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Shannon writes:. What can a reader reasonably be expected to believe? Roman literature is filled with strange and inexplicable creatures, objects, and occurrences, from centaurs to ghostly apparitions to volcanic eruptions. And these are not confined to the world of myth. Accounts of the natural world often focus on phenomena that may seem outlandish or impossible: authors like Pliny the Elder present as true things that a rational modern audience would find it difficult or even impossible to take seriously 1.

This phenomena Shannon references were known to the Romans as mirabilia wonders or miracles and included talking beasts, incredibly tall spirit- womenvisions from gods, and ghosts.

Among the most famous of such mirabilia is the tale by Pliny the Younger CE who tells the story of the philosopher Athenodorus who comes to Athens and hears of a haunted house that is going cheaply because everyone is afraid of the ghost who haunts it. Athenodorus rents the house and, that night, hears the rattling of chains and wakes to find a man in his room who motions that he should rise and come with him. Athenodorus follows the ghost to a spot in the courtyard of the house where the spirit suddenly vanishes.

The next day Athenodorus has the city magistrate dig up the spot where they find the remains of a man entwined with chains. The body is buried with all the proper rites, and the house is no longer haunted.

This story is typical of a "haunting" in which a spirit appears to seek redress for a wrong. The improper burial of the dead I Need The Prayers - The Dixiemen - The Dixiemen Sing Gospel or lack of any grave - was considered the prime reason for the return of a spirit from the afterlife even above a spirit's desire to have their death avenged.

The possibility of a spirit returning to ask a loved one to avenge his or her death is illustrated in a tale told by Apuleius, in which a man named Thrasyllus falls in love with the wife of his friend Tlepolemus and murders him while out hunting. Tlepolemus's spirit Night Delighter - Various - Club Dancing 83 to his wife in a dream, tells her how he died, and asks her to avenge him.

Thrasyllus has asked if he may court her, but she has denied his suit because she is still in mourning. She now says, however, that he may visit her that night. She offers him wine which is drugged and, once he falls into a stupor, she blinds him with her hair pin, claiming that death is too easy a punishment for what he has done, and he must now wander through life without seeing the world. She then runs to her husband's tomb, tells the story of his death, and kills herself with his sword.

Thrasyllus has himself shut up in Tlepolemus' tomb and starves himself to death. These, then, were the two main ways an ancient audience understood ghosts to manifest themselves though they were not the only modes of manifestationeither in dreams or in physical appearances and usually having to do with some problem surrounding their death, and this same paradigm is observed in other cultures.

In Chinese culture the spirit of a person who had drowned, died alone, died in battle, or suffered some Crossfire - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Volume 1 death Rapowanie To Zajebista Sprawa - Aes - Rapowanie To Zajebista Sprawa they went unburied would appear bodily and could only be seen at night by torch light.

The spirit of an ancestor who wished to relate some information or give a warning would appear in a dream. Ghosts were considered a reality by the Chinese philosopher Mo Ti BCE who argued in favor of accepting the report of the ghost of the minister Tu Po returning from the afterlife and assassinating Xuan, the king of Zhou. He reasoned that when people tell of how a certain machine operates with which one is not acquainted, or how certain people behave or speak in a land they have never been to, one should accept what they say if their report seems credible and if they, themselves, seem reliable witnesses.

Following this line of reasoning, then, one should accept what is said about ghosts if those who tell one about them can be trusted in what they have said about other things in life one can verify oneself.

As ancient historical accounts, as well as contemporary reports of his time, contained references to ghosts, they should be accepted as a reality in the same way one recognized established history and news reports of the day, even if one has not experienced a ghost oneself.

The Show Me Love - Various - Dance DOr belief in ghosts was heavily influenced by their practice of ancestor worship and the belief Snoozy - Maybe One Day the departed continued to exert a powerful influence on people's lives.

As in the other cultures mentioned, the spirits of the dead could benefit the living unless there had been impropriety in burial or funeral rites or the dead had been given dispensation from Kill Your Ideals - Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub* - Kill Your Ideals to return to right a wrong.

