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Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Blue Collar interlude [Explicit] Mr. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. When he turned to back Nate was sitting on the tub's seat, feet and legs soaking in the hot water with his arms bent back for support on the tile. An erection was poking up like a monument to everything beautiful about a penis.

Shane stepped into the Jacuzzi and his own erection stood above the bubbles and giggling water. He had to smile back with the beaming grin of this budding adolescent to his front. For the time being he'd forgo the kisses and make this adolescent glow while getting his dick sucked on.

Almost ready to bend down he was shocked when Nate jerked forward to take Shane's cock right into his mouth. Obviously new to this experience, as least as a participant, Shane had to If It Takes Just A Little While - Jess Roden & The Humans - Jess Roden & The Humans a few words of advice until Nate got the gist of sucking and tongue action. After a few minutes the boy was practically an expert.

They traded going down on each other before the art of kissing was taught from one older teenager to a novice peer. Shane hardly wished to spook the younger male, so he licked the boy's hole so Nate could discover this sensation that was not usually part of the menu for most sexually adventurous couples.

A consummation of bringing off the boy in his mouth was enough to warrant a return. Nate said he couldn't wait and would be available anytime Shane wanted. Hardly deep into a Hall of Fame career, money would never be a concern.

Ten years at 25 million a year made him the second highest paid pitcher in the league. Not bad for a gay teenager, yet to be considered a legal adult. This "gay" moniker was becoming less an issue than the growing celebrity status and expectations of a surprised baseball community. Five pitching performances, all shut-outs, and a no-hitter in his third start against Boston at Fenway.

As with a majority of athletes, Shane was his own human metronome, adhering to a process that provided him, at least on the mound, moments of deep satisfaction for which no celebrity status, sexual orientation, or reputation could be exchanged. His hard mental lines knew what must get done when a nine-inch, round baseball was placed in his hand. The well-used Rawling's glove was the same one he had purchased himself as his coming-out present, though it was an accidental coming out.

Being caught at fourteen in a compromising position removed the verbal discourse in hopes of parental approval. Sometimes actions just define the obvious. In the clubhouse Shane had never felt it necessary to adapt to other players' expectations or perquisites. While most of the men wore boxers, Shane loved his European cut briefs, Terry cloth being his favorite.

Contouring all aspects of his sexuality, everyone knew he was gay, so why change? His high, tight ass caught more eyes than their center fielder's black dick, which was enormous. Shane sensed the eyes, but would never front-off a player Spanish Ritual (The Conga Vibe Mix) - Rhythm Masters* - Spanish Ritual a glance.

Concerning the black players swinging dicks, Shane knew Chip Carver, former first boy of President Carver, only too well. Their center fielder could only wish he had a penis like Chip's. Shane didn't have to pursue sex with other players.

He had a sexual dynamo at his fingertips. When Shane was at the Ritz, Nate Newcomb knew within the minute. A back entrance, supplied by a very well tipped porter, had Nate out of his clothes and in bed before Shane could kiss the boy with a welcome hug. One thing Shane had discovered, the man who had escorted Nate to the one game they had met was not his father, but a foster parent. The boy's parents had died in an automobile crash two years previous.

Intelligent, quick of wit, and an aspiring Pony League player himself, Nate knew he was gay since he was ten. Shane was a godsend to teach him all he needed to know on how to use his gaydar to find other boys. Though Shane loved being a bottom, such assertiveness wasn't expected from this novice upstart in his arms.

Shane knew the scene, begin with fingers and tongues discovering the male body, and then resort to penetration. From a tantalizing tongue darting in and out of Nate's anus, Shane moved in a finger, then two, all the time making sure Nate verbally sought more and more pleasure. Finally it was Nate who commanded. Shane moved the teenager on his side and slowly inserted his member. Once comfortable and relaxed, Shane took the boy to heights never felt imaginable.

Another lesson in reversing roles The Man (Boombasstrick Remix Radio Edit) - Chris R. - The Man Shane was at his best moving in an out of positions. Shane's routine was immensely predictable. No one would think of saying a word to anyone on a hitting streak, an unspoken baseball rule to The Butterfly - The Bothy Band - Afterhours pitchers their space when they were pitching a gem.

