or letters before they came to England. The first writers were Anglo-Saxon.

They had no guide but their ear, and in following it, were often governed by fancy. There was nothing certain. The same word was spelled in various ways, even by the same author. The laws of Ethelbert were the first native productions reduced to writing. Changes were soon introduced according to the pleasure of the writer. Eules were disregarded. As late as A. The advent of the Danes into England was attended with many changes.

They corrupted the old Saxon, and changed the forms of words at pleasure, especially terminations. The Norman Conquest, A. After a while, there ap- peared a desire on the part of the Saxons to Normanize their words, and conform to French taste. Out of the mixture of Saxon and French arose new changes.

Broad vowels and irregular forms were preferred ; as, wop for wept, and dalffoi delved. The dawn of English learning in the fourteenth century brought other changes. The vowels were especially subjected to change.

Chaucer, Mandeville and Wickliffe represent this period. The maturity of the English language and learning under Elizabeth, in the sixteenth century, added some changes. These arose from the free introduction of Latin and Greek words. Recent changes. Since the time of Elizabeth, in the sixteenth century, the changes in English Orthography have been mostly of a trifling character.

The matter is not yet settled. The dispute about the spelling of certain classes of words, still continues. Walker and Webster divide the English mind. And what is it about? About using or leaving out the letters, u, e, k ; using a single or double I, an s for a c, a z for an s ; or changing re into er, in certain classes of words.

So English Orthography now stands. Men talked about the loves and sorrows of the family, life and death, buying and selling, learning and teaching, before they thought of writing about them. They had a spoken lan- guage. It was only when they thought of speaking through the eye, that orthography and written language arose. The word, language, to which we now direct attention, is derived from the Latin word for tongue, and comes to us through the French.

It stands for that system of sounds and letters by which we make ourselves known to each other a system of signs by which we talk to each other through the eye and ear. The letters are nearly the same in all lan- guages : the sounds are very different. Language, as thus viewed, is simple, but wonderful. God and man are its associated authors. It is greater than buildings, or machines, or paintings, or music, or poetry. It is a rich treasury, and contains the records of the history, manners, religion and works of man.

Such is language ; and such it is mainly by orthography. The spoken word perishes 初戀最為甜 You Are My First Love - 潘秀瓊* - 不是在睡夢裏 Im Not In A Dream the written word abides for ever. THE languages of the earth are numerous, amounting to no less than three thousand. This is a wonderful fact. This is easily understood. Climate, objects, pursuits and circumstances change all things. We find, accordingly, that those animals that spread widest over the face of the earth, present the greatest variety.

Man, in this respect, stands at the head of all earthly creatures. Now what is true of himself, is true also of his language. It presents great El Baile Del Trompito - Don Nauro And His Caribbean Bar Sextett - De Nuevo.

En El Bar Tropical. This view is confirmed by a comparison of languages. Northern tongues are harsh and full of consonants : south- ern tongues are soft and full of vowels. There is every possible grade of expression, varying ever with the country or the people. If we enter fully into the comparison of languages, we find a thread of unity, on which are strung wonderful resem- blances, running through the living and dead tongues of the earth.

This again is linked with the Zend, and through it, with the languages of central and western Asia. History confirms this wonderful unity. All European, African and American tongues are readily traced to Asia.

In the centre of this grand division, and stretching down to the lovely vale of Cashmir, we find the nursery of human speech. A view of the languages of Europe will explain all. For centuries, there was but one language in Europe, and one religion, the Druidic, with its bleeding sacrifice, like the Christian, and its faith in the immortality of the soul. The Celts fled before them, or were enrolled with the conquerors.

The British islands now became the asy- lum of the Celt, and Europe a Gothic nation. To this people, the Anglo-Saxon belong. Of their language, ours is a member, being the young and promising sister. From these three great waves of emigration have arisen all the nations of Europe, and from a mixture of their languages have been formed all the tongues spoken and written, living and dead, on that wonderful division of the globe. All the European languages are of Asiatic origin.

Nothing is more clear than that Greek and Latin, Anglo- Saxon and German, are varieties, derived alike from some ancient original. THE English language is one of many. It is strong, rich and beautiful among the three thousand languages of earth.

The English language is not an original one. It is a de- rived language, and draws its words from many sources. Even its form is not original. It is unlike all others in this respect, being very simple, and admitting a very few changes in its words. But these things constitute its greatness. It has shaken off the feebleness of the early languages, and dropped nearly all their irregularity. It is a mixed language. The Saxon speech, introduced into England, A.

On this stock, the Dane, Swede and Norwegian engrafted much of their native speech. The Norman followed, and put in the scion of French. The English were pleased with these en- graftures. They added strength and beauty to the old Saxon speech. They were pleased, and proceeded with the work of engrafting. Words from the Latin, Greek and modern languages were freely added ; and the English lan- guage became remarkable as a mixed form of speech. Commerce imports words as well as wares from all parts of the world.

See Lingual Eeader. But not so the thing. The basis of our language is as old as that date ; so are its changes, as seen in Back To The Break Shop - Leksa - Octo Beat vol.2 Acme Scratch grammar. But the pres- ent English 'is more recent. It arose out of the mixture of the Saxon and French, between the tenth and thirteenth centuries.

It arose on this wise. The Saxon peasants and French nobles were obliged to mingle in the common affairs of life. Self-interest led the Saxon to Normanize his lan- guage, and the French to Anglicize his speech.

Then arose wandering poets, and warmed the present English into life. The descent of the English language through the Saxon, can be traced to the continent of Europe.

There it appears as a sister of the Gothic family. But Europe is not its na- tive place. It is of Asiatic origin. THE word, element, in this connection, means a distinct part of a language. It is applied alone to mixed languages, like the English, and embraces the words received from any other language, living or dead ; as the French or Latin. The study of the elements of the English language has been too much neglected. A knowledge of them is Good Vibrations - The Shadows - Another 20 Golden Greats o a correct knowledge of our native speech.

It makes us acquainted with our forefathers, their character and condi- tion. It shows us where our mother-tongue was deficient, and where it was necessary to borrow, in order to make up deficiencies. The elements of the English language, to which we are now directing attention, are quite numerous. There is scarcely any nation on earth with which we have not been in close contact, and from which we have not received by commerce, expeditions and missions, some words.

The chief elements, however, are few. THE Anglo-Saxon portion of our language is something more than an To Prove His Love - Garden State Choir - Perspectives In Gospel. It is our mother-tongue. It was the native speech of the mass of the English nation from the eighth to the tenth century after Christ.

For a while, it was subdued by the French, and survived only among the sturdy peasants. Policy and self-interest favored its introduction again to power. It came forth from retirement, and min- gled with the French. Commerce restored it : poetry nursed its new existence. The restoration of the Anglo-Saxon gave rise to our present English. The French and Latin words, then in common use among the people, were adopted and moulded according to the form and spirit of the Anglo-Saxon.

So it became our mother-tongue. As such it still remains. It is a rich Imma Nerd - Shin Kick - Demo of our language, and by far the most important.

The words that compose it, are the words of home, of childhood, of nature, of the heart, of domestic life, of business, of definite thought and action. All these are sister speeches to the English tongue, and compose the Gothic family. Nothing certain is known of this family of languages till a short time before the Chris- tian era. We know that the Goths followed the Qelts about the year B.

The Greeks speak of them in the eighth century before Christ. They dwelt then on the Black Sea. They were known as Northmen, and inhad possession of the whole of England. In this way, the Gothic element was introduced into Great Britain, and engrafted by war upon the Anglo-Saxon stock.

Commerce and social intercourse, since then, have increased the number of words from this source, and made our lan- guage strong and copious by contributions from its sister languages.

