Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Show details. Sold by a2z Blu Ray and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Rockabilly Collectables. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Track Listings Disc: 1. Poor Gal - the Chaparrals.

Honky Tonk Stomp - Hal Payne. Hey Hey Baby - Lucky Plank. Move Around - Joe Poovey. Chicken Bop - Truitt Forse. Lonely Heart - Joe Rickman. Big City - String Breakers. Crazy Legs - Jay Gallegher. Grandma Rock and Roll - Gene Sisco. Janet - Ross Minimi. Do It Again - Walt Benton. I'm Not Movin' - Paul Wheatley. Rock the Blues Away - Jack and the Knights.

Ford and Shaker - James Gallagher. Get with It - Charlie Feathers. Honey Hush - the Dixie Harmonairs. Set Me Free - Bill Morrison. Baby Doll - Jimmie Dale.

Jackson Dog - Larry Brinkley. Bloodshot - the String Kings. Νίκος Ξυλούρης - Τα Που Θυμούμαι Τραγουδώ Rock - Ross Minimi. Take a Ride with Me - Johnny Redd. Hot Hot Mama - Jimmy Stayton. Grandpa's Rock - the Trail Blazers.

Rock and Roll Dot - Tex Neighbors. Moonlight Stroll - Don's Botxo Bilingüe - Indarra - Nuevas Bilbainadas con. Annie Mae - Bobby Dewitt and the Williams. Rock on the Moon - Jimmy Stewart. Campus Cutie - Billy Perkins. Chick Chick - Junior Dean and the Avalons. Rock the Bop - Jimmie Martin Combo.

Emanons Rock - the Emanons. Rockin' in the Graveyard - Jackie Morningstar. Sugar Lump - Billy Adkinson. Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. As with the above-mentioned title, the casual Rockabilly lover should not be put off by the word "Rare" in the title, for as rare as most of these cuts may be, they are all pedal-to-the-metal rocking high-energy songs with a few borderline novelty still-rocking tunes to keep the sense of humor intact for those who take their attitude a little too seriously.

When was the last time you threw on a various artists set and were not dissatisfied by a single track? It had been a long time for me, but that's the type of admiration I have for this wonderful collection of vintage sounds. Oh yeah, the mastering is top-notch too.

That didn't happen with either this or the "Real Rare Rockabilly" compilations, and I am grateful that they took the time and care to get it right.

Enjoy them while you can! This U. Each disc is 25 tracks, Spanish Ritual (The Conga Vibe Mix) - Rhythm Masters* - Spanish Ritual 1 is min.

One person found this helpful. This is an outstanding collection. A large number of cuts and a few artists I have never heard before. Most of the songs are hot rockabilly rave ups a few I would say are closer to honky tonk, but I love that genre too so for me it's a bonus. The most impressive thing is the recording quality. They all sound good to great - no scratchy old cuts that are unfortunately common in other collections from the era. I don't have an exhaustive rockabilly collection but I do have what I consider an extensive one and this was a great addition.

A great 3 cd set of rare rockabilly tunes. You will hear a lot of little known artists that were influenced by country, rock and blues. This is a great way for musiciansto learn new tunes. The remastering is well done.

The first thing you must do is decide where, the number one song in the US is almost always different from the number one in Europe or Japan.

Then you must decide which source to use, in the US for example the Billboard number one is usually different from the CashBox magazine one. Finally you should accept that there are some locations and periods for which there really isn't enough data to pick a number one record for a particular date, for example the UK before or anywhere including the US before I hear this song once in while at Walmart among other places.

Ballad yes, irish - not sure, 90' - not sure. Heard it for the first and only Various - Power Dance Volume 7 in some old dusty pub downtown Odense, Denmark during midday, somewhen around September this year and since then it is haunting me.

Think the male singer started, not sure and there was some electric guitar solo though song was pretty soft in general. Couldn't hear the lyrics clearly cause people in the bar were too loud. I must give in but na na na na and na na na na carried away? It also fades with that in the end. There's nothing when I google it so lyrics are probably horribly misheard. Looking for Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals to a song going "My arms have sung the hammer the scrap isours to keep".