Shane often found himself by himself on the bench. Shane and his catcher had few words outside of the stadium. Leave it to a professional with six years in the Majors to instantly get inside a kid's head Adelaide 01 - Durcet - Adelaide 01/02 discover a seventeen-year old's pattern of pitches.

Shane rarely shook the sign off. Back in Houston after a long two-weeks on the road, Shane trotted from the dugout, a habit since Little League.

Most Major League pitchers walked, a stroll to the mound like a gladiator focused on his enemy. To Shane baseball was still a kid's game of spirit and fun.

A month earlier he'd taken his first step toward this ultimate raised pedestal, a platform of unique importance, for it's the only sport where the defense controls the ball. No one called out, "Faggot! Shane's routines were now common place amongst Little League pitchers. He often caught his spikes to the turf Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions his elongated stride made sure he didn't touch the foul line.

A ritual, habit, superstition; whatever one wishes to label it. The hop over the line to a split step was laughable. The pull on the penis through his baseball pants was rather consistent. Few knew that he didn't wear a jock. Young boys tugged on their groins to copy this budding star.

Across the country there was no doubt that boys to teenagers had copied this young pitcher's style and antics. Forget that he was gay, cuter than yesterday's Justin Bieber, and adored as an athletic icon Üzüm - Murat Boz - Janti every gay magazine in America; he was Houston's poster boy in search of a record for innings pitched without giving up a run.

A post-afternoon game hustle to his room at the Ritz had expectations of a happy teenager. There was Chip Carver sitting on his bed naked. Nate was sitting beside him in much the same undress. Nate tells me you're the best thing to happen to him since iBox. We could still do that night on the town. The boy has to be home by nine. The kid's a gymnast in bed. Care for some competition?

The threesome reminded Chip of the Crusade, where orgies were as common as communal showers. When Nate saw Chip's erection he dove on it with fervor. Chip glanced up at Shane. He's good. Even after two orgasms each, Nate stood up on the bed to flash his hard-on that rarely went south.

I'm the stud here! Shane took the boy's legs out from underneath him as he and Chip devoured the youngster one more time.

The three of them went bowling, then miniature golf. Way too recognized they were mobbed at each location when Houston fans, no matter the age, flocked to Shane's side. A quiet dinner and Nate had a way of saying the right thing. You don't suppose you could adopt me, do you? I've had both your sperm inside of me, so we're practically family. I think our neighbors might figure it out.

They really don't appreciate that I'm gay. Shane didn't read the papers. Ben Barkley, his guardian and mentor, almost forbade it. The boy, as he doesn't mind being called, was a topic of conversation around the league. No pitcher who threw as hard as he did rarely escaped elbow injury. For sixteen years such an injury never entered his mind. Shane didn't have to read, he heard the rumors. Swimming and special stretching exercises, using rubber cables, were almost daily parts of his regiment.

Ben had hired two years earlier a biomedical sports medicine doctor. The doctor told Ben that a pitcher subjects his elbow to newton meters of torque. That's the equivalent of holding five twelve-pound bowling balls. Shane was consistently throwing between 98 and mph.

His elbow was nothing more than an elastic cable, vulnerable to snap at any second. A two-inch tendon that had the same strength Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions a ballet dancer's.

A couch potato at home watching the game had the same strength in his tendon. There was no way to strengthen a tendon. It is what it is. Shane's advantage was that he was tall with a long stride and long limbs. Triple-digit throwers were mostly relievers; Shane being the exception. Houston was taking a chance, a chance Ben supported because one left-handed elbow had several specialists, paid extremely well, to boot. Well back into his consciousness, Shane had control over far more important aspects of his life than a fragile elbow.

The teen exerted a gay presence of immense pride and self-identity. Gay pride gave him license with every pitch he threw, to compete against another player standing 60 feet, 6 inches away.

This pride, this need to be superior, made Shane the center of all attention and the quintessential expression to be immune from judgment. With every strike out came another rush of peace of mind. Fastballs, sliders, an occasional changeup or a curve, and Shane was perfect through four in his next pitching assignment.