THE Celtic element of our language is small, but interest- ing. It was derived from the Celts, the earliest inhabitants of Great Britain. They formed the first emigration from Asia into Europe, some sixteen hundred years before Christ. The words from this source have been received into the Interview - Various - Metalshop - Radios Weekly Metal Magazine (Week Of October 26, 1984) language at four different periods.

Some of them have been introduced recently from the Gaelic of Scotland and Ireland, and the Cambrian of Wales, branches of the Celtic stock. Some of them were introduced through the Latin, between the Danish and Norman conquests, or be- tween A. Others All Saints - Saints & Sinners common to the Gothic stock, and were brought into use about the same period. The greater number, by far, are relics of the old Celtic stock which remained alive in England after the descent of the Angles and Saxons upon that island.

They refer chief- ly to places, and belong to geography. In The Show Must Go On - Various - Norwegian Power Ballads respect, the Celtic bears the very same relation to the English language as the Indian dialects. Both exist in the English tongue in names of places. THE French element occupies a large place in our Ian guage.

It was received from the Norman-French, a lan- guage spoken on the continent, from the river Loire to Flanders. This language is a mixture of the Latin and the old dialects of Gaul, now called France.

These dialects were chiefly Celtic. The French element, as thus explained, was partly intro- duced by intercourse between the Saxons and Normans before the Conquest. But its marked appearance in Eng- land dates from William the Conqueror, A. It came in like a flood. The Anglo-Saxon was swept away into the walks of common life. Norman-French was the language of courts and official life. It ceased to be such in A. Since then, there have been many additions.

New words have been introduced from time to time by commerce, in- tercourse and the arts. The practice of using French words and phrases in English speech, although in bad taste, has introduced many words into our language. This practice arose from the intermingling of the Saxons and Normans, and their attempts to understand each other. The words embraced in the French element have enriched our language. They refer chiefly to law, taste and the arts.

Poetry owes much to the Norman-French. This element in our language connects with the Latin and Greek and the old Pelasgic of Greece. The Latin language was spoken by the ancient Romans, and received its name from Latium, the name of their country. It is a mixture of the old dialects of Italy, altered somewhat by the Greek. Both are now dead languages. The Latin part of the classic element is very important. It began to Frank Sinatra - All Of Me / I Went Down To Virginia (Shellac) introduced by Cassar, 55 B.

For five hundred years, the Komans ruled Britain, and the Latin language was spoken by the rulers. Only a few words, however, were introduced into the language of the Anglo- Saxons. Christianity brought in many. During the time of the Christian Saxon kings, religious teachers and lovers of Latin learning, introduced many Latin words. They referred chiefly to the church.

The revival of learning in the fourteenth century brought m still more. About this time, ignorance prevailed. Monks kept the keys of knowledge. Its treasures were locked up in the Latin tongue. Since that revival, or the time of Henry the Eighth, the work of accession has gone steadily on. The learned have loved the classics, and introduced their thoughts and words freely.

In the sixteenth century, during the reign of Elizabeth, Latin words were largely interwoven into the English language. Such is a view of the Latin part of the classic element. The words embraced in it refer to law, religion and the arts, and are useful in completing the English language. The Greek portion of the classic element is not so extensive as the Latin.

Much of it came into the English through the Latin and French. Much of it was brought in by the early religious teachers of England. Other ways remain to be noticed. The lovers of Greek learning have introduced many Greek words. Flux Sunrise - Bisse - PMS progress of arts and sciences has brought in more.

THE words of the English language Fjäril Vingad Syns På Haga - Various - Carl Michael Bellman - Alla Fredmans Sånger swelled to eighty thousand, and present a mixed appearance, somewhat like the American nation.

The old Roman and Greek are also Ruiner - Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral sented. Such is the mixed assemblage of words composing the English language. These words naturally arrange themselves in groups, distinguished by native features. They apply to distinct objects of thought. The Anglo-Saxon words refer chiefly to home, the heart, and sensible things ; the Gothic relate mainly to the same ; the Celtic appear in torn fragments ; the French direct us to manufactures, law and taste ; and the classic, to arts, sciences and religion.

Such things are worthy of attention. These groups of words retain the spirit of the languages from which they have been received.

They have taken the form of the Anglo-Saxon, but preserved their native life. We may look upon them as naturalized words, appearing at home in our native language, but retaining so much of the languages to which they were native as to remind us constantly of their origin.

This is an important feature in our knowledge. Words are history. They stand for things. The word" composing the different elements of the English language record many things about the people who used them first, and now stand in the English language, for things which the Goth, Celt, Frank, Latin and Greek first saw and felt. Such views bring to light the importance of words.

Their study is the study Quand Les Roses - Eric Richard / The Twistin Guys* - Quand Les Roses / Cant Buy Me Love man. THE whole word formed the beginning of infant speech. Language has not commenced in any instance as we begin to teach it to our children.

The alphabet is unknown to the child. Syllables are unnoticed. The whole word caught the ear and early employed the tongue.

Adam, we are told, gave names to living things. So the first language began on earth. So every child begins his speech. Words also are the beginning of every new engrafture. Entire words introduced the different elements that compose the English language.

As the gardener takes a bud from a tree, and buds it upon a new stock, so the Anglo-Saxon has taken words from various languages, and engrafted them upon his own. The letters and syllables are but little regarded.

He has always taken the entire word, and intro- duced it entire, or changed its form a little to make it agree with the forms of his mother-tongue. So the When I Take My Sugar To Tea - Various - The Big Band Era: Volume 4: The Passing Of An Era ele- ments have been brought into the English language.

WORDS are only signs, and can be understood best by see- ing or feeling the things for which they stand. In this consists the true knowledge of words. There is something more. The spoken word is composed of sounds, and divisions of sounds, called syllables. The written word is composed of letters, and divisions of letters, called syllables. These things are to be known. This is not all. Words have a structure, or make. They are buildings, and are composed of sounds or letters.

This is true of every word ; but particularly so, of deriva- tive and compound ones. In looking at the structure of words, we must see how they are reared or formed from simple words by prefixes and suffixes. Words also have a history, and one that is very interest- ing. The origin and changes of words form its records. They are very instructive, and tell us much about our fore- fathers and the nations with whom they lived in intercourse.

In studying the history of words, we must not overlook their national origin, but trace them to their Saxon, Gothic, Celtic, French, Latin or Greek source. An instance will illustrate this point. The word, tribulation, now means dis- tress or sorrow. It is derived from the Latin, and at first meant the act of separating the corn from the husks. It may be traced to another word, which is its root, and the name of the roller by which this separation took place.

There is still another thing to be known to complete the knowledge of words. Words are living things. They are to be known by seeing and feeling this embodiment the idea or thought expressed. In speaking them, the ear takes notice of certain sounds. Thus, in speaking the word, man, it distinguishes three sounds, represented by the letters, m, a, n.

If we examine, in this way, all the words of our language, we will find that they are all spoken by forty sounds. Some of these are common to all languages on the earth : others are peculiar to our own. And yet, the sounds of languages, when they differ, are only varieties of the same sounds.

The words that compose the English language are writ- ten. In writing them, the eye observes distinct characters or letters. Thus, in writing the word, hope, it observes four letters, h, o, p, e. If we examine, in this way, all the written words of our language, we will find only twenty-six letters. These are known as the English alphabet.

The word, alphabet, is composed of the names of the first two Greek letters, alpha, beta, which are the same as our a, b. It is the name of the letters of a language orderly dis- posed.

The order of our alphabet is not natural. The true order is as follows : h, a, i, u, o, e, w, p, b, f, v, t, d, Jc, g, s, z, I, m, n, r, j, c, q x.

Our alphabet is not a complete one. It has three great defects. Deficient It has only twenty-six letters to mark forty sounds. The letters, c, q, x, are of no use. It represents some single sounds by double letters ; as in THine, sm'ne; and some double sounds by sin- gle letters ; as in pine, Jest. THE English alphabet has a history, and one made up of very instructive records.

