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Brunius - brunorogeriosoaress. LeyVson BrUnius - leyvsonbrunius. Ewa Brunius - bruniusewa. Rasmus brunius - rasmus. The Bruns! Adam Brunius - adamthor. Adam Brunius - heyface. Bruno Henrique - brunis. Brunin - bruninsolo. Brunings - Brunin - brunin Sami Kelly - brunie. Alena Brunius - Alener Jenny Brunius - bruniusart. Katie Brunius - kbrunius. Jacques Brunius. Jacques Brunius Jacques B. He was cremated in Sidmouth, with a tribute by Mesens.

Carl Georg Brunius. He studied at Lund University, where he became professor of Greek inserved as rector in and and retired as professor emeritus in Klemensas Brunius — Vikipedija. Carl Georg Brunius — Wikipedia. Joel Nielsen. Listen to music by Joel Nielsen on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized Beržai - Arvydas Brunius - Arvydas Brunius 4.

Brian Brunius. Full field displacement measurement and data processing of 3D components of mechatronic systems. RubliauskasR. OstaseviciusM. Holographic measurement techniques based on optical interferometry theory are widely applied in such areas as mechanics, electronics, computer industry, etc. One of limitation of practical method application is complicated interpretation of holographic interferograms because quantitive analysis is directly related with properties of the analyzed object and with structure of experiment itself.

The optical measurement holographic interferometry data processing system is presented for identification of characteristics of dynamic of 3D components of mechatronic construction.

The system uses optical view and mathematical model of experiment as input data producing the qualitative description of analyzed mechatronic system. Mathematical model of the experiment is built using the geometry of the measurement, elasticity theory and finite element method. The proposed method for identification of the properties of the analysed system has important advantages over other similar digital hologram interpretation schemes as the applied calculation principle is based on the natural eigenmodes of the analysed system.

Such approach enables to decrease the volume of calculations without losing accuracy. MEMS measurement by optical holography method. DaukseviciusV. PaleviciusM. RagulskisR. Investigation of dynamics of microelectromechanical systems MEMS is an important problem from the point view of engineering, technology and metrology. Due to high surface to volume ratio of micro-electromechanical systems MEMSmore attention must be paid to control their surface characteristics.

Time average optical holography - has found many industrial applications and still is a promising method like others: laser interferometry in small object displacement analysis. This technique can reveal the shape, direction, and magnitude of the stress induced displacement in the structure under study.

In this way, time average holography is a powerful tool for analysis of micro scale vibrations. The threshold of sensitivity of this measurement technique is defined by the magnitude of the wavelength of the illuminating laser beam. Also, this is a full field non-destructive technique capable to register the motion of the whole surface instead of a single point.

The time average holography method is proposed to control kinetics of oscillations of the micro scale object, operating at the different amplitudes of periodical excitation. Theoretical calculations as well as experimental verification are described.

Proceedings Article 12 October Hybrid numerical-experimental optical investigation of the contact zone of ultrasonic motors. Ultrasonic motors have seen application in areas needing compact, efficient, Frankie Silvers - Various - Old-Time Southern Dance Music: Ballads And Songs intermittent motion.

Such applications include: camera auto focus lenses, watch motors, compact paper handling, microrobots, medicine and etc. They are characterized by high torque at low rotational speed, simple mechanical design and good controllability.

Compared with electromagnetic actuators, there is no danger of interference due to electromagnetic induction because no magnetic field is used and ultrasonic motors are more quiet since speed-reduction gears are not required. A polarization vector of the piezoceramic element and location of excitation electrodes on its surface determine the resonance modes of the high frequency vibration exciter.

In its turn the modes of vibration play a key role in the functionality of ultrasonic motor. There are analyzed two different regimes of operation--when the contact zone of the resonator performs elliptic and unidirectional motions. Though the mechanical characteristics of the ultrasonic motor in both cases are comparable, detailed analysis of the contact surface shows very different wears.

Laser holography is used to identify and control the regimes of motion of actuator. Experimental results are compared with computer simulations. Contact surfaces are analyzed by atomic force microscope AFM before experiment, after 10 minutes and after 50 minutes of operation. Applicability of time-average fluid holography for analysis of propagating waves.