Pathetically the Astros averaged less than three runs per game. Hardly inspiring, this fact increased the pressure on every Houston pitcher that they had to practically pitch a shut-out to give the team a chance to win. Top of the fifth, a hundred and one mph fastball was met so perfectly that few fans held Reb Dovidl (Rabbi David) - Jan Peerce - Sings Yiddish Folk Songs breath when the click of the bat sent reminders to those who had watched the steroid era of Bonds, Sosa and McGuire.

They just knew. The baseball cleared the center field wall by fifty Always Laughing - Joe Brown - Always Laughing. Slightly pissed, Shane sent his next pitch in at mph. Even the batter grinned because he wasn't quite sure he'd seen the ball. Whether the accuracy of the device was correct, fans were either amused or shocked at the reading.

Out came the Houston manager. Shane never questioned an adult. He had yet the maturity or the bravado to be recalcitrant. I caught too much of the plate. Tom Hicks was in his mid-fifties, but he felt old being around a young bunch of ballplayers in their twenties. Tom felt like a grandfather around Shane. He broke a smile. It's gonna happen. One run doesn't mean shit. Here came the home plate umpire to hurry this sidebar conversation to a close. Tom had forgotten why he even came out, but to calm his ace from over-throwing and acting like a rookie who had just been burnt.

Leave it to an Astro catcher to rope in his charge. A few curveballs, slider and change up, and Shane struck out the next three hitters in succession. Shane was pulled in the eighth without his team offering even a tie. He had no idea of his mph pitch until after the game. Disillusioned from losinghe felt really bad for losing his focus on one pitch.

All the press wanted to talk about was the fastest pitch ever recorded. Tom Hicks had established boundaries for reporters and players around his seventeen-year old. In We Need More - Various - Breaking The Silence case he felt the boy might learn something from a loss, so he let the press have more leeway.

The boy was an easy target, but humility was a growing step Tom felt. What Tom didn't realize because of any direct line of vision, Shane had stripped down to prepare for his shower.

Nude, with the contours that made straight men drool, his genitals had barely a light brown patch of hair, shaved exquisitely by one Nate Newcomb. Likewise, Chip had shaved Nate down to bare. Boyscraping, Shane had teased. Likewise, Nate got to shave his two favorite men. A hairless physique befit more a Greek statue than masculine virility. It was when Shane stood up, his bare chest above well-dressed reporters, when his manager hustled over.

I better not see any cameras or cellphones up. The young pitcher didn't like being treated as a twelve-year old around adults.

Nevertheless he wasn't one to question any authority, especially his manager's. Without comment Shane wrapped his blue towel around his waist and strolled off to the shower.

He wondered if this was more about being gay than his age. Either way he resented the intrusion. Even in the shower Shane didn't like the quietness. It's what victory often represented in contrast, the sarcastic humor, camaraderie of players, relaxed and joyous. Winning was far better. He also hated disappointing Ben or his family and friends. They'd tell him he pitched great. It was the lack of offensive fire power. Not so in Shane's mind. He owned every performance, good and bad.

To place that ball too close to the center of the plate meant failure. In the Majors there was no room for such mistakes. Then there was Nate, who was given two tickets to every game if his foster parent could bring him. The man wasn't all that interested in baseball nor the teenager, but the money was good in taking care of three foster kids. Between Shane and Chip they had begun to invest a great deal of time in young Newcomb.

He did more to prepare his two heroes for any inevitable than their own warnings. With his small allowance he always bought Chip and Shane some knickknack to humor them. What the boy didn't know, both men were now giving money to his foster parents to buy the boy clothes and other supplies.

Nate rarely saw any benefits from his foster parents with this money. Returning to his locker the reporters had all dispersed, as had most of the players. He stood there tall and straight, sweeping the towel down his spine and wiggling his ass into the towel. Ben would have expected ice, compression and elevation on his shoulder. Truth was, he felt like he could pitch a double header. Of course Shane would comply when he arrived back at the Ritz or if he returned to the ranch.