It is pleasant to-know where and how we obtained those letters in which we make our hopes and sorrows visible. It is desirable to be able to trace them to their source, and note the changes which have passed upon them.

The English alphabet is immediately descended from the Anglo-Saxon. There are points of difference, however, be- tween them. The Anglo-Saxon contained twenty-three letters. Among these, are not to be found the letters, j, Jc, q, v, w and z. Among these, is found a character representing the sounds of ih, as heard in thin and thine. The Anglo-Saxon alphabet is derived from the Latin. We know not the precise time. We only know that in the third century, the Latin alphabet was applied to the Gothic languages, of which the Anglo-Saxon is a branch.

The Latin alphabet is to be traced to the Greek, which was introduced into Italy by the Etrurians, about twelve hundred years before the Christian era.

The Greek alphabet is not an original one. It was received from the Phoenician, which is the same as the Hebrew. Beyond this, we look in vain for any thing like an alpha- bet. We find symbols, pictures, and sounds, but no letters. Such is the history of the English alphabet. It is somewhat remarkable that the first or most ancient alphabet was not an orderly collection of simple sounds, or letters representing them ; but a collection of syllables.

THE letters composing the English alphabet have points of resemblance and difference among themselves. These points are of great importance. They differ to the eye, while they are the same to the ear. These are vowels, and have all a flat and continuous sound ; as ; a, e, i, o, u.

Others are unable to form any word Pchelka (Little Bee) - Lube Fondue - Homeless Cosmonaut syllable by them- selves. These are called consonants ; as, b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, I, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, z. Their sound is flat and continuous. Others are called mutes, and cannot form any thing like a word or syllable by themselves. They Making The Same Mistake - Ross Ryan - A Poem You Can Keep silent letters ; as, g, d, t.

Some of the letters of the alphabet have a smooth sound; as, p, b : others have a rough one ; as, sh, f. Some of them are sharp, and sound like a whisper ; as, k, s, t: others oxeflat, and have a natural sound; as, d, b, z. The alphabet, as thus classified, may be presented at one view. VOWELS, or the letters that have a smooth, flat, continu- ous sound, and form syllables by themselves : a, e, i, o, u. MUTES, or those letters that have a flat or sharp, smooth or rough sound, but can form no syllable by them- selves ; as, p, t, k, s, b, d, g, z, f, th, k, sh, v.

Smooth and sharp : p, t, k. Sharp and smooth : p t t t k. Smooth and flat : b, d, g t z. Flat and smooth : b, d, g, z. Rough and flat : v, th, g, zh. Flat and rough : v, th, g, zh. THE forty sounds which compose the spoken English language are represented by twenty-six letters. This is done in three ways. By certain letters or marks; as, d, b, in the words, did, bad. By making one letter stand for two or more sounds ; as a in the words, father, fate, all.

The whole subject may be presented at one view. We give, for this purpose, the forty sounds of the English lan- guage as they are actually represented. There are FOUR diphthongs. Z as in Zame. They undergo some changes in speech and writing, which require attention.

The ear often takes notice of one sound substituted for another. The sound of u is heard for o and e, in the word, contentment. Days and boxes are pronounced as if written, dayz, bocksez. The Wie Weet (Karaoke Versie) - Various - Willem Wever also undergo some changes. These changes are called per- mutation.

Permutation is the exchange of one letter for another. It takes place among letters of the same, or neighboring organs in the same language. It also takes place in order to se- cure a pleasant sound. Permutation is important, and goes far to explain the great differences that exist in the spelling of words. There is another change in letters to be noticed. One letter is exchanged for another of the same class. Transition is the exchange of one letter for another of the same class. It takes place between different languages.

This change arises out of variety of pronun- ciation, and is of much importance. It becomes a guide, and enables us to see the same word in different languages, changed only by the transition of one or more of its lettersas, father, pater, vater, athair ; the English word, live, and the German, leben. THERE are many words in the English language which re broken up into parts in sounding them ; as, or-der-ly.

These parts are called syllables. The word, syllable, is derived from two Greek words, which mean to take together. If I sound the word, happy, I take the sounds of h, a, p in the one case, and p, y in the other case, together, and thus divide the word into two syl- lables.

A syllable, in a spoken word, is a word, or so much of it as is sounded at once. A syllable, in a written word, is a letter or letters representing a syllable in a spoken word. In the first languages, all words were of one syllable.

Syllables are important. Their proper division is by no means an easy matter. I divide the word, agree, into two syllables, a-gree ; but plague is not divided. The word, episcopal, may be divided in two ways, e-pi-sco-pal or e-pis- co-pal. Which is the correct division? Three things are to be our guide in this matter three simple things. There are as many syllables in a word as there are distinct vowel sounds ; as, man, hu-man-i-ty. Compound words are always divided into the simple ones; as, up-on, false-hood.

The ear often interferes with the third Blood Monk - Goatlord - Reflections Of The Solstice, and requires words to be divided so as to secure a pleasing sound ; as, Ug-a-my, not bi-ga-my. The division of words into syllables brings to view a point of interest.

In the spoken word, we hear double sounds : in the written word, we see double letters ; as, happy, bafter. These double sounds and letters are not the spelling of such words as they appear in. They are the two ele- ments which enter into the sound of every letter, and are known as the radical and vanish in vowels, and the vowel and consonantal element in consonants.

Both appear in the written word only in the consonant ; as, lafter, toppling. In such words, the sound belongs to both syllables; as, lad-cfer, sin-rang. Words, when divided into syllables, have points of re- semblance. They are divided into classes according to the number of syllables they contain. A word of one syllable is called a monosyllable ; as, child, he. A word of two syllables is called a dissyllable ; as, an-chor, ru-by.

A word of three syllables is called a trisyl- lable ; as, wo-man-hood. A word of more than three syllables is called a polysyllable ; as, hu-man-i-ty. The words that compose the English language differ in the number of their syllables. Anglo-Saxon and Gothic words are mainly monosyllables; the French and classic words are rarely of this class.

They are chiefly dissyllables, trisyllables and polysyllables. SOME syllables require a longer time to pronounce them than others, and are said to be long or short.

If I sound the words, men and mend, which are words of one syllable, mend is longer than men by the sound of the letter, d. The length of syllables, as thus seen, is called quantity.

As such, it can be applied to syllables, since time is required in sounding them. Quan- tity is the length of syllables, as long or short.

The quantity of syllables in English depends on the vowels. In every syllable, there must be one vowel, and this is long or short. It is long when it ends a word or syllable: it is short when followed by a consonant. She was Iger, the company's president and CEO, said in a statement "She will be remembered for her grace and generos- ity and tireless work to preserve her father's legacy" Miller, the eldest daugh- ter of Walt and Lillian Dis- ney, was born Dec.

Meeting Your Needs! Lecanto, FL Richard T. Brown Licensed Funeral Director Fax: rbf centurylink. Citrus Ave. Then HE. At your last store, simply. F, leave your card and you are entered. Drawing will be on December Winner need not be present. No purchase necessary. Crystal River Crystal River i r. C S. Crystal River S. Crystal River I W. Crystal River It would be smart, healthy and hypoallergenic. It would have the yap bred out and longevity bred in. And, most im- portant, it would never lose its puppy face.

Enter the "cava-poo-chon. With the help of a geneticist and reproductive veterinarian, the tribrid or "triple cross" was created by Linda and Steve Rogers of Timshell Farm in Pine, Ariz. She added Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down / Wait Until Tomorrow there is no reason they can't live for 20 years. The dogs weigh 10 to Larghetto - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Talich Quartet - Intégrale Des Quatuors à Cordes (The Complete pounds on average and the Rogerses offer a choice of color and two types of coat- curly or very curly, she said.