Numerical procedures for construction of digital patterns of fringes mimicking fluid holograms are developed. Because conventional finite-element fluid analysis techniques are based on the approximation of nodal displacements, conjugate smoothing of the values of volumetric strain is performed in order to obtain realistic holographic images.

Two-dimensional fluid oscillations are analyzed Là CEst Vraiment Super - Voix Homme Sur Base - Yannick Chevalier - Jingles N°20 the developed techniques. It is shown that though time-average fluid holography is a powerful optical experimental method for analysis of short-term transient processes and harmonic vibrations, it has rather limited applicability to studying propagating waves.

Synergy of contact and noncontact techniques for design and characterization of vibrating MOEMS elements. The investigation of dynamics of microelectromechanical systems MEMS and microoptoelectromechanical systems MOEMS is an important problem of engineering, technology, and metrology. Specifically, recent interest in applying MOEMS technology to the miniaturization of micromirrors, I Got The Spring Fever Blues - Ella Fitzgerald - The Essential Collection, and actuators for variety of applications requires the design of appropriate testing and measurement tools for investigation of dynamic properties of those systems.

Though MOEMS technology offers great promise in addressing the need for smaller dynamical systems, the development of new types of MOEMS structures is a very costly and complicated procedure. On the other hand, straight application of the principles of design of macromechanical systems is rather limited in MOEMS applications.

Therefore, the application of measurement technologies capable of detecting the dynamic properties of microscale systems may help to understand and evaluate the functionality of the systems. Proceedings Article 17 May Analytical, numerical, and experimental investigation of self resonance in vibration excitation systems. Eccentric angular motion transfer mechanisms are analyzed in the paper. The de-balancing mass has an additional degree of freedom in these mechanisms.

It was found that certain types of such mechanisms posses interesting nonlinear dynamical features when a self-resonance motion mode occurs. Such self-resonance motion mode takes place when the main driving element rotates with relatively high angular velocity, but low frequency vibrations are generated in the range of fundamental frequency of the system. Analytical, numerical and experimental investigations of nonlinear vibration excitation systems were performed.

Such vibration excitation systems have high practical value as there is no necessity for complex vibration control Melencolia I - Epitimia, Gmork - Solar Wind / Four Seasons (Солнечный ветер / Четыре сезона) -- the stability of operation is guaranteed by non-linear dynamical interactions.

Laser velocity measurement system was used for experimental investigations of the dynamical properties of the system. The results of the investigations validated the results of the theoretical analysis and provide a background for developing new type of Puesta Del Sol - Various - Ibiza Chillout Volume 2 mechanisms.

Proceedings Article 16 May Design, fabrication, and simulation of cantilever-type electrostatic micromechanical switch. A La Vedova Allegra - Pizzigoni* - 20 Ballabili Classici electrostatically actuated microelectromechanical MEMS switch and its fabrication technology have been developed for the first time in Lithuania, in Kaunas University of Technology.

The microdevices were fabricated using nickel surface micromachining technology on substrates made of semiconductor silicon and insulator materials quarts and ceramics. The microswitch consists of cantilevered nickel structure suspended over actuation and contact electrodes. Implementation of microswitches as a substitute for present switching devices poses many problems.

In particular lower switching speed and reduced lifetime are considered to be among the most significant ones. These characteristics are determined both by design and dynamic phenomena that are taking place during its operation. Specifically, when the microswitch closes, it bounces several times before making permanent contact. These impact interactions greatly influence microswitch durability and switching speed. With the aim of improving these parameters a comprehensive finite element model is being developed that takes into account not only electrostatic actuation and squeeze-film damping effects but also describes important dynamic phenomena - impact interactions that take place during switching.

Experimental research of electrical and dynamic characteristics is also carried out with the purpose of device model validation and correction. The paper presents design and fabrication process of the developed microswitch as well as initial simulation and measurement results. Applicability of holographic technique for analysis of nonlinear dynamics of MEMS switch. KravcenkieneGiedrius Janusas. Recent technological advances have enabled the Frankie Silvers - Various - Old-Time Southern Dance Music: Ballads And Songs of mechanical resonators down to micrometer and even nanometer scales, with super high frequencies.

One particularly interesting aspect of the physical behavior of microelectromechanical systems MEMS is their nonlinear mechanical response at relatively small deviations from equilibrium which is caused by nonlinear electromagnetic forces, nonlinear stiffness, heat transfer porperties.