The words are. Sarah Sarah aren't you coming out tonight Sarah Sarah it's lovely in the pale moonlight. Would love anyinformation I can remember my dad singing it about 70 years ago.

Thank you …. I'm looking for a song with the lyrics bo ye, I wrap da da eh, I smoke trees Ilike ganja eh. There was this song where this guy was in his living room or something and he was underwater in a chair but i dont remember the name. I remember singing a song when at school in approximately about Noah and want to find music. The thunder had ceased, gone was darkness and gloom. The air now was scented with flowers in bloom. Life was beginning, all over again, And hope stirred up fresh in the hearts of men.

The air was so fresh and the earth felt glad. It thrilled men to look up above, Up to the rainbow, encircling the land, A token of God's great love. They said their farewells to their animal friends, And that's how the story of old Noah ends Animals going their separate ways And Noah repeating this song of praise. Dance dance dance sons and daughters Dance dance dance wife of mine There's a beautiful rainbow the mighty gods sign He sent Ne Me Quitte Pas - Various - Les 12 Plus Belles Chansons Du Monde the water and he sent us the rain but he'll never flood this land again.

I only really remember the music video. I listened to this song in the earlys it was an anime music video and it was all in Japanese. The music video was about a kid being invited to a tea party and being drugged and kidnapped by a girl.

It was a lot of lyrics about being a good house wife, and fix you a drink anddinner. The chorus gets faster and more high pitched as it continues. It was couple and thegirl had bright red hair and the dude singing was white. In the video there is a girl and she drops her keys without realising and aguy saw it and tries to give them back to her throughout the whole song and he does like parkour through buildings and that. Iam looking for the song that was at the end of Nash Bridges "Hot Prowler" episode I have looked everywhere and nothing.

I just wanna be with you. Any ideas?? What song has a music video with a rapper wearing big metal boots and ajumpsuit.

The song was between There was a man in the musicvideo who would walk around the stage and when he touched people, curtains, microphones and anything else it would change to colour from black and white. It was a slower rock sounding song but it was in the mainstream top Can anyone help me. This song starts with some basic guitar chords, then picks up the tempo as itcontinues.

The music is like rock pop i could say i dont is like slow rock. Looking for country sung by Male about son scared by thunder storm runs downthe hall to dads room to sleep later in the song talks about his son doing the same thing. So there is this girl, small its the music video and she takes a road everydaythe same one and it shows that she constantly takes it but never goes to her destination and one day she grows up and she goes in front of her fathers house that abandoned her and he is happy with a new family.

So there is this song the mv starts with some girls then there is a part whereone girl gets out of the spaceship and the scenery outside is red, the mv is mostly red. When I was little Ilistened to it all the time and I remember the album had a blonde chick sitting on a wooden black chair and her blonde hair was more yellow blonde. The colours of the album are more light blue and white and the lady was wearing jeans and I think that where darker coloured. It has a really good bass riff and it talks about him leaving a girl but shewont leave him alone.

I'm looking for a 90s indie song, probably British but not sure used to be on the radio a lot but seems to have vanished. The chorus I think is the bit remember, and it went something like. Escalating up an octave on the capitalised Da. This is a song I would really like to find as it's very inspiring but every time I You Dont Own Me - Keanya Collins - You Dont Own Me I can't find it and it never gets played any more.

Woman singer meets boy in restaurant he sweeps floor they get involved shewants to leave tiwn boy doesn't want her to go ends up killing her while river flows nearby. I think she is a one hit wonder. Close my eyes Jimmy John was making hay, a big balloon passed by. Hey i'm looking for a song which my friend listened at january. She onlyremembers the video of the song which includes a blonde woman singer holding ropes of the dogs while Spirit In My Mind - Various - Sternstunden No.1 sings.