At Ben's ranch compliance would get him attention in bed. Though sex was like a reward for winning, Ben would love him But Beautiful - Bing Crosby - His Legendary Years 1934-1957 as hard even in loss.

These thoughts of sex had blood rush to his groin. Shane was glad he had the locker room to himself. Like only a job they showed up for the men hurried home to their wives or girlfriends. Some would head for bars. Sensing he was half-erect Shane brought his left leg upon the bench to dry between his legs. His peripheral vision caught a movement nearby. The team's leading hitter and center fielder had taken a later shower than even he.

A furtive glance at this naked creature saw a rippled ebony physique, a chest of a bodybuilder and arms polished to perfection.

The man's defined abdomen made his look like a boy's. A gay man's dream, Shane instantly compared it to Ben's powerful frame. In Ben's or Chip's arms he felt comfort, possessed as no teenager could possibly make him feel.

There would be fear if this player clutched his body, fear of being crushed, dominated by sheer force. The glance turned to a stare as his eyes watched the veteran Golden Glove, All-Star peel back his foreskin from a swollen cock. Maybe Chip didn't have a big advantage in length after all.

The black head reminded Shane of a peer's tortoise at the ranch. It almost made him smile. This one-eyed monster was wet, but not from shower spray. Shane was learning not to be shy around his teammates, so his eyes shot up to meet Vince's. One thing Shane had learned, a black guy's dick was about as long limb as it was hard.

It was tough to tell the difference, but he guessed that his center fielder didn't mind exhibiting himself erect. Interesting fact was, Vince was the playboy on Festered Anus - Phlegm - Clothes Hanger Abortion team, always seeming to have women within reach.

Only when he saw Vince's eyes go to his ass as he stroked his appendage to ooze pre-cum did Shane feel that Vince had intent of making him his lay for the night. Even being just seventeen, he'd learned in his short modeling career how to say no. Shane lowered his leg to the floor. Trouble was, his hard-on was straight up. Whether to intimidate or put Shane on notice, Vince strolled over while wrapping his own towel around his waist.

Nothing like a firm pair to make me forget pussy. See ya tomorrow. Sounds to me like someone is just scared of a little sex.

Shane stopped in his tracks. If this guy only knew. Vince busted up laughing. His first confrontation with a teammate and it felt more like high school bantering. Shane knew he would tell Ben; yet there was an obvious truth that Ben wouldn't seek out the team's center fielder to give him a piece of his mind or put the fear of God in him. Shane had to be proactive, speak his mind if he wanted to live and work among professionals.

Advertising his erection wasn't the best way to say no, so discretion would have to take precedence next time. Maybe even finding someone Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Coleman Hawkins - Hollywood Stampede tough who could act the role of boyfriend.

But who? A long stretch limo was waiting in the parking lot. Its darkened windows gave no clue to its occupants. Shane faked a smile even before the driver opened the door. The smile lasted only as long as he was next to Ben, then tears came.

In the other sofa sat his two brothers and Scooter, Ben's nephew. Fourteen-year old Trevor patted his brother's knee. You pitched a great game. Your hitters suck," Trevor said in support of Shane. The other boys agreed.

Ben swung his arm around the joy of his life. An intuitive man, there had to be something deeper behind these tears than losing his first game in the Majors. Ask any seventeen-year old, they would much prefer frivolity than a funeral scene, especially around peers.

He put up a strong face in front of the other boys, shoving Vince's actions to a space Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions Ben to solve later. Shane spoke of the home run pitch, a ball that you don't throw big hitters: a fastball down the middle.

Speed most often overpowered hitters, but not when they were guessing and swinging at the same time. To the airport, the ranch's helicopter had them home in a matter of minutes.

A beeline to their bedroom Shane sat down on the bed, pensive in expression. Ben knew this wasn't about the game. Ben approached and held the boy's head against Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions chest. He listened to the locker room scene. He's not going to risk his livelihood by doing something stupid. Yeah, sure, if you would have stuck your butt out he probably would've gone for it. Your physical reaction is just that, a physical response.