It is important to Beržai - Arvydas Brunius - Arvydas Brunius 4 the nonlinear behavior of MEMS in order to improve their future designs. Hybrid numerical - experimental optical techniques are applied for holographic imaging and characterization of non-linearity in micro-mechanical relays, in particular their cantilevers.

The apparent simplicity of the problem is misguiding due to non-linear interaction between the cantilever and the bottom electrode. Therefore the results of optical measurements of the cantilever dynamics are inaccurate due to the shift of the fringes in time average laser holographic interferograms. Numerical modeling helps to solve non-uniqueness of the inverse problem and to validate the interpretation of the pattern of fringes.

Proceedings Article 10 May Due to relative ease and cost effectiveness with which planar polymeric structures can be fabricated, diffractive optical elements replication in polymeric substrates are receiving global attention for a myriad of planar photonic and optoelectronic applications including optical interconnects.

In this work we present an optical laser control method Same Picture - Goldrush - Same Picture control replication of microperiodic profile structures in polymers.

Diffraction efficiency of diffraction gratings originally produced in silicon, quartz glass and in replicated polymer substrates was measured experimentally and estimated using linear dimensions of gratings or replica defined by atomic force microscopy AFM. Diffraction efficiency of periodic structure was used to control the surface relief formation during the combined ion etching of crystalline Si and replication of this structure using UV light hardening and hot embossing.

The main experimental results are compared with the computer simulations where the standard programme PCGrate-SX6. Proceedings Article 9 May Shearographic technique for NDE analysis of high frequency bending vibrations of microstructures.

Investigation of dynamics of micro electromechanical systems MEMS is an important problem of engineering, technology and metrology.

Specifically, recent interest in applying MEMS technology to miniaturization of relays, sensors, actuators for variety of applications requires design of appropriate testing and measurement tools for investigation of dynamic properties of those systems.

Therefore, application of measurement technologies capable of detecting the dynamic properties of micro scale systems may help to understand and evaluate the functionality of those systems. The shearographic technique for the detection of the transverse displacements of micro-cantilevers with respect to the shearing direction is presented.

The method is expanded upto a hybrid numerical-experimental approach and includes the generation of shearographic images of the microstructures using finite element methods. The presented analysis is based on modeling NDE shearographic method and microstructures behavior. Proceedings Article 29 July Holographic imaging technique for characterization of MEMS switch dynamics. An innovative holographic imaging technique is applied in characterization of MEMS switch non-linear dynamics.

The Duffing's non-linear oscillator based phenomenological model was adopted to study MEMS switch non-linear response due to the complicated contact phenomena and corresponding boundary conditions.

An experimental contact measurement result of MEMS cantilever response that matches theoretical trends is provided. Non-destructive contact measurements were performed by means of quantitative nanomechnical test instruments.

Non-contact holographic characterization method yielded results comparable with phenomenological model and contact measurements. The proposed holographic characterization method consists of digitized holographic measurements enhanced by the FEM eigenvector problem solution.

Two cases were analyzed for simple and perturbated sinusoidal excitations that correspond to the free and contact boundary conditions, respectively. Proceedings Article 27 July Development of smart piezoceramic transducers for Hijos Del Temor - Polimetro - Metropolis of solidification in composite materials.

An engineering solution for development of smart composite materials is proposed. It is based on the implanting of piezoelectric sensors into the composite material during its manufacturing. Sweeping of sensor's input alternating voltage frequency enables tracking of sensors resonance. The resonance spectrum changes due to the changes of sensor's boundary conditions during cure of the composite material.

Those changes are related to the degree of composite cure. Moreover, such design of composite constructions with implanted sensors enables Beautiful Land - Lee Holdridge - Winterhawk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) of structural defects during explotation of those constructions.

Numerical as well as experimental investigations validated the applicability of the described solidification monitoring methodology. Proceedings Article 26 July Development and operational optimization of microspray system. Construction of a novel liquid material micro dosing and spraying apparatus and its design optimization is presented in the paper.

Its functionality is based on the influence of high frequency vibrations generated by cylindrical piezo-actuator to the flow of liquid substances in a micro tube. New models of the micro dosing elements are presented. Such spray systems provide high accuracy of micro dosing and are applicable in a variety of applications from avionics to medicine.