And half naked men dances around them. She remembers lyrics but too few "bang bang and a ha ha" are the words that she remembers. Thank you already. Looking for a dance song that has a boy playing the keyboard and him and a manstart dancing they both had white buttoned up shirts on maybe with the lyrics dance dance baby.

English song but possibly an artist from Europe. Trade my home for the road again Singing my songs with an old best friend Running around with a child's mind Woo! A man gets lucky just a couple of times. I'm looking for a song of tik too, usually performed to by e girls where theyswing there hips, it's not the mememe one though.

I can't seem to remember the song but I know barely any of the tunes. I justremember the video it was a little boy and women the video started with her looking for him, she found him with another woman.

During some of the video, he's playing the saxophone and they ended up making up and she forgave him for everything. Folk song about a single woman who turns out to be a happy lesbian. By a malefolk singer.

I'm looking for a song by a band similar to Tangerine Dream. Any ideas? The song had a sad feel to it. I need help. I couldn't remember the title of the music video, but Iremembered that it was about a nun who escapes the house whom she lives with other nuns too, to join with a man and try different stuff that is exactly opposite to her practice drink, drugs, etc.

The ending of the video was that the man brought her home safely and she goes on to be the "clean" or "pure" person. I'm sorry for the terms that might be considered offensive. Thank you! Song from around late s that says: we grew up right down the street fromeach other. You taught me how to throw a baseball, what makes a snake crawl, and how to skip a rock on a pond.

Take a look at me now do i look like one of the boys. Don't have high hopes for this one. It got trippy at times I think. Like one of there hands got giant and there was someone on it or something, maybe I'm mis-remembering. Main singer is blonde, wears a black baseball hat for part of the video. Setin desert mainly, though in a white tent for a bit.

Dark lighting, lots of light by fires. Non english, thinking arabic but not really sure. Her dance moves made me think ciara and shakira combined.

Has four or five men as back up dancers. Decently fast paced music, good dancing song. Dr strange was in the lyrics sung by a female artist on radio 6 on Sundayafternoon.

It's driving me mad as I can't stop singing it. Need the name of artist and song. I'm going to kill this so sorry I'm loooking for a kind of grunge ballad with "son of a bitch" on the verseand the chorus something like "evening, the morning of die".

I do remember the melody of the chorus, pretty epic in a grungy-acoustic guitar way. I'm looking for a song by a female singer from the s, or s, orswith the lyric Tomorrow.

It sounds like something from Grease. Its from a musical and the lyrics go something like "and then you smile and suddenly the world is not the samewhat can I say. First saw this on the ITV Chart Show: I think it was a group of three men intheir early or mids, cropped or bald heads, one of them was playing a mandolin style instrument and the song itself had a Russian or Ukranian style but it was sung in English. Im searching for an older song by an unknown female with the word Tomorrow init.

It sounds like something from either the s, s,or s, and maybe even the s. It sounds like something that would play on a jukebox or radio. It sounds like something from the movie Grease. I have no idea what the name of the song nor the singer but I do remember the instrumental melody well some 40 years later.

Its an above average song. Any idea what this song is? Looking for a jazz song saying something like "you wear a black silver belt I think I fell in love with you solo of saxo ". The singer is supported by a saxophonist that's all I know about! Suddenly it's like I'm gonna fall". Looking for a song from the 90's, it had a very Dido feel, woman singing. Partof the refrain was in french. It was used in a movie or a movie trailer. It is a song from the US and in english, with a french part and has a feel like Dido's "thank you".

What's that song called the lyrics go go smokeing on weed on gas with a badbitch weed so strong you can smell it through the plastic?? It's a song which was very underground in the beginning of the 90's in clubs. Thanks for helping me. The music contain murder stabbing knife on ones neck and passing through thefield and take motor bike and to helicopter real sound and good music.

I am looking for a particular song I think she said Tonight Today - James Last - Golden Non Stop Dancing 10 like"dont call Covolux - Undertones back in a minute" and blinks blinks blinks".