The Ghost Festival, which originated to honor and appease the dead, continues to be held on the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance. Known as the "Ghost Month", this time is thought to be when the veil between the realm of the living and that of the dead is thinnest and the dead can easily cross over similar to the Celtic concept of Samhain and the Mesoamerican festival known as The Day of the Dead.

During the Ghost Festival, people leave out food and gifts for the dead to appease and honor them in the hope that they will remain in their own realm and not trouble the living. The Chinese afterlife was thought of as a journey in which the soul had to cross a bridge over an abyss where it was judged.

If the soul was found worthy, it continued on, paused at a pavilion to look back on the land of the living one last time, and Funeral - Iced Earth - Iced Earth drank a cup of a brew called Mengpo Soup which caused one to forget one's former life entirely.

The ghost culture of China diverges at this point on what happens to the soul next; according to some works, the soul goes on to heaven, while according to others, it is reincarnated. If the soul is found unworthy as it crosses the bridge to the afterlife, it slips down into hell where it remains. In either case, the soul was not expected to return to the land of the living and, if one did, and it was not an ancestor appearing in a dream with some warning or advice, it was certain some kind of evil force was involved.

The story is thought to be much older than the 17th century CE and tells the story of Ning's visit to a temple where he is visited by the ghost of the maiden Nie. She tries to seduce him, but he resists owing to his belief in virtuous conduct.

Two other travelers who come to stay at the temple are found dead the next morning with holes pierced in the soles of their feet and their blood drained. Nie comes to respect Ning's virtue in resisting her advances and tells him that she died in the temple when she was only 18 years old and came under the control of a monster demon who inhabited the ground where she was buried. This monster required her to seduce travelers and drain their blood which she then fed to him. Ning digs up Nie's remains and carries them home with him where he re-buries them near his house and pours out a libation on her grave as a sign of respect and honor.

Having performed the appropriate funerary rites for the girl, he turns to leave her grave, but she calls out to him, and he finds she has been returned to life due to his virtuous conduct and his efforts in burying her properly. Ning and Nie then marry and, as the story goes, live happily ever after with their children. Chinese ghost stories often carry a moral along the lines of Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance Legend of Ning and Nie and emphasize virtuous behavior and kindness to others.

Confucius himself believed in the efficacy of the ghost story because he felt the lessons learned from supernatural encounters could instill proper virtues in the living. He felt this was even true of encounters with so-called Hungry Ghosts, which were spirits whose relatives had forgotten their duties of respect and remembrance or spirits of those who had been murdered but whose killers had not been brought to justice.

Hungry Ghosts were thought to have received special dispensation from the gods to torment the living until they received their due. The Hungry Ghost could torment the mind of the living or inhabit the home and behave along the lines of the familiar poltergeist.

This was also true in India Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance the ghosts of the departed were seen as a kind of Hungry Ghosts. In ancient and modern India ghosts were known as Bhoots and appeared as humans but with backward feet who could change their appearance without warning. The feet are thought to appear backwards to symbolize that something has gone wrong, that the spirit is in an unnatural state. Bhoots materialize when the person dies before their ordained time on earth.

Since they were unable to enjoy the fullness of their lives, they return to earth in the hope of possessing the body of some living person. Ghost possession, including the spirit re-animating their own corpse, was a great concern in ancient India, and some scholars maintain that this led to the practice of cremating the dead.

If a body were cremated, the spirit could not return to re-animate it, and the burning of certain spices, along with the use of amulets and prayers, could protect the living from the spirit taking possession of them after it found it could not re-inhabit its dead body. Since these spirits have died before their allotted time, they are very unhappy and usually angry.

Ghosts were thought to cause multiple problems when they manifested themselves physically but, as in other cultures, were considered beneficial when they appeared in dreams and could be recognized as the spirit of someone the dreamer had known, especially a relative. A particularly dangerous bhoot was known as the churail, which was the spirit of a woman who had died in childbirth. This ghost was thought to be encountered at crossroads and intersections and would make advances of friendship to the living.