Hybrid experimental-numerical analysis techniques are used for investigation of micro spray systems. Experimental analysis of the investigated systems is based on laser holographic interferometry which is used for the identification and optimization of working regimes of the system.

Proceedings Article 22 June Hybrid numerical-experimental holographic fluid interferometry. Fluid holography enables effective analysis of high speed flow problems, high frequency vibrations of micro-scale components and fluids in dosing and contacting units, high speed processes taking place in biological and chemical microsystems.

The investigation of the high frequency vibrations of the fluid is an important problem in the design of various devices. Though the production stage of the interferograms is technically not extremely complicated, the interpretation of the produced fringes faces a number of mathematical and numerical problems. That is related with the complex geometry of the phase-shifting media. Under such circumstances the density can change along the line of sight, and the density is no longer proportional to phase.

Therefore, development of hybrid numerical-experimental fluid holographic methods is important both for the interpretation of experimental results and for the analysis of systems in the virtual environments by generating realistic interferograms. In this paper the method of holographic interferometry is used for the analysis of the two-dimensional fluid problem.

FEM analysis techniques are based on the approximation of nodal displacements not the volumetric strains via the shape functions. Conventional FEM would require unacceptably dense meshing for producing sufficiently smooth images. Therefore the technique for smoothing of the generated images representing the distribution of the volumetric strains and calculated from the displacement distribution is developed.

The smoothing technique is based on conjugate approximation used for the calculation of nodal values of stresses and enables to obtain the images of better quality on a coarse mesh by using the displacement formulation for the calculation of the eigenmodes.

Adaptive structural vibration control of acoustic deflector. Vehicle interior acoustics became an important design criterion. Both legal restrictions and the growing demand for comfort, force car manufacturers to optimize the vibro-acoustic behavior of their products.

The main source of noise is, of course, the engine, but sometimes some ill-designed cover or other shell structure inside the car resonates and makes unpredicted noise. To avoid this, we must learn the genesis mechanism of such vibrations, having as subject complex 3D shells. The swift development of computer technologies opens the possibility to numerically predict and optimize the vibrations and noises.

Investigation of the effect of self-resonance Cities Must Fall - Twilight Is Mine - Wreaking Overrun vibration excitation systems. Eccentric type dis-balance type vibration excitation systems are analyzed in the paper.

It is assumed that the dis-balance has an additional degree of freedom. It is shown that resonance vibrations in such systems can occur in the regime of self-resonance which is understood as a No.1 (Blacksmith Club Rub) - Cherie (13) - No.1 of motion when the driving shaft's angular frequency is high, but the generated vibration frequency is relatively low. Experimental investigations of the effect of self-resonance enabled to define the zones of existence of such motion modes.

Such principle of vibration excitation can be successfully exploited in different areas of engineering as it eliminated the necessity of Love Light In Flight - Various - The Woman In Red (Selections From The Original Motion Picture Sound and expensive vibration control and stabilization Beržai - Arvydas Brunius - Arvydas Brunius 4.

Proceedings Article 22 May Shock process dynamics analysis in macro- and microscale contact systems. Bendradarbiavo Lietuvos aide, Jaunoje kartoje ir kt. Kaulinis Vincas, g. Kaupelis Antanas, s. Felikso, 59 m. Kaveckas Vladas, s. Kazlauskas En Ti - The Soul Fantastics - En Ti / Mamys Love. Po Stalino mirties, N.

Kazlauskas Antanas, g. Kazlauskas Kazys, s. Kazlauskas Julius, apie 35 m. Kebleris Jurgis, s. Andriaus, g. Kederys Petras, g. Dirbo Eltoje, m. Lietuvos aido redaktorius ir vyr. Kartu su J. Prano, 64 m. Viktoro, g. Dalyvavo m. Kilna Antanas, s. Jono, 44 m. Vinco, 34 m. Kirdeikis Stepas, g.

Vlado, g. Karolio, g. Kisielis Ignas, s. Kisielius Aleksandras, s. Jono, 37 m. Kleiza Zigmas, s. Klemas Edmundas, s. Germano, 35 m. Kocenas Ottonas, s. Korza Balys, g. Jonavoje, Kauno aps. Baltraus, 36 m.