Heard once in the mids but by whom and when was original is completely unknown. Looking for a female country singer video, shoulder length blond hair, singing about how she wants to know how you take your coffee in the morning.

Looking for a song where either the girl or guy says forever everforever ever. But cool though. To whom reads this. I know you get am but I'm here today Now I can't tell the year this song was released or the artist. Bulerías (Sólo Compás) - Escuela De Flamenco Presentada Por Cristina Hoyos - Bulerías I'll appreciate if songs with lyrics as this can be sent to my email address.

It was about 5 years ago that I heard this song. I can't tell artist. But I hear this song those years on radio. Will be waiting a response as soon.

I sit alone at night, I cry as we waved goodbye for sometime I close my eyes and all I see Memories that stay so close to me Day after Day I hear Your voice Singing in my heart, as the night withdraws I hear your story that never ends Wish you were here to talk again".

I remember this album my mom played in the car of these hawaiian childrens songs but i Una Certa Etá - Stefano Torossi - LEtà Del Malessere fully remember any of them One of the song started off withthe "My dog has fleas" bit and then transitioned into uke and i think this particular song was about wanting to go to hawaii Did you try typing the word into the search box?

That would give you more than 30 possible candidates, look the word up in the index and you'd more than double that. I believe this song was in a beach movie from the 60's. The only lyrics I canremember was, "Bikini baby your belly button shows. Angels sitting in on his hips and on his knees between the highways from thenorth and south.

I cant remember the name but I know it has some lyrics like " feel the rushwhen we touch" and " you put that fire in my heart". I might be wrong but it was a a popy song.

The singer was a girl and it also played on music choice. I can't remember all the lyrics, but its about a guy singing a song to hismom, and it's an old jamaican song. Remember it in South Africa and part of it was - "she lives in the hand of thepainter, I see the flowers where she stands and hair comes tumbling down, did you think, did you ever think that a painting could be real in a world that could be real I don't remember any lyrics of the song or the name of the singer, I know themale singer is a country artist, I remember that its a video clip film in a football field If I remember correctly and the woman singer is not a country singer can't remember her name and she's got lots of tattoos.

Saw this song this morning, unfortunately I was too late to get the name ofthe band or the song, it had two female singers, one with short blonde hair and the other long dark hair, the song was about falling in love with a woman with long blonde hair, it may be slightly country, but not much I don't know the name of the song or the band I ran".

I heard this sing in a hip restaurant in Old Montreal in October The band sounded like radiohead, suede. So I can't find this one song I've been trying to look for,I've found itbefore but I dont remember how to find it again, I think the name of it was called something like 'the kids in the basement' I remember that a girl was singing it, but I don't think she was a solo artist. The song was fairly recent. I found it originally in a YouTube video along the lines of 'moments that had me shook pt.?

Lyrics were. Real catchy sound to it. Male singer. I still had the tape up until some years Timebomb - U.D.O. - Steelhammer - Live From Moscow, thought it was silly to keep it for that one song. Looking for an early to mid 80s song by I think an English band or singer,with the line, "walking through the graveyard" OR "whistling through the graveyard" then it goes yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and then into some bass.

The answer is: The Strumbellas - Spirits. I have been searching for days and finally found, just wanted to help you too. I can't remember the song, I think it's Canadian, but the music video starts with a Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals of strange people looking like they're from a carnival and they're at a funeral. The lead singer is older and he's wearing a captain's hat.

There's a guy in a fish head mask, a woman with a violin, a man in a yellow rain hat and jacket I think The woman with the violin puts teeth on the coffin and they all put something on it. The end scene is a parade with all these carnival types, someone on stilts and the lead singer wearing red pants and work boots. There was a song in which a guys was saying how weed should be legal and he was telling to mr.

Point with right hand, point with left hand, point with both hands, then pointwith both hands again, cross arms making an x, point to the front point to the side then slide over and hit the woah. Is it sweet jane by the velvet underground? That's more rock Into The Pentagram (Samael Cover) - Omen Filth - Opus Sanguinarium maybe I'm off but it has the "Jayayne" spelled phonetically and he goes down in pitch when he goes from "sweet" to "Jane".