If he persist I'm a few steps away. I'm your guardian and I'm responsible for your safety, not your boyfriend. Boyfriends don't go around and beat up people to defend their jealousy. There are other ways to get the message across and it all starts with you. Do you understand?

Shane arched his head up with a nod, then hugged this man who meant everything to him. There was going to be one distraction Ben hadn't revealed until now. They've been wanting to get this done. There's a uniform in the closet. Shouldn't take but a few minutes. Shane nodded and was left to prepare for something usually done in spring training. Given his late season arrival, Shane wasn't sure if this season or next would be his rookie year. Every kid dreams of being on a baseball card.

These days even his brothers had their own cards in Little League. But this was bigger, way bigger, and children all over the world collected baseball cards. Would they really want a gay teenager's card in their collection? Shane slipped on one of his uniforms he kept at the ranch while remembering some of the stunts players were known for during this picture taking.

InAngels third baseball Aurelio Rodriguez had the bat boy stand in for him. Other players clandestinely flipped the bird or wore their baseball glove on the Pinned Up - Avail - 6/29/97 (Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL) hand.

Shane wasn't that brave. Shane walked out in full dress, tugging a bat and glove. He noticed several teenagers, some naked from the pool. Most of them were from the ranch's baseball program and had gathered for this monumental occasion. Boys were often nude more than dressed.

At six-seven, Shane towered over all of them, yet any sense of superiority was absent. Shane was often as nude as they were which has a tendency to level the playing field.

Standing beside Ben was a smiling photographer whose job was to bring life to a baseball card, which meant having the owner of the card capture what the player was all about. They moved to the ball diamond a quarter a mile away.

To appease Shane or justify this shooting, the man said, "We've had such a demand for you, Shane, we've made an exception this year. I don't even have a pale-blue placard with your name on it.

I've had players substitute all sorts of people for them. Usually the process takes from four to eight months for the final card. Just act natural and give me your favorite pose. Ben chuckled from a few yards away. His boy's best pose was with his Stream - The 3rd And The Mortal - In This Room in the air, and Shane knew exactly what he was thinking.

Shane wasn't offended. Shane slid the Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions across the plate like he'd just hit a ' slam. He got his laughs from his peers. This Topps' rep wasn't fooled. You, young man, will never see a time at the plate unless you're in the American League.

Grab your glove there. Tony put his hand over his mouth to qualm a giggle. So far he was the only one who had noticed. Shane had not worn any underwear and his penis was well defined by the tight baseball pants.

A dozen pictures later and the shoot was over. Ben walked over and accepted Shane's glove and ball. The teen tossed his ball cap, shoes, before stripping off his uniform. Stark naked, he ran with the other boys toward the pool, leaving one photographer's mouth agape. Ben thought it best to say nothing. The two men walked together toward the rep's vehicle. At seventeen he was still a free spirit without a lot of adult hang-ups. He's the hottest pitcher in the Majors right now," the photographer said.

It won't be an easy adjustment for Shane, in that he faces continuous rhetorical, social and legal attacks for simply existing and loving other males. In some ways, he's a new version of Jackie Robinson. Great parents, huh? I suppose he's religious. Ben allowed the photographer to pause in view of this large meter swimming pool. At least two-dozen naked bodies were in or around the water.

There certainly wasn't any inhibition. His father never quite accepted having a gay son. While I have several boys here who resent religion for creating scripture that people use against them, Shane believes in a Higher Power Who made him as he is. I have tried to instill in the boy that someone who believes he has God on his side is capable of any thing.

Any truth to the rumor? Ben hadn't expected this from someone whose job was with a camera. No one had dared insinuate to his face such a connection. Friendship is one of those realms of life where you put your soul at risk. Look around you, Paul. I allow few outsiders to view into Shane's life.

I dare say he considers most of these boys his boyfriends. They have a life here that's uncensored, free, and unburdened. Could he have this if he was with the Angels, Dodgers, Fresh Interlude - Foxapet - Funky Contraptions Yankees? Of course not. The love these boys have for each other has no requirements.