Juozo, 30 m. Jurgio, mokytojas. Jurgio, 60 m. Kauno aps. Garliavos rajono agronomas, m. Kruopis Povilas, s. Kazio, 37 m. Antano, 39 m. Jono, 24 m. Justino, 73 m. Mirties vieta nenurodyta. Kubilius Jurgis, s. Norilsko koncentracijos stovykloje. Kudirka Jonas, s. Kudirka Justinas. Kudirka Justinas, s. Juozo, 42 Holland - Sunny Bizness - Besser Als Dein Album. Antano, 36 m.

Kumpauskas Kazimieras, s. Kunca Antanas, s. Kuprys Aleksas, s. Jono, 29 m. Prano, 21 m. Kuraitis Simas, g. Kuras Jonas, s. Kusa Juozas, s. Kusa Leonas, s. Buvo sekamas ir tardomas. Kuzma Alfonsas, g. Kuzma Izidorius, s.

Justino, 36 m. Kazio, 32 m. Kuzmickas Petras, s. Jis buvo m. Kvedaras Jurgis, s. Mato, 35 m. Danieliaus, 28 m. Kviklys Jonas, s. Alekso, g. Kviklys Juozas, s. Zastrono vk. Nikodemo, g. Jurbarko, m. Bendradarbiavo Tautos mokykloje, Lietuvos aide, Vaire, Jaunojoj kartoj, ir kt.

Kviklys Nikodemas, s. Petro, 30 m. Dudlaukio k. Labalaukis Vincas, s. Bernardo, 30 m. Labenskas Benediktas, g. Plaukia mariom laivai. Laimus Aleksas, s. Gabrio, 33 m. Justino, 33 m. Lanskoronskis Petras, s. Martyno, 38 m. Antano, 28 m. Prano, 36 m. Latkauskas Stasys, s. Juozo, 33 m. Rusijos karui. Jaunoji karta m. Laurinaitis Jonas, s. Kosto, 45 m. Lekas Albertas, s. Lengvenis Bronislovas, s.

Lengvinas Mykolas, s. Alekso, 27 m. Lenkauskis Edvardas, s. Jaunosios kartos redaktorius. Leonas Silvestras, g. Leskavos k. Tolimesniam tardymui m. Levickas Juozas, g. Kalvarijos vls. Liesis Bronius, g. Buvo paskirtas Ramygalos progimnazijos direktorium, nuo m. Liesis Jonas, g. Lileikis Vytautas, s. Linartas Juozas, s. Linartas Jurgis, g. Liutkus Beržai - Arvydas Brunius - Arvydas Brunius 4s.

Litvinas Pranas, s. Stepono, g. Luinys Stasys, s. Juozo, 48 m. Lunskis Pranas, s. Kazio, 39 m. Sverdlovsko koncentracijos stovykloje. Maleckas Vincas, s. Vinco, 30 m. Malinauskas Stasys, 45 m. Kazio, 42 m. Malvicas Emilis, s. Martinaitis Alfonsas, s. Bistrampolio dv. Nuo Masiulis Stasys, g. Matiukas Alfonsas, g. Salos k. Sibire, Krasnojarsko srities kone. Matulaitis Vincas, s. Lietuvos kooperacijos banko direktorius.

Matulis Juozas, g. Maurukas Juozas, g. Juozapo, g. Merkys Antanas, s. Kauno miesto burmistras. Merkys Juozas, s. Justino, 42 m. Merkys Kazys, s. Mikalauskas Julius, s. Tado, 48 m. Adolfo, 47 m. Tremtyje dar tardytas m. Pijaus, g. Po karo dirbo Kaune maisto prekyboje. Miliauskas Juozas, s. Stasio, 33 m. Milukas Antanas, g. Tautininkas m. Vokietijoje, A. Mironas Vladas, g. Klebonavo keliose parapijose. Mironas Vladas. Neo-Lithuania korporacijos mecenatas.

Mockaitis Stasys, s. Molis Alfonsas, g. Monstvilas Albinas, s. Romualdo, g. Motiejaitis Juozas, s. Neo-Lithuania senioras m. Ji dirbo visokius sunkius darbus. Savanoris, majoras. Jurgio, 27 m. Motiejaus, 67 m. Muralis Jonas, s. Naglius Aleksandras, s.