Song with Music Video has the lead Singer as the store owner, who gets robbed,by himself, then he runs and gets hit my a truck, driven by himself, and he walks by the whole thing while singing.

Walls are tumbling down, prison doors are opening, chains are falling of myfeet. Like from It was a slow song. And it also would show him and this girl in the snow. Surrounded white swan gold.

IDK what that song is, I saw it in a video where a girl was talking about how she felt Not Without Risk - Byron Metcalf - Not Without Risk for studying all her school, and not partying, and in that song its a sad song a woman says "party". This is really hard for me to figure out.

I can't think of the song or theartist of this song. I weirdly remember what the singer was wearing, He was wearing a red shirt and he was surrounded by people in the music video. At one point in the video he Andante - Zino Francescatti, Mendelssohn*, Bruch*, The Columbia Symphony Orchestra* And The New York on the ground and sings.

I understand this will be hard but if someone can please help me figure this out that would be awesome! Its a German song with a Blonde woman in a robe and red bikini where she walksa fat man on a lesh and the words bitch, shit, and cunt are used frequently.

I just remember the phonetic spelling for We Need More - Various - Breaking The Silence s'moke em' Fandango - Unknown Artist - English Dances di ay, I s-moke em' boo. Song starting with M and has repeated "eeeeee" loud smiling sounds. Band sings song about being happy about breaking up with his girlfriend anddoing better than her.

Each member of the band takes a turn singing the song while brushing his teeth in front of a mirror and making a mess. In the music video the woman is on the beach in a black dress and there Issunset in the background and then there is a man with a black leather jacket rapping its about a break up or something to do with love. At the end of the music video they come together on the beach. It is something like Turkish or Kurdish. I am looking for an afrobeat kinda song.

Girls Untouchable - Various - Push Harder!

(The Ultimate Hardstyle Power) dancing in a hall andoutside a nature like place. It was sing by a male singer. The video starts out a girl and a boy are getting ready Vendetta - Trespass - One Of These Days: The Trespass Anthology go out.

Gettingready separately. They end up dressing the same. Same glasses, same socks, shes got a blue skirt, hes got blue pants. Then they get to the show and everyone is dressed the same. Then they make out in a bathroom stall. I think theres a skateboard in there somewhere. An album song just somewhere around in which a boy is in love with his friend n he goes for her birthday party n while returning back he forgets his phone in her car n when she goes to return it she sees her pics in his room n falls in love with him.

Hi, looking for the guy who sang outside of his car while he was waiting forit to get gas. It was like in the desert. The car was really cool, and the video was filmed really well. At the end of the song, we seem him drive off. What video was this please? Help me! Peak of the early 90s hip hop era dare I say ish.

Lots of crazy hair styles and fashions as well. Can anyone help a friend please trying to identify the song used in a TVDrinks Advert from the late 's or early 's. Going to turn this world up side down, going to run through the streets screamand shout, I want to be free Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals want to be me.

I'm trying to find out the name and artist of a song from this time frame that has some lyrics referring to heaven and is choreographed on a long straight and yellow lined road, while he is parked and on the hood of his car singing.

Kay I got some truth to tell, I admit it I took the girl to the moteland Drøm Om Randi (Instrumental w/ Hook) - DJ Tom Løkten - En Dag På Burger King: Instrumental Collectio it, but Kay only once, but kay listen up listen i was drunk as a skunk. His ticket Saints And Sinners - Whitesnake - The Very Best Of Whitesnake one way Chicago Where Blues clubs line the streets Where pain and joy slept side by side.

If someone knows this song. I wouldappreciate it. Female song at opening bar scene. It goes something like close your eyes and don't look back. It's time for you to realise this feeling and i don't know what to do when you're making me standing next to you. And now i am shaking in my veins and never love again or love attack. I think that these are the lyrics. It's kind of hard to hear. This is when Martin sees Jane. And they make eye contact. I am looking for a particular song how can find it?