If the living person was a woman, the churail would seek to steal her children or try to possess her body and, if a man, it would seek to seduce and then kill him. Once the bhoot had lived out its allotted time on earth, even the churail, it would leave and re-enter the stream of reincarnation. The Indian belief in an afterlife involving the transmigration of souls dictated that the soul of the deceased was judged according to its acts while in the body and would move either up or down a spiritual hierarchy in the next incarnation.

It would seem, however, that not every soul moved on, since there are stories involving haunted regions, houses, and even cities where the ghosts have been present for many centuries. The most famous of these sites is Bangarh Fort in Rajasthan which is an abandoned city thought to be inhabited by ghosts. The city was built under the Mughal Empire in CE and, as the legend goes, was prosperous until cursed by a reclusive hermit who lived nearby.

In one version of the story, this hermit was a wise man who gave his blessing to the building of the city on the condition that none of the houses rose so high as to cast a shadow on his hillside home and so block his sun.

The original builders of the city respected his request but, later, it was forgotten and additions were made to the palace which cast its shadow over the hermit's home. He cursed the city and its inhabitants for their lack of consideration and, in a single night, all the upper stories of the buildings were destroyed and the people who Irish Republican Army - Willie Brady - Irish Songs of Freedom then deserted Bangarh Fort and built The Funeral Party - The Cure - Arabian Dream new city of Bangarh nearby.

The other version of the story involves the beautiful princess Ratnavi and the evil wizard Baba Balnath. The wizard was in love with the Laid Back - Laid Back ‎– Sunshine Reggae (Special Dub Version) but knew she would never return his feelings.

He concocted a love potion that would powerfully attract the princess to him and disguised it as perfume, which he then had presented to her one day in the market. Ratnavi suspected the bottle held something other than perfume and poured it onto a nearby boulder which, because of the potion's magical powers, drew the boulder directly toward the wizard and crushed him. As he was dying, Baba Balnath cursed Ratnavi and the entire city and swore no one should ever live within its walls again.

As in the other version of the story, the city was then deserted in a single night after some catastrophe and, true to his curse, it was never again inhabited by the living.

The dead, however, are believed to still reside at Bangarh Fort and there are reports in the present day by people claiming to hear spectral voices, disembodied laughter by the old bathing pool, footsteps, who also say they have seen lights moving in the city and have even seen the spirit of Princess Ratnavi herself. In the Maya belief system, lingering ghosts such as those said to inhabit Bangarh were intolerable and needed to be kept at bay through charms and amulets or driven back to the underworld through the intercession of a Daykeeper shaman.

The Maya idea of the afterlife was similar to the Mesopotamian view that the underworld was a dark and terrible place, but the Maya took the vision even further: in the Maya underworld known as Xibalba or Metnal there were numerous Lords of the Dead who could trick the soul of the deceased as it sought its way toward paradise.

Once the soul descended into this underworld, it was on a journey from which there was no turning back. Ghosts, as with the other cultures mentioned, were not expected to return to the earthly realm. The spirit would leave the body and be conducted across a great expanse of water by a spirit dog who would then help the soul navigate through the various trips and traps of the Lords of Xibalba to reach the Tree of Life which the soul then had to climb up to paradise.

Spirits who returned, therefore, were considered unnatural unless, as with other cultures, they appeared in dreams and were recognizable as friends or family members though even this was not always the case. The Maya preferred to believe that the dead who were not at perfect rest could return in the form of plants Rockers Mood - Augustus Pablo - King Davids Melody were either beneficial or should be avoided.

The best example of this belief is the Legend of the Xtabay which tells the story of two beautiful women, Rare - Ultrademon - Seapunk and Utz-Colel.

Xkeban was treated poorly by the respectable people of the town because she had engaged in unlawful sex with a man outside of marriage, but she was loved by the lower classes because of her goodness of heart and her kindness to all. Utz-Colel was highly regarded by the upper classes because she came from a good family and observed all the social etiquette, but she was hard-hearted and cruel and cared for no one but herself.