So far, 58 families have returned to get a second cava-poo-chon, and 12 of the dogs have been certified to work in nursing homes and hospitals as therapy dogs, Rogers said. Amy Wolf of Austin said she found her perfect dog in the breed. She hired Haynes as a trainer "Never have we had a more loving, sweet dog. She wants to say hello to every- one," said Wolf, who moved into a new home with her husband two months before getting Callie.

But the American Kennel Club doesn't recognize the new trend as an official breed, and one expert calls some specially bred small dogs expensive "gimmicks. Yorkies, Maltese and Pomeranians were popular for a while, and recently there have been hybrid hounds "with cutesy names that end in '- oodle,' '-uddle' or '-poo' that come with thousand-dollar price tags," said author and certified animal behavior consultant Darlene Arden of Massachusetts.

Arden said she was unfamiliar with the cava-poo-chon, though she applauded the use of a geneticist But she condemned "gimmicks" that some breeders and groomers use to attract unwitting buyers. Prizes tor Best Looking. Sanger was born on Aug. Thornton, 93, of Crystal River, Fla. A native of Byrnside, WVa. Leonard was an ac- complished musician of many instruments, espe- cially several types of gui- tars, the mandolin and the fiddle.

Leonard was preceded in death by his wife of 70 years, Ina Elsie Thornton, on Nov 22, ; and 12 siblings. Graveside services will be at2 p. BoxBeverly Hills, FL Wilder Funeral Home, Homosassa, Fla. Born Sept. Bosco, U. Navy Veteran, retired, 30 years, was a recipient of the Purple Heart medal. He is survived by his wife, Leonora Roland; two sisters, Irene Kavanaugh and Virginia Tambasco; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Private cremation will take place under the di- rection of Brown Funeral Home and Crematory in Lecanto. Brown Funeral Home and Crematory, Lecanto. Sign the guest book at www. Take control of you hair and your wallet. Please note this service when submitting a free obituary. All of the nuclear fuel used in the reactor is still stored on site in a pool.

Dixon said making sure it is maintained in safe stor- age is a top priority. She explained because it has been so long since the fuel was in service, "if we had an event at the sta- tion, the consequences of that event would not result in a dose to the public.

The Crystal River Back To The Break Shop - Leksa - Octo Beat vol.2 Acme Scratch clear Plant Safety In- formation brochure provides extensive infor- mation on evacuation in case of an emergency event at the plant Tamsoje (Techno Mix) - Foje - Foje (Memory Stick) manager Blair Wonderly said the com- pany is also looking at what will be the right long-term storage option for the fuel, which is cur- rently stored safely in the pool.

Under the recent state settlement, Duke does have the right to go back and hit ratepayers if its decommissioning funds are not enough. He said ultimate de- commissioning means there will be no structures left on site and no fuel. Duke currently has just under employees on- site working on the de- commissioning process. About contract work- ers will come in the near future to work on the con- tainment structure.

Contact Chronicle re- porter Pat Faherty a t or pfaherty chronicleonline. CENTER Continued from PageAl During a tour of the con- struction site, Eric Williams, city manager in training, pointed out a par- ticular "green" construc- tion technique in the offices where the builder lowered the ceiling and built a short wall, like a window valance, in front of the tall windows through- out the space. Traditional hawks, such as Sen. John McCain, R- Ariz. But a growing bloc of noninterventionists, led by Sen.

Rand Paul, R-Ky, is pursuing a more dovish course, in keeping with libertarian beliefs. Paul, another possible presidential contender, has suggested cutting for- eign aid in half and com- pletely excluding countries, primarily in the Muslim world, that don't share American values. Rubio, who serves on the Senate Foreign Rela- tions and Intelligence committees, argued for a middle ground.

They come from the world of the past," he said. The senator, who has criticized an interna- tional proposal to ease the economic penalties, criti- cized the Obama adminis- tration for what he described as its passive foreign policy Rubio said the adminis- tration hesitated during conflicts in Libya and Syria that later erupted into chaos and has failed to condemn human rights abuses in Latin America and Russia.

What does this mean for the city? For the city personnel who conduct business from the IGC every day, it means sharing common areas with DCF employees - break rooms, meeting rooms, even council chambers. The impact to the downtown and the busi- nesses in the outer core is real. Assisted Living just got a whole lot better.

Call us today! Memory care Short term and long term stays . Crystal River www. Acoustic music, fish fry, demonstrations, C m historical exhibits and Country Store. Fish Fry begins at 4 p. Candles 'N' Carols at p. Gulf to Lake Hwy.

Purchase at the church office, Bryant Hwy CR rom In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Various - The Songs Of Neutral Milk Hotel: A Tribute a. ESOE Wl. DOW Util. NYSE Comp. A YTD Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans. Gold and silver led a de- cline in metals.

Soybeans rose. Stocks Stocks slid on Wednesday as investors worried over fresh signs that the Federal Reserve is getting ready to reduce a stimulus program that's helped keep long-term interest rates low and lifted stocks.

Investors fear the economy isn't ready for such a pullback. PE: The Fed's economic stimulus has been a key driver of the stock mar- ket's 25 percent surge this year, along with rising cor- porate profits and a recov- ering U. It was up 20 points shortly be- fore the minutes were re- leased at 2 p. Sex, Drugs N On The Dole - Bass Dominators / I.C.One Project - Section 18 EP Nasdaq lost The market began The Haunted Station - Francis Lovell Coombs - The Young Railroaders day higher after an encouraging report on re- tail sales and better news from long-struggling J.

Penney Investors already know the Fed will reduce its eco- nomic stimulus eventually, yet they remain highly sen- sitive to concrete signals that a pullback is immi- nent and worry that the Fed might withdraw its support before the econ- omy is ready Bond prices also de- clined. The yield on the benchmark year Treas- ury note rose sharply, to 2. That's the highest since Sept. Bond yields rise when de- mand for them falls. The Fed's next policy meeting is scheduled for Dec. Investors are split on whether the bank will vote to pull back its bond purchases, or "taper" them, as it is sometimes called on Wall Street.

The Fed surprised investors at its Sept. The index hasn't had a weekly loss since the week ending Oct. Hooper and other mar- ket watchers said they would not be surprised if the market continued to fall. Hydrogen cars could be headed to showrooms soon Associated Press DETROIT Cars that run on hydrogen Blade In Tongue Out - V Sabo - Hatewave (File) ex- haust only water vapor are emerging to challenge electric vehicles as the world's transportation of the future.

At auto shows on two continents Wednesday, three automakers were unveiling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be deliv- ered to regular people as early as spring of next year Korea's Hyundai Motor Co. Honda also will reveal plans at the L. Hydrogen cars are ap- pealing because unlike electric vehicles, they have the range of a typical gasoline car and can be re- fueled quickly Experts say the industry also has over- come safety and Wie Weet (Karaoke Versie) - Various - Willem Wever concerns that have hin- dered distribution in the past.

But hydrogen cars still have a glaring downside - refueling stations are scarce, and they're costly to build. And critics say they're still a long way from mass production. It will be the first Bulerías (Sólo Compás) - Escuela De Flamenco Presentada Por Cristina Hoyos - Bulerías market vehicle of its type to be sold or leased in the U.

Even as battery-powered and hybrid-electric cars publicly took on conven- tional gasoline models the past few years, automak- ers continued to research and develop hydrogen fuel cells, said Paul Mutolo, di- rector of external partner- ships for the Cornell University Energy Materi- als Center Manufacturers were able to overcome safety and reliability con- cerns and now are limited only by costs and the lack of filling stations, he said.

Hydrogen cars, Mutolo said, have an advantage over battery-powered electric cars because driv- ers don't have to worry about running out of elec- tricity and having to wait hours for recharging. Hydrogen fuel cells use a complex chemical process to separate elec- trons and protons in hy- drogen gas molecules.