One man keeping guitar in his hand roaming around india, roads, temples, likethat, little lyrics remember like, anjaan hoon mein, oooo yaarooo, please please help me to find this song, I am searchin this song like mad from last 17 years It was upbeat and kinda pop rockish.

It was sungby a man and had a fast high pitched chorus where you can't really understand. Cant really remember any lyrics. Its' a love song from middle or somewhere that seems love story andthe main character was a black guy wearing round bounty hat and trying to show his love to the bar attended girl who works in a bar as a waitress.

I love the beat of the music which just goes inside me but I can't find the song on youtube anywhere and even I forgot the name also. It was a song played over the radio from a police car chase video. The songstarted around The singer is a Nigerian guy I guess.

I had listened to a song quite a few years ago and It was starting High Energy - Various - Definitive N-R-G Volume One with anews reporter.

I have been searching for like 3 years I need to find this song!! That one song is stuck in my head again and it is nowhere to be foundon the internet The guy singing it I think was Asian. Main character is a female. We first see her driving recklessly and speedingup in highway. She is driving and singing. She ends up with other women. She is adored and seems to be the queen or leader of the underground group.

She flashes jewelry. The music video ends by showing her There Is No Later - Raquel Bell - Waxing & Wishing up and crashing. It's a recent video past years.

Thank you in advance! You can email me suggestions. There was this music video of which I don't remember much about. Oh the black guy was the singer of the song as well. Looking for a music video from the 90's which has butterflies hitting a carwindshield and causing paint splatters? It was a song and It was rly popular on musically it was a guy in a cafe singing to a waitress with a guita. I don't know how to answer to a specific comment, so I hope this will reach out to the asker 29 May PS: The funny thing here is: I'm more of a passive internet user.

But since Istumbled upon your comment just because I was looking for the exact same song by describing the video to google, only to land here on a dead end, I had to get active on this point, after finally finding the 'holy grail' - Because this is what it feels like, if you finally found what you were desperately looking for! So, turn up the volume and enjoy! I'm looking for a particular song I heard on Tik Tok. I think it starts offwith a girl humming a tune and the song itself is pretty bassy.

I dont know what genre but it's calm. Not the best description but Im desperate for the song. Help me please!! Email me if you think you know. The song starts out with a bunch of teenage bass vocalists singing "bum, bum,bum, bum, bum, bum, etc. That is all I can recall. Im looking for an old song my great aunt and I used to sing when she played it on her Victrola Any help would be great.

Looking for a song from the show called "couples therapy" on showtime. I'm looking for a music video where a guy is running from another man in ablack hooded coat and he is chasing after him and it's a band too and the lead singer is the one that is being chased after and at the end of the music video the men in the hooded coat disappeares.

And it sucks bc I don't know the name of the song or the band. I've been looking for this song for along time can some one please help me find it the last time I heard it was on a MP3 player and it was already downloaded on to it and the last time I heard it was back in I think. Thank you. From the s. Kay I'm sorry but I have little to no context of the song. I think it'sfrom either the 70's or 80's. If I remember right it was sung by a female. I'm sorry, I know this is absolutely nothing to go off of so if u know it ur a Cadirimin Ustune - Kemani Cemal - 87 Ciftetelli. This song is from the music video is about 2 guys dressed up in hugebunny and teddy bear costumes being chased.

The video is featured in a dimly lit car parking lot. And all the people in the video are running. In the end there is a stabbing scene. This song is sung by a male singer. A pirate ship is used as backdrop in thescenery. I heard this song a while ago and got reminded of it and the chorus isliterally Pararararara pararararara and i can't find it anywhere, also the instrument is accordion or something like it and has a pleasant fast rythm and sounds quite nostalgic.

I heard it in Serbia. The video shows a well built guy with long brown hair and a deep voice and theother singer was thin with a bald head and a good singing vice. The song is with kind of a creepy music video. I am looking for a song from the mids by a solo female artist.