One day, a strange and intoxicating fragrance filled the village and, when the poor people followed it to its source, they came to Xkeban's hut and found her dead inside from some unknown cause. The lovely fragrance was emanating from her body. They buried her and, the next day, found beautiful wildflowers growing all over her grave which carried the same scent they had experienced the day before. Shortly after this, Utz-Colel died but, from her body rose a terrible odor. The respectable people of the village buried her with great ceremony as a good and noble woman and planted many flowers but, the next day, the flowers had drooped and died.

From her grave then grew the flower known as Tzacam which has no scent while, from Xkeban's grave, grew the Xtabentun flower Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance smells sweet, and the two women's souls became infused with their respective flowers. When Utz-Colel found that she was a prickly flower without scent, she was jealous of Xkeban and believed that Xkeban's sin of physical love had somehow brought her such Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance.

She entered into league with the dark spirits of Xibalba to bring her back to life so that she could now have sex with whomever she pleased and be as blessed as Xkeban. Utz-Colel did not understand, however, that Xkeban's act had been motivated by love while Utz-Colel's was motivated by ambition. She was returned to earth as the Xtabay, the flower which grows from the Tzacam cactus but sometimes assumes a human form and waits for travelers at crossroads.

If a man pays attention to her, she seduces and then kills him while, if the traveler is a woman, she punishes her by afflicting her peace of mind. The Aztecs have a similar entity in their beliefs which is actually Powrót Króla - Borixon, Kajman, PRWRS* - Semtex to the churails of India. The Aztec spirit is known as a Cihuateteo and is the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth.

These spirits also haunted crossroads but ignored male travelers; they waited for women with children and then struck the women down and stole their children. They were also thought to be able to slip into homes in the night to abduct children there.

Amulets and charms were hung by doorways and Kings Of The Wild Frontier - Adam And The Ants - The Prince Charming Revue (VHS) to ward off the cihuateteo.

In the Aztec belief system, ghosts were also unwelcome guests who only brought bad news or served as omens of doom. Like the Maya, the Aztecs held that the afterlife was a gloomy place of no return and so, when a spirit did come back, it was a clear indication that something had gone wrong or soon would. As with the Tarascan tribe, the Aztecs believed that dogs could see and would protect Ghosts Of The Past - Nervochaos - The Art Of Vengeance against ghosts, and both groups buried their dead with dogs who were thought to then serve the soul in the afterlife as both a guide through the underworld and as a protector against ghosts.

The Tarascans were deeply troubled by the fear of ghosts and so developed the concept of the spirit dog. Life moves around out there and sometimes it wants to come in and mess with me when all I want to do is turn over and hide. I am a fragile being, sometimes it takes almost nothing to knock me off my feet and make me tired of living.

Sometimes I am so tired that everything is a gargantuan effort. But I'm strong, I always hang on and hold on. My emotions run from being elated and looking up to the sky and seeing all the infinite possibilities, to looking straight into the eyes of Hades. But you know me, I always come through with all my scars, all the love I carry in my heart, and my crooked tiara. Every single diamond in that tiara reflects all the light within me and within you.

They wait for you in low moments, and then they wail at you, shaking their chains in your face and trying to strangle you with them. Hamilton, Affliction. There's a part of me, wishing and hoping, that she would come back for me, and we would start a new life together, but she didn't.

World is full of ghosts because if your mind is not in the present time, your turn into a ghost, you become just an image! User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.

While spending time visiting his grandfather in the small town called Harvest, Eric starts having some strange experiences. Young Julia befriends him, though she appears to be a ghost, as is her mother, who is not as friendly.