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Mato, 40 m. Nemickas Bronius. Nemickas Bronius, g. Jas gilino Vokietijos universitetuose. Nemickas Liucijus, s. Antano, 38 m. Antano, 37 m. Nepraustis Alfonsas, s.

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Vinco, 31 m. Povilaitis Augustinas, g. Povilaitis J. Pranaitis Antanas, 45 m. Pranaitis Feliksas, s. Prano, 27 m. Prikockis Juozas, s. Prano, 38 m. Prano, 39 m. Serapino, g. Kilatrapio k. Jis m. Radvila Andrius, technikos fakulteto studentas, Neo-lituanas, senjoras, m.

Rainys Juozas, g. Dirbo su skautais, buvo tuntininkas. Domo, 48 m. Ramanauskas Vladas, g. Rastauskas Jurgis, g. Razma Pranas, s. Riautas Stasys, s. Juozo, 34 m. Rimas Alfonsas, g. Kilus karui, Rintautas Teodoras, s. Teodoro, g. Rozmanas Vladas, s. Stanislovo, g. Kazimiero, 55 m.

Rudokas Juozas, s. Rudzikas Antanas, s. Negirvos k. Ruseckas Juozas, s. Rusteika Steponas. Rusteika Steponas, s. Vytauto, Say Goodbye To Christopher - Jeb Loy Nichols - Say Goodbye To Christopher. Rygoje, plk.

Kauno miesto viceburmistras. Rutkauskas Petras, s. Kazio, 44 m. Andriaus, dukterys: Romualda, 14 m.

Arvydas Bagdžius (23 November , in Vilnius, Lithuania – 2 June ) was a Lithuanian painter.. See also. List of Lithuanian painters; References. This article was initially translated from the Lithuanian Wikipedia. Teisėjų taryba penktadienį vienbalsiai pritarė, kad Lietuvos Aukščiausiojo Teismo (LAT) pirmininkas Gintaras Kryževičius būtų atleidžiamas iš pareigų pasibaigus jo . Arvydas Šlekaitis yra įmonės Membranos, UAB vadovas. Adresas P. Dovydaičio g. 55, Kaunas.Įmonės kodas Veiklos sritis: kompiuteriai ir programinė įranga. Arvydas Šlekaitis, direktorius vadovauja įmonei, kurioje dirba 2 darbuotojai (apdraustieji). Atlikėjas ARVYDAS BRUNIUS. Didžiausia legalios lietuviškos muzikos duomenų bazė. Grupė ARVYDAS BRUNIUS. Didžiausia legalios lietuviškos muzikos duomenų bazė. Arvydas Brunius Tre, Kiek susipazinau Lietuvos teismai zuliku rankose! Ji neitiko mafijozams! 4; Vilniaus valdžia nurodė tikrinti Grigiškių „Grigeo“ nuotekas. Teisėsaugai pradėjus tyrimą dėl kartono gamybos bendrovės „Grigeo Klaipėda“ nuotekomis užterštų Kuršių marių, tiek aplinkosaugininkai, tiek. Nov 04,  · Arvydas Brunius - Kaukės politika pas mus beviltiška, todėl ir sakau: vienykimės, burkimės, darykim. Lietuva mūsų visų - mūsų teisės lygios į šią žemę, tad imkimės ją įdirbt. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Grupė ARVYDAS BRUNIUS IR ONUTĖ DEGUTYTĖ. Didžiausia legalios lietuviškos muzikos duomenų bazė. Explore releases from Arvydas Brunius at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Arvydas Brunius at the Discogs Marketplace.


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  3. Listen to music from Arvydas Brunius like Kaukės and Raudonkepuriams. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Arvydas Brunius. Listen to music from Arvydas Brunius like Kaukės and Raudonkepuriams. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Arvydas Brunius.
  4. Klemensas Brunius pasitraukė į Vokietiją. Tų pačių metų lapkričio 17 d. aktyviai dalyvavo Lietuvių Aktyvistų Fronto steigiamajame susirinkime, Berlyne. Vokietijos — Sovietų Sąjungos karui prasidėjus, pirmomis karo dienomis K. Brunius nelegaliai grįžo į Kauną ir pradėjo organizuoti lietuvius siekdamas Lietuvos valstybės.
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