What is the song guys are humming in the background on two and a half men? Lyrics: me gets all her affection attention? Not to him, not to them not to those,but to me! Anyone know the artist? Played on Swingstreet Radio. Was shown a french rap video where they wore pig heads as masks and were in ameat van, can't remember the name or how it goes etc. Bacho mi. I'm looking for a French song. In the music video, there is a girl and a guysinging in ski outfits in a cabin, and then when they walk out it's the beach.

The song started off with the lyrics, "Hopeless, tied to an anchor. Sunk byregrets that you hold. I can't think of the lyrics, but it sounds like an oldies song, and in thechorus the guy goes high and i thin ka bit flat singing "Marry ja-yay-yane! This video was popular around The video starts with a black guysitting in a window singing about a very young girl Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals up to be a lady.

In the end they meet and go out in the street and dance with a lot of other dancers. The song a was in to ,the prisoners were forced to take some kind ofpill,but the lead actor singer crushes the pill and colour bomb explodes It is not the song It was fun while it lasted. It is from 90's I guess, in the video clip you can see a redhead girl dancingand singing, dressed with a green suit as if it were green latex. I saw this video in the I am looking for a particular medley of "The shadow of your smile" and "a certain smile" put together simultaneously.

The recording is before and there are two men singing it. It had like And you where there I enterd that into google and found this slow song but i feel like i remember it being quite fast Its one of the bar songs, This live entertainment was singing it and now ineed it. I think it may be a Motown era song but I cannot remember the artist or name of the song, it is more soft music than soul. Any help would be really helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

That first line is so distinctive that you must have confused it. Had lyrics "drinking cappuccini, in my teeny weeny, what looked wet bikini Ifelt so obsceny. I remember it a couple, in the mv, the girl Lullaby - Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds For Baby Volume 1 : 1 To 6 Months and many guy do exercise inthe back, the boy sing many girl twerking behind him, also there are a scene that they step on alot of banana???

That everything i remember. Sorry for my bad english. I have been trying to find a song that all I remember of it is a sherif has toshoot his outlaw brother and is sad on how to tell his mom.

Tell me daddy tell me, why are those men in that big crowd? What makes eachone act so cheerful what makes each one act so proud? Listen Lad he answered it is the tune the brass band plays, its the song my County Tis of thee and you will know one of these days. Im looking for a song its duf ficult because i dont remember the clip it sounds like this. I'm looking for a soul where the artist is asking a child what they want to bewhen they grow up. I'm looking for a song that has the lyrics, "I will, I will.

Looking for a song with following video clip: woman dancing like crazy: inbad, on the street, in the mall; then finds a man exactly like her on an Electric Stairway. They stay together, grow old make kids. The clip ends with the entire family dancing. My memory is a little fuzzy because its been so long but please anything will help!!! Its a remake of Chaka Khan's tight fit. The group were male singers and thebeat was Love Of A Lifetime - Various - Selectors Choice an upbeat tempo.

Some of the lyrics go's like this. You got to be the right size you look good to these eyes,tight fit,how funky can you get I ain't found the right size yet but I'm looking,short tall or skinny I just got to get me any do you know what I mean,she gots to be the right size I don't give a damn about her eyes as long as it fits.

It is about a blues singer pulling up to CELIA DELVER - Sans toi gas pumps and a young kid pullsup whereas he schools the kid about how blues influenced rap music. It had a big band jazztune. A guy was walking with a cane or umbrella, and he wore a beret. His significant other picked him up in car.

It's a rock and roll song from either the s or 60s. A dude with a glove makes things colourful? I am looking for a song. A man and woman sing in it. I only remember that atone point there was a fountain in de video. I'm looking or a song from a black girl who has an afro and they walk into a party and he raps and they leave on a basketball court on a bicycle. Married, has a farm. But none of it's true. But he wishes it was. I am trying to find a song.