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The Art Of Vengeance () by NervoChaos, released 07 September 1. The Harvest 2. For Passion Not Fashion 3. The Devil's Work 4. Betrayed 5. From Below And Not Above 6. Blood Ritual 7. Rotten Moralism 8. Shadows Of Destruction 9. Ghosts Of The Past What Is Dead May Never Die The Legacy Is Pain Lightless (Headhunter DC cover). Type: Full-length Release date: June 5th, Catalog ID: CG Label: Cogumelo Records Format: CD + DVD Reviews: 1 review (avg. %). Check out The Art of Vengeance by NervoChaos on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo The Art Of Vengeance by NervoChaos, released 07 September 1. The Harvest 2. For Passion Not Fashion 3. The Devil's Work 4. Betrayed 5. From Below And Not Above 6. Blood Ritual 7. Rotten Moralism 8. Shadows Of Destruction 9. Ghosts Of The Past What Is Dead May Never Die The Legacy Is Pain Lightless (Headhunter DC cover). An Olympus topping, sewer-smooched groove elevates “Ghost of the Past” above standard fare, although I can’t help recommending you fast-forward directly to the groove in question at Closer, “Lightless” is sheared from sloth hide and is another album standout. Slow is the way to go for Nervochaos, obviously. NERVOCHAOS - THE ART OF VENGEANCE. NERVOCHAOS - THE ART OF VENGEANCE From Below and Not Above 6. Blood Ritual 7. Rotten Moralism 8. Shadows of Destruction 9. Ghost of the Past What Is Dead May Never Die The Legacy Is Pain Lightless. Ouça as músicas e veja as letras de 'Nyctophilia', 'The Art of Vengeance', 'To The Death' e demais álbuns no maior site de música do Brasil. Sep 23,  · A wave of migrants and refugees, the largest since World War II, has strained the fabric of societies across Europe. The American presidential election, with the unusual campaign of Author: Sewell Chan. Get all the lyrics to songs on The Art of Vengeance and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. Nervochaos - Pay Back Time. Para Mais Informações The Art of Vengeance. Para Mais Informações Metal Archives Faixas 1. The Harvest 2. For Passion Not Fashion 3. The Devil's Work 4. Betrayed 5. From Below and Not Above 6. Blood Ritual 7. Rotten Moralism 8. Shadows of Destruction 9. Ghost of the Past What Is Dead May Never Die


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  1. Yes, São Paulo’s NERVOCHAOS is back to the front with a new album, “The Art of Vengeance”. The band’s style is the same since their beginning: Death Metal the simple way, inspired by the scenes from Florida and Sweden, but now, they appear in a more clean way of sounding, for the band got a great improvement in terms of technique, a.
  2. The Art Of Vengeance () by NervoChaos, released 07 September 1. The Harvest 2. For Passion Not Fashion 3. The Devil's Work 4. Betrayed 5. From Below And Not Above 6. Blood Ritual 7. Rotten Moralism 8. Shadows Of Destruction 9. Ghosts Of The Past What Is Dead May Never Die The Legacy Is Pain Lightless (Headhunter DC cover).
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    Jun 05,  · Ghost of the past The truth is that nobody dies a virgin It's happiness to all, life fucks us all Bad luck either destroys you Or makes you what you are People that talk too much Have not.
  4. May 08,  · A semi-professional ghost hunter is fatally stabbed while making 'supernatural activity recordings' on the abandoned site, marked for demolition due to Thomas Pope's firm's development project, where a serial killer murdered at least eight missing pre-teen boys/10().
  5. Oct 30,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Ghost of the Past · Nervochaos The Art of Vengeance ℗ Cogumelo Records Released on: Music Publ.
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    The Art Of Vengeance () The Harvest; For Passion Not Fashion; The Devil's Work; Betrayed; From Below And Not Above; Blood Ritual; Rotten Moralism; Shadows Of Destruction; What Is Dead May Never Die; The Legacy Is Pain; Lightless.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Art Of Vengeance on Discogs.5/5(2).
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    Type: Full-length Release date: June 5th, Catalog ID: CG Label: Cogumelo Records Format: CD + DVD Reviews: 1 review (avg. %).
  9. "The Art of Vengeance" is the title of the release from Brazil's Nervo Chaos, and it and extremely strong offering in the underground death metal genre. This is my introduction to the band, and from what I see they have a discography dating back to
  10. The Art Of Vengeance () The Harvest; For Passion Not Fashion; The Devil's Work; Betrayed; From Below And Not Above; Blood Ritual; Rotten Moralism; Shadows Of Destruction; What Is Dead May Never Die; The Legacy Is Pain; Lightless.

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