The electrons move toward a positive pole and the movement creates elec- tricity That powers a car's electric motor, which turns the wheels. Since the hydrogen isn't burned, there's no pollu- tion. Instead, oxygen also is pumped into the system, and when it meets the hy- drogen ions and electrons, that creates water and heat.

Only water vapor comes out of the tailpipe. A fuel cell produces only about one volt of electric- ity, so many are stacked in a car to create enough juice.

It follows a week of government raids on retail- ers and the emptying of store shelves by con- sumers taking advantage of government-imposed discounts as their currency's value slides. Rather than a sign of investor trust, the Samsung alliance underscores what is fast becoming the prevailing business model in an inflation-sapped economy. The government now directly imports more than 40 percent of the nation's goods, com- pared to 15 percent in the late s when the late Hugo Chavez first won the presidency.

W illiamson Brad Bautista That's significantly higher than the state average of 17 percent, and far from the state health goal of just 12 percent by Worse, according to the most recent county-level data, our middle school and high school students use to- bacco at a higher rate than the state average particu- larly smokeless tobacco. We all know that smoking is not healthy. It's not good for the smoker, or for babies, children and adults who breathe the second-hand smoke, or for Fido and Fluffy, whose coats pick up chemical residue that sickens them when they ingest it during grooming.

Smoking is the No. It's a major risk factor for heart disease, our No. But enough ireat about the health rican issues let's talk eout. Also, consider health insur- ance, a hot topic these days. Trend data show that em- ployer-provided as well as in- dividually purchased health insurance premiums are higher sometimes signifi- cantly higher for smokers Lets Stick Together - London Express - Lets Stick Together non-smokers.

That's in addition to the cost in social isolation of being relegated to rear side- walks in an increasingly smoke-free world. Other com- munity costs include wild- fires and property damage caused by careless smokers. Seven in 10 current smok- ers say they want to quit. The Great American Smokeout is an excellent time to do it, or to help someone you know make the commitment.

To register, callext. Online help: www. Mormons will help because I have more books I've collected. They are very sides look at their guns.

CAL give me some ad- Books fortroops dresses. I would really appreciate it. Or even I have been sending names, you know, it books to Afghanistan, doesn't make any differ- but evidently my people have ence. If I could have some ad- gone home, thank God come dresses to where I could send home, thank God. And now I books to these people who are have a couple boxes of books serving our country.

Kennedy, Huxley and Lewis hree famous men died on Nov 22, His many books continue to sell and the number of peo- ple whose lives have been changed by his writing expands each year On the 50th anniversary of his death, C.

Lewis remains per- haps the 20th century's most towering intellectual practi- tioner of the Christian faith. Lewis combined humility- rare among those who have achieved fame with a style that relied less on argumenta- tion than on logic and persua- sion. He asks readers to join him on a journey he himself has taken and, like a tour guide, shows us a better world and a better life than the one he de- scribes in "The Chronicles of Narnia" as being "always win- ter, but never Christmas.

And that is said in all humility. It is a major rea- son, I think, why Pope Francis is en- joying so much favor- able attention, including from non- Catholics and even non-Christians.

The pope exudes humility in the style of Mother Teresa. There is a natural or supernatural - attraction to such people be- cause it is a quality most know they should have, but are un- sure where to find it Happy-B-Day Trash Song (4 Pauls 21th) - DJ Fate vs.

Faterror - DJ Fate Versus Faterror re- fuse to even embark on the journey While no one has ever been argued to faith, C. Lewis pro- vided a considerable number of arguments to counter those who do not share his beliefs. In perhaps his most influen- tial work, "Mere Christianity," Lewis addresses people who call Jesus of Nazareth some- thing He never called Himself: "I am trying here to prevent any- one saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I'm ready to accept Jesus as Yellowman - Going To The Chapel great moral teacher, but I don't accept his claim to be God.

That is the one thing we must not say A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher He would either be a lunatic on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a Cali Mega - Various - California, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher He has not left that open to us.

He did not intend to. On Sept. Like many great writers, most of Lewis' honors have come posthumously, in- cluding this Nov 22, when a me- morial stone to Lewis will be added to Poets' Corner in West- minsterAbbey, alongside others commemorating the accom- plishments of Charles Dickens, John Milton, Jane Austen and Geoffrey Chaucer Some people long for another C. Lewis, but the original should suffice for at least an- other 50 years. Readers may e-mail Cal Thomas at tcaeditors tribune. Gregory for your lengthy letter of Nov 10 explaining the wonderful won- ders of communist Cuba to me.

When I think of communist Cuba, it makes me proud to be an American. Ruth J. Again, I use this example to continue to make my point that the Associated Press is an out- let for White House propa- ganda machine.

It is regrettable is that the Chroni- cle continues to publish arti- cles like this as news. I write this as an active in- vestor in the market and fol- lower of data and statistics that are relevant to the market per- formance. None of the recent market statistics support this article. Viewpoints depicted in political cartoons, columns or letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editorial board.

Groups or individuals are invited to express their opinions in a letter to the editor. Persons wishing to address the editorial board, which meets weekly, should call Charlie Brennan at All letters must be signed and include a phone number and hometown, including letters sent via email.

Names and hometowns will be printed; phone numbers will not be published or given out. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, libel, fairness and good taste. Letters must be no longer than words, and writers will be limited to four letters per month.

These are spin numbers propaganda created by politicians for the consumption of people that don't know any better You owe it to your readers to report news as news.

This arti- cle was definitely not "news. The American public is fed up with the attempt by Obama and the Democratic Party to destroy America financially, religiously and culturally America used to be a highly respected country Not so much any more. The cartoon should have had Obama and the Democratic Party on the springboard and far more sharks in the water Anyone who does not realize that a majority of the American pub- lic has had enough is in major denial.

All educated, hard- working, and faith-based Americans are fed up and change is desperately needed if we are to survive. You remember the change that Obama promised. Change is about all that most hard- working Americans have in their pockets. The cartoon was cute and offensive. Americans, I believe, have awakened, al- beit somewhat late. Pray that we can return sensibility to this country in and You do not need to leave your name, and have less than a minute to record.

Editors will cut libelous material. McLeod, Mili- tary Outlet Inc. Air Force Recruit- ing, U. The success of this event would not have been possible without tremendous community involvement and support. Because of the kind and giving spirit of so many, the foundation can con- tinue to fulfill its sole mission providing imme- diate financial emer- gency assistance to eligible Citrus County veterans.

Thanks to everyone who shared and partici- pated in this event. Carlton J. Norvell Bryant Hwy. Timothy Lutheran Church N. Suncoast Blvd. Crystal Glen Dr.

Cfi mi Ij Thank you for supporting our scholarship program. The truth of the matter is, all kid- ding aside, don't give anybody any A money to do that.

Only a fool CAL would do that and a bigger fool 56 - would trust the results they get. Outlet mall I'd like to suggest turn- ing the Crystal River Mall into a discount mall or an outlet mall.

The place is set up for shopping and I an outlet mall would be a welcome addition to the area. My Sun- f 1FF day morning paper an- -f nounced in bold letters that Duke denies the use of their canal. It's time to wake up, read the writing on the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the door.

Do we have to hire a sky- writing airplane to write it in the sky too? Drop it, stop it and forget about it. Enough money wasted. Kevin Hornsby, MD will mail the pay the I Will Wait For You - Barney Kessel - Swinging Easy! and handling.

If first 37 men that respond to this ad the popular pills don't work for you, a free copy of his new thirty dollar regardless of your age or medical book "A Doctor's Guide to Erectile history including diabetes and Dysfunction; He's so sure this book prostate cancer you owe it to your- will change your life he will even self and your lady to read this book.