That's what makes it love. If your love for another carries requirements, then it is not love at all, but some counterfeit version. My relationship with Shane exists for us to decide and to declare, to create and to express, to experience and to fulfill our highest notion of who we really are. Nothing more. Only the sounds of splashing and boys laughter filled the Texas night for several seconds.

There was a smile from a photographer who had been around the block a few times. A reporter would have given a year's salary for this assignment. Barkley, I have no intention of judging. You'd make a good politician. Somewhere in there is the truth. Ben appreciated the man's perception without accusing. Don't suppose I can order a hundred Shane Colter cards right now? Chapter Three. Ben's relationship with his nephew Austin had a history of companionship that both males would carry with them the rest of their lives.

Austin was a senior at Texas Universitya life that no longer revolved around ranch life and the direction of his uncle. His swimming career had never reached the pinnacle Tonelada De Amor (Pop Radio) - Marcio Mello - Tonelada De Amor Olympic promise, but his fifth place finish at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships in the meter butterfly still made him an All-American swimmer.

His goal to be his uncle's sport psychologist was on track. Austin 's loyalty to his uncle had no precursors or demands. Though his uncle was one of the richest men in America there was a tacit understanding not to take advantage or appear needy. Uncle Ben had always supplied every need without question. Ben had few needs himself, but he was about to ask his nephew for a large favor: Would he pretend to be Shane's boyfriend for awhile? They were, after all, good friends.

Problem was, Austin was a popular student and athlete on campus, and his gay orientation was hardly a secret.

All eyes were on a youngster whose face resembled a boy fresh out of junior high. The young man moved a rosin bag threw his fingers and then adjusted his groin. For some reason his mind only thought of one person. Memories of a dance two years ago in pouring down rain invaded his mind. On Heart of the Congos he was brilliant, and across the record's original ten tracks Perry created a masterpiece of music. Many critics consider this album one of the best roots records of all time, and at the very least, it was Perry's apex -- only Junior Byles' Beat Down Babylon is an equal contender. Cousin Carlo prepares a pizza for a family party while funny commentary is presented in the background. se puede decir que el grupo tuvo muchas presentaciones alo largo de estos años en mas barrios de la ciudad de medellin actividad que lastimosamente se mermo por falta de espacios y por que realmente se esperaba algo mas grande y no fue asi el grupo como tal a participado en varios proyectos como el que se hizo en el comfama en los años y pero se debio abandonar estos proyectos por. Fresh from sliding on his ass nearly breaking his legs, arms, shoulder, and neck, Seth Strangle “happened” upon Gail Headglove. She was in the company of Kosmo the Wonder Horse. He was a magnificent animal; 15 hands high, black with a white splotch on the forehead, and in perfect shape. Feb 07,  · sun ra arkestra - lanquidity + nuclear war (, ) I was actually planning to do a detailed Sun Ra post next week but since Shelby beat me to it yesterday and posted a link to Space is the Place I figured that I might as well throw something together quickly while he's still fresh in . Foxapet; Foxapet Funky Contraptions. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Partager sur Google+. Tracklist. 1. Push me higher 2. Let's fall in love 3. Fresh interlude 4. Hidden love 5. Modern slavery 6. Time 7. Here we go!!! 8. Magic gimmick 9. Never stop (remix) Old tunes Complains. FOXAPET - Funky Contraptions Jamendo Album # Tracklisting: 01 - Push Me Higher 02 - Let's Fall In Love 03 - Fresh Interlude 04 - Hidden Love 05 - Modern Slavery 06 - Time 07 - Here We Go!!! 08 - Magic Gimmick 09 - Never Stop (remix) 10 - Old Tunes 11 - P. Once he sucked the air through the contraption, the little LED light on the adapter lit up. Bender’s optics widened while he waited for something to happen and then it finally hit him. It wasn’t unlike that time he had jacked on, but instead of hallucinating, he just felt light headed at first. Punky Funky. The Punky Funky is a great bouncy toy that is multi-functional. This great chew toy will serve as a treat dispenser and plaque remover. Get yours today! Assorted Colors. Large Approx. " H x " W. Important: Never leave pet unattended with any treat or toy!/5(5).


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