Call Toll Free Blackshears! An unpublished study for the Air Force, obtained by The As- sociated Press, cites "burnout" among launch Blueberry Hill - Various - Spotkanie Z Conoverem W Polsce with their fingers on the triggers of weapons of mass destruc- tion.

Also, the report shows ev- idence of broader behavioral issues across the interconti- nental ballistic missile force, including sexual assaults and domestic violence. The study, provided to the AP in draft form, states that court-martial rates in the nu- clear missile force in and were more than twice as high as in the overall Air Force. Administrative punish- ments, such as written repri- mands for rules violations and other misbehavior, also were higher in those years.

These indicators add a new dimension to an emerging pic- ture of malaise and worse in- side the ICBM force, an arm of the Air Force with a proud her- itage but an uncertain future. It found a toxic mix of frustra- Face To Face - Real Life - Flame and aggravation, height- ened by a sense of being unappreciated, overworked, micromanaged and at con- stant risk of failure.

Remote and rarely seen, the ICBM force gets little public attention. The AP, however, this year has documented a string of missteps that call into question the management of a force that demands strict obe- dience to procedures.

Associated Press An Air Force missile crew commander stands April 15,at the door of his launch capsule feet underground, where he and his partner are responsible for 10 nuclear-armed ICBMs, in north-central Colorado.

The AP was advised in May of the confidential study, shortly after it was completed, by a person who said it should be made public to improve understanding of discontent within the ICBM force. After repeated inquiries, and shortly after AP filed a Free- dom of Information Act re- quest for a PowerPoint outline, the Air Force pro- vided it last Friday and arranged for RAND officials and two senior Air Force gen- erals to explain it Based on confidential small- group discussions last winter with about launch officers, security forces, missile main- tenance workers and others who work in the missile fields - Kleine Jongen - Various - Amsterdams Goud responses to confiden- tial questionnaires RAND found low job satisfaction and workers distressed by staff shortages, equipment flaws and what they felt were stifling management tactics.

It also found what it termed "burnout. An average score of 4 or above is judged to put the person in the "burnout" range. One service member said, "We don't care if things go properly We just don't want to get in trouble. A group of 20 junior enlisted airmen as- signed to missile security forces also scored 4. This has always been con- sidered hard duty, in part due to the enormous responsibil- ity of safely operating nuclear missiles.

The wing's deputy commander of operations com- plained of "rot" in the force. Later, the officer in charge of the 91st's missile crew training and proficiency was relieved of duty. Nine days later the officer in charge of security forces there was relieved of duty. In October the unit passed a do-over test.

On Oct. Michael Carey, commander of the 20th Air Force, which is responsible for the entire Minuteman 3 missile force, amid an investigation of an alcohol-related complaint. This happened two days after a Navy admiral who was second- in-command at U. Strategic Command, the military's main nuclear war-fighting command, was relieved of duty amid a gambling-related investigation.

The AP reported that twice this year the Air Force has pun- ished officers involved in sepa- rate incidents of opening the blast door of their launch con- trol center while one of the two launch officers was asleep, in violation of Air Force rules. In November, the Air Force chief of staff, Gen. Mark Welsh, disclosed that as a re- sult of the Carey firing, the Air Force would take a closer look at the background of candi- dates for general officer-level nuclear command jobs.

Now Frenchman Kevin Chenais' long and fitful journey is coming to an end. Chenais, who weighs pounds, said he has been re- peatedly refused transport dur- ing the past two weeks as he sought to get home to France from the United States.

It's discrimina- tion. Douglas Bevelaqua, the head of the inspector general program for behavioral Living Sin - Inquisicion - Codex Gigas in Virginia, said his office was looking into why Gus Deeds was reportedly released from Rockbridge Area Community Services.

The center treats mental illness and substance abuse. Police said Deeds stabbed his father, state Sen. Creigh Deeds, multiple times Tuesday. A hospital spokeswoman said his condition has improved to good. Associated Press Kevin Chenais sits in his mobility scooter in front of an ambulance Wednesday at St.

Pancras in London. Slumped over in his mobility Part Six - Drive So Far (X-Mas Version), he Get Out Of Here - Bored Nothing - Bored Nothing he was ex- hausted just before being loaded into the ambulance.

Chenais' mother was out- raged by the treatment her son allegedly received, saying he was discriminated against be- cause of his weight. He has a genetic illness," Christina Chenais said. British Airways Eliminacion (Live Studio Session) - Los Crudos - Discography clined to say what the changes in circumstance had been. Chenais said Carnival Cruises also rejected his re- quest for a cabin on a trans- Atlantic voyage.

Virgin Atlantic airlines stepped in to fly him to London, he said. From London, Chenais had planned to take the Eurostar train home. But Eurostar re- fused to allow him on board be- cause of safety rules governing travel through the Channel Tunnel: The high-speed train that connects England to France and Belgium requires all passengers to have the abil- ity to be safely evacuated and Chenais' obesity-caused lack of mobility made that impossible.

Pat Quinn signed legislation Wednesday allowing same-sex weddings starting this summer, making President Barack Obama's home state the 16th overall - and largest in the nation's heartland - to legalize gay marriage. Members of Congress and hun- dreds of others gathered in the U. Capitol's Emancipation Hall on Wednesday for a ceremony award- ing the Congressional Gold Medal to so-called code talkers.

President John F. Obama hon- ored former Pres- ident Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and leaders in sports, science and public service in a White House ceremony on Wednesday.

The ceremony opens a day of tributes to Kennedy ahead of the 50th an- niversary of his assassination Fri- day. Kennedy established the modern version of the medal but died before the first presentation. Agnes Thibault Lecuivre, a spokes- woman for the French prosecutor's office, said "a suspect with a strong resem- blance to the shooter" was arrested Wednesday evening.

The suspected gunman is also believed to be behind three other Luna de verano - José Manuel Soto - Sus tres primeros LPs en CBS (1988-1990) around the capital. The motive for the attacks is unclear. Turn off phone, get restaurant discount ABU GHOSH, Israel -A restaurant owner in an Arab village outside of Jerusalem says he is on a mission to save culinary culture by 0a making diners a sim- ple offer: Turn off your cellphone and get a 50 percent discount.

Jawdat Ibrahim Jawdat said smartphones Ibrahim have destroyed the restaurant modern dining experi- owner. One More Time - OMD* - The Punishment Of Luxury hopes the generous discount will bring back a more innocent time when going to a restaurant was about companionship, conversation and appredciating the food, rather than surfing, texting or talking to the office.

It might be something small, but maybe in some small way I'll be changing the culture of eating," said Ibrahim, Ibrahim is the owner of Abu Ghosh, a well-known restaurant named after its hometown, located about six miles out- side of Jerusalem.

The town is known as a symbol of coexistence, and its restau- rants, serving up platters of creamy hum- mus and grilled meat, are popular with Arab and Jewish visitors alike.

Ibrahim, who opened the restaurant in with winnings from an Illinois lottery, said mealtime conversations have long been a staple in this cellphone-obsessed country.

He said he became dismayed as he saw groups of friends or married couples sitting in silence, staring at their screens. The Lecanto High senior weightlifter is more the type who is reserved and keeps to herself. She can, however, pump some iron. Monday, she had a personal best bench press of pounds and a pound clean and jerk for a total of pounds. That allowed her to win the pound weight class.

Lecanto won the tri meet with 70 points. Crystal River had seven points. I see a lot of potential. We are set- ting ourselves up for a good strong run. We have a good core of kids.

Coaching in veins Hamilton can't stay away from ranks for long C. But he definitely felt a need to come back. If they give percent, I'm happy "I missed the kids, I missed the competition, I just missed getting the kids going. Following the end of the season, he decided to leave. It didn't take Brian Lattin, the Hurricanes' head coach at the time who was entering his second season, long to decide on Hamilton.

Coach Hamilton epitomizes everything that's right about high school bas- ketball. And he has a great repartee with this group. Following last season, Lattin decided to leave both coaching and teaching to take a job with his family's business. Hamilton was the obvious choice to replace him. A major hur- dle was cleared in the Hurri- canes' second game, when they traveled to battle long- time powerhouse Leesburg and came away with a victory on Nov It felt real good then, with the team and returning home to play, but that was be- fore the hangover effect took hold.

On Tuesday against an Ocala Trinity Catholic team that was replacing a good por- tion of its roster, Citrus came up flat in the second half of a loss. The Hurricanes converted of free throws in the win at Leesburg; against Trinity Catholic, they were of Tuesdays Gone - Metallica - Garage Inc. Mc One. the line overall and 8-of in the second half. The person spoke on condi- tion of anonymity because no announcement had been made.

The deal was first reported by CBSSports. It's the first headline-grab- bing move of baseball's offsea- son, and it involves two of the American League's top teams. But neither team was about to stand pat With stars like Fielder, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Anibal Sanchez in the fold, Detroit's payroll had become one of the game's biggest, and although Fielder hit 55 home runs over the last two years for the Tigers, his numbers dipped this season and he struggled in the playoffs when Detroit lost to Boston in the AL championship series.

The trade could give Detroit more financial flexibility, with Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer a year from free agency Fielder, however, is still only 29, and the Rangers would be adding a big bat to the middle of their lineup while also re- solving a logjam in the middle of their infield. Jurickson Pro- far, a highly touted year-old prospect, appeared to be blocked by Kinsler and short- stop Elvis Andrus.

Now Profar should have a chance to play regularly The Tigers signed Fielder to a huge contract Reb Dovidl (Rabbi David) - Jan Peerce - Sings Yiddish Folk Songs before spring training in after designated hitter Victor Mar- tinez injured his knee.

Martinez came back in When Love Comes Calling - Various - Move Closer Fielder gone, Cabrera may move from third base back to first Brianna Johnson was 10 pounds from qualifying for state last year in the pound class. I'm sure they are the team to beat. Crystal River expects to be young, as 15 of its 23 current ath- letes are either freshmen or sophomores.

Friends rushed for an average of Allan a 6-foot-7, pound offensive tackle - started all 11 games this season, running his total of consecutive starts for the Falcons to Last Saturday, they completed their season with a thumping of St. Mary Kan. This year, Woythaler also em- braced the team's placekicking du- ties, and he did quite well.

Woythaler connected on ll-of field goals, with a longest kick of 49 yards, and he made of extra point attempts; his 53 points led the team. He also averaged A second Citrus grad, sopho- more Edward Roberts a 6-foot- 2, pound defensive end had a definite impact for the Warriors. His 4. Other Citrus grads playing for WIU are a pair of sophomores, 6-foot-2, pound center Ryan Travers and 6-foot, pound of- fensive lineman Eric Nelson. WIU's only points came courtesy of a yard field goal from Woythaler, who also averaged The team fin- ished with a overall record, in the Sun Conference.

The offensive player also caught 3 passes for 18 Back To The Break Shop - Leksa - Octo Beat vol.2 Acme Scratch and a touchdown. Iwaniec's most productive game came on Nov. It's not always about the catch or the kill al- though that is important in my book. Hay- ing lasting memories is what it's all about. One way to permanently retain those memories is with a good photograph. The well-known adage "a picture's worth a thousand words" is fact.

A great photo is worth even more than that. With easy to use point- and-shoot digital cameras and the increased quality that our smartphones pos- sess, we really don't have an excuse for coming out of the woods or off the water without a photo- graph of our exploits. As with anything, a few basic pointers can help produce good results.

Sev- eral considerations should be made when taking pho- tos in the outdoors: Get close If I had one tip to offer most photographers, it would be to get close to your subject. When you think you're close, get even closer Fill your viewfinder or screen with your sub- ject. Rarely are knees and feet important when you're holding up a fish. Many times cropping your photo at or above the waist can be a good rule of thumb.

Crop as tightly as possible without cutting out the fish or game your subject is displaying. Take time to consider your background After you've caught that pound largemouth bass or inch snook, take some time to consider what is in Your back- t ground.

Remem- ber if it's a fish you are photo- graphing and :1 you intend upon releasing it, S place it into your live well or keep it in the water off Sthe side of the 'hew boat while you ck decide on a good ALES location.

Many times you will want to move your boat a short distance to eliminate distracting ob- jects behind whoever is holding the fish. Boat docks, utility poles or your garage door are all things that are unnec- essary and distracting in a photograph.

Utilize a natural background like trees, water or reeds. The same can be said for that Face To Face - Real Life - Flame you want of your re- triever in your duck blind. Eliminate distractions like your outboard motor or your hunting partner's boots. Take an extra minute or two to select a good loca- tion and eliminate distrac- tions; that can make the difference between a snap shot and an image you will want to frame and hang on the wall.

Let the sunlight work for you When you get ready to shoot a photo, the sun can be your biggest asset. Let the natural light fall onto and light your subject. Early and late in the day offers preferred warm light for a photograph. Avoid backlighting As the photographer, keep your light source be- hind you. If your subject is backlit, he or she will ap- pear washed out or all to. Preserving memories from the lake or in the field with a photograph is one way to ensure great days are not forgotten.

If you follow the previous tip, you shouldn't experience this problem. Turn on your flash One thing that many people don't realize is that using the flash on your camera or phone when shooting photos outside is important, even critical, to a well-exposed image. Most of us wear a hat when we're fishing or hunting and that can create issues for a good exposure. A burst of your flash will open up or light the shad- ows such as those created on a face by the brim of a hat.

If possible, have your subject remove their hat for the picture. Take more than one Multiple photos should be taken if at all possible. All too often people are caught with their eyes closed or their mouth open as they speak.

Taking six or eight photographs will ensure you've gotten at least one nice image for posterity Get on your subject's level When your hunting partner kills the buck of a lifetime, there is no doubt they will want a photo- graph with their trophy. Spend a few minutes repositioning the deer considering the back- ground, then have the hunter on the ground with the animal.

Next get on the ground with them as you take the photograph. Keep your head at or near the subject's head level. Including the gun or bow in the photograph can be a nice touch.

Take horizontal and vertical photos When you start taking photos, be sure to take both horizontal land- scape and vertical images of your subject. Get creative Many of our fish, espe- cially in the shallow, salt- water back country, are caught in mere inches of water If the weather al- lows, ask your subject to get in the water with his or her catch.

Select a spot with some lush mangrove trees as your background and you've got a great start Keep it straight This one is a pet peeve of mine. A crooked horizon line in a photograph is an- noying. Many times you'll see pictures of anglers holding fish and the water horizon line in the dis- tance is severely crooked.

The water horizon is al- ways straight, so make sure to keep your camera level with the horizon. Protect your memories When your cell phone falls into the lake or if it gives up the ghost for good, all of those cherished memories are gone with it unless you've copied your pictures off onto a storage device. Don't stop there. After you've moved your images from your camera or phone to your computer, burn them on a disk or some other device for per- manent storage.

That way if your computer crashes, you're not out of luck Having a picture of that trophy of a lifetime is worth a thousand words and then some. Today it's never been easier to record your trophy or your child's first catch. With a few practical tips, you can improve the quality of your images and keep those memories alive and well for years to come.

Chronicle outdoors edi- tor Matthew Beck can be reached at mbeck chronicleonline. Inverness to shut down streets for Grand Prix race Once again, Inverness is shutting down the streets and setting up a race course around the historic Court- house Square for the third annual Inverness Grand Prix and Motorsports Festival on Friday, Nov. Team outlook: They are taking a business-like atti- tude. They have 57 on the team. Last year, they were not able to send anyone to state. The team was 2 last year but LeCours said his team is going back to basics.

Then, beginning at noon Saturday, the City of Inver- ness and local event part- ners will bring out 60 go karts capable of speeds of up to 60 mph. Everyone is invited to enjoy the free fun, car shows and festival and motorsport vendors and check out the restaurants, shops and pubs in historic downtown Inverness. Kanawall took sixth. Team outlook: Citrus has won five county cham- pionships in a row There are 62 on the team. Nelson is hoping to send at least five to state.

Great things could happen to this team. The team has depth. Crystal River Coach: Randy Owens. Key returnees: Laynee Nadal, senior, ; Court- ney Johnson, junior, Key newcomers: none Team outlook: Coach Owens has 23 girls and 15 are freshman and sopho- mores.

Nadal and John- son may be able to reach state. Yep, those are good to eat trong winds out of the east and north- east last week blew most of the Gulf of Mexico onto the Mexi- can shoreline, and low water made for some tough fishing, but anglers in the En Ti - The Soul Fantastics - En Ti / Mamys Love man- aged to get a few Captain William Toney said his clients took some RG Sc keeper trout fishing the rock TIE weed at the LIN mouth of the Homosassa River, using live shrimp under a cork, and a few more tossing a three-inch D.

With more settled weather, fishing should improve this weekend. There are Spanish mack- erel on the Spoil Banks don't forget the short wire leader and a chum bag will cut down on the time it takes the mackerel to find your baits.

There are some redfish around St. Martins Keys, but I've heard of no large schools or fast action. If you know of any, drop a note my way MEN The closing comment in last week's column, about crevalle jacks being good to eat, brought the ex- pected "Say what? A search using the criterion "Can I eat crevalle jacks? If you're interested but can't find the article, let me know The fact is there are many species in salt water that are ignored, often be- cause they, like jacks, have suffered from some bad press even they're quite tasty and in many cases easy to catch.

Grunts and porgies come to mind, along with cat- fish and At- lantic croaker While pinfish are best known for being great grouper and king mackerel bait, as well as hmidt notorious bait HT stealers, the "HT fact is they're IES members of the porgy family, and quite tasty While the grunts and porgies may be small, generally some can exceed a pound, and make great fish fry material.

There's another advan- tage to small saltwater fish, and it has to do with their bait-stealing reputa- tions. Woman Woman - Lightnin Hopkins - All The Classics 1946 – 1951 fact is, most bait stolen by pinfish and the like are large pieces, gen- erally shrimp, on rela- tively large hooks, making it easy for nibblers to work 2 Andante - Mozart*, Various - The Complete Quintets - Vol.

1 bait off the hook with- out ever going near the point. Put a small piece of squid on a No. If you have small children along on the trip, these panfish can keep them entertained for hours.

Gulf kingfish whiting are another overlooked species. They're good fighters if not over- matched with heavy tackle, bite readily and eat almost any natural bait. Steam a whiting or two, re- move the skin with a fork, and use the fork to flake off large pieces, then pop those in the freezer The next time you make crab salad with blueclaw crabs and come up a little short on the meat, thaw and blend those whiting pieces into the lump crab meat- you and your guests won't know it isn't all crab.

Possibly the most ma- ligned of this group are the catfishes. While hardhead cats are edible, they aren't anything special, but gafftopsail cats yield thick, white fillets that are deli- cious.

Any fish that isn't a strict vegetarian will eat dead fish or shrimp, so that's no reason to pass up gafftopsail cats. Tight Lines to you. Contact Chronicle out- doors columnist RG Schmidt at rgschmidt embarqmail. FRI a. SAT a. SUN a. MON a. TUES a. Jacksonville at Houston, 1 p. San Diego at Kansas City, 1 p. Chicago at St. Louis, 1 p. Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 1 p.

Tampa Bay at Detroit, 1 p. Y Jets at Shangri-La - Esther Phillips - Burnin (Live At Freddie Jetts Pied Piper, L.A.), 1 p. Carolina at Miami, 1 p. Tennessee at Oakland, p. Indianapolis at Arizona, p. Dallas at N. Y Giants, p. Denver at New England, p. Clippers 8 4. Lakers 5 7.

Clippers at Oklahoma City, 8 p. Chicago at Denver, p. Friday's Games Milwaukee at Philadelphia, 7 p. Phoenix at Charlotte, 7 p.

Washington at Toronto, 7 p. Indiana at Boston, p. Atlanta at Detroit, p. Brooklyn at Minnesota, 8 p. San Antonio at Memphis, 8 p. Cleveland at New Orleans, 8 p. Utah at Dallas, p. Chicago at Portland, 10p. Golden State at L. Lakers, p. New Mexico 5 p. Georgia 7 p. Connecticut p. FS1 Rice at Alabama-Birmingham p. NHL St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins p. WYKE If you are unable to locate a game on the listed channel, please contact your cable provider.

Louis 4, Buffalo 1 Toronto 5, N. Louis at Boston, 7 p. Nashville atToronto, 7 p. Buffalo at Philadelphia, 7 p. Carolina at Detroit, p. Chicago at Winnipeg, 8 p. Y Rangers at Dallas, p. Colorado at Phoenix, 9 p. Florida at Edmonton, p. New Jersey at Los Angeles, p. Tampa Bay at San Jose, p. Friday's Games N. Y Islanders at Pittsburgh, 7 p. Montreal at Washington, 7 p. Florida at Calgary, 9 p. Columbus at Vancouver, 10 p.

Tampa Bay at Anaheim, 10 p. Middle Tenn. Mexico Awres - Various - Traditional Music Of Ethiopia. Tech at Kansas St. Diego St. Louis at Baltimore at Oakland at Arizona at N. But for each of the past two weeks, the Knights haven't dominated as they inch closer to their first BCS bid. A better word to describe them probably is fortunate.

Eventually it's gonna catch up with you. After starting the seasonRutgers has dropped three of its last four games. Last week was a particu- larly humbling loss at home to Cincinnati. The Scarlet Knights have been banged up in recent weeks, but coach Kyle Flood said they were mend- ing as best they can. They've won five games by that margin this season.

O'Leary said this Didier Marouani - Années Laser team is more skilled at quarterback, has better playmakers and a more ca- pable offensive line which has helped it be on the fa- vorable side of tight games.

Panthers lifters can't find grip at Nature Coast Despite some strong individual efforts, the Lecanto girls weightlifting team suffered a loss at Nature Coast on Wednesday. The Panthers' first-place players were: pounds: Cheyenne Adkins, total pounds: Breanna Johnson, total pounds: Samantha Parker, total Lecanto overall joins Citrus on Friday at the Leesburg Invitational. Marsden's hat trick leads Citrus in rout of Hudson Citrus senior Josh Marsden bagged three goals Wednesday Back To The Break Shop - Leksa - Octo Beat vol.2 Acme Scratch at Hudson to propel the Hurricanes to a district win.

Dakota Gruzdas three saves had a clean sheet in goal for the Hurricanes. Citrus overall, district hosts Crystal River on Friday. The Pirates outshot the Bears and, ac- cording to head coach Bobby Verlato, controlled possession against Central. Kyle Kidd stopped 10 of the 12 shots on frame for the Pirates, who are overall and in district. Crystal River plays at Citrus on Friday. Hurricanes easily handle business on road The Citrus boys basketball team got 19 points from Devin Pryor during a victory at Weeki Wachee on Wednesday night.

All 12 Hurricanes saw action in a contest that saw Citrus up at halftime. Desmond Franklin, a junior, added 10 points for the 'Canes. Citrus overall hosts Lecanto at 7 p. She has a 4. She also works as an assistant gymnastics coach. Like any other weightlifter, she wants to qualify for state. Last year, she missed quali- fying for state by 10 pounds. Athletically, Johnson is a diver on the swim team and does gymnastics.

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