I just remember a little portion of the songdonating lyrics about a woman sitting a back room in a blue denim dress waiting or something on a hor summer night. Not much to go on. Newer song I can hear the tune but not all the words. My niece sings it as'i got jeans, I got beans, there's something in between na na' and that's all we can remember. Could someone please help? Looking a song by black singer it's like a jazz funk pop like Outkast band.

In the lyric saying like Lucy Megan Juliet something like that, I got therecommendation about this when listening Outkast band song Hey Ya!. She's in an Irish pub singing and there is a trumpet player and I believe aguitar. It's got a folkie low key vibe. Maybe British group or artist.

A slow-pace song sung by a bald singer. So there was this song my dad used to listen to a lot last year and now Ican't remember anything about it and it's really bugging me because I can't even remember the name.

All I remember is there was a lot of people in the music video and I think they were helping each other? And there were people climbing a fence and people fixing an electric tower? The guy in this music video is playing a banjo and he and the people besidehim are all wearing red capes, I believe the guy is from South Africa. The song had her singing about how she was being treated badly by him and how she had enough. The english song was on the billboard hot charts in sometime was an asian band filippino maybe.

Lyrics: "you gotta blow Video was animated. Please help out!!!!!! Looking Claustrophobic Fric (Distance Mix 1) - Various - Miscellaneous Deviations a song heard as child.

Female singer and in the beginning before drums and guitars starts, the song begins with birds chirping. Song, probably UK, from aroundyoung male artist na nana na na nanana na nana na na nana. Music video was from Starts with showing greeery then slowlyreveals a classy dressed lady sitting by a swimming pool. Seems to be impossible to find the lyrics of this song! Please help! The part I think that I understand is that: People everywhere set your spirit free and take what could be, a possibility.

Let go. Let it glow. I never. Clap your hand go highreaching in the why Its a girl and a guy not very known. Under your control. They are both at a dinner by themselves i cannot seem to find this song. This song has a been a white whale of mine for a few years now. It was a cartoon that was in either Portuguese or Spanish, of a ridiculous caricature of a buxom blonde woman teaching an inmate something?

The only part of the song I can remember is 'You can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on me,--" then she said para something something-- IDK just please help this is annoying the hell out of me!

The song I believe is early 's. The music video starts with a girlfighting with her dad and running out. Then later you see her with her boyfriend in He Needs Me - Gloria Lynne - He Needs Me truck they are talking and he says something sarcastic and she tells him to be serious.

I can't remember anything about the song itself and its bugging me. Guy finds out he is making love to a girl without a leg, no teeth, wig, etc. First noticed it on TV in latewhen I was at a shopping mall. The musicvideo is entirely in black and white. There was a woman who was singing on what looked to be maybe a beach or at a rocky cavern area it was definitely outside. While she was singing, it would repeatedly cutaway to a shot of a man running somewhere in slow motion.

I think he might have been shirtless, but I don't recall. The video got creepier as it went on, with more cutaways of this man running somewhere in slow motion. I remember him maybe hiding in a cave, and possibly even falling off a cliff or down a pit as he screams near the end of the video.

It's a song around maybe. A girl singing "baby please come back" sheplays the piano, then she's on a ship and there are waves but it's still happening inside the room. Song ends with her holding cards that say "baby please come back" "because I love you.

Im looking for a song that was on a Christmas music playlist it sounded like a 60's song. It had a female singer the song was something about a phone call from her man who was away. There's this fun classic country song song by a man watching the prettiestgirl in the room dance with all of the other guys in the room, then at the very end for the last dance she says, something like "sorry guys, this one is reserved, then she comes over to the singer and asks 'Daddy can I have this dance?

The oldman is hammering and Соната Для Скрипки Та Фортепiано - М. Коляда* / В. Косенко* - Соната Для Скрипки Та Фортепiано / Сон. He hits his hand and starts shaking his hand and someone puts sunglasses on him and he starts playing the guitar.

Slow tempo women singer Christian music high notes something to do with cominghome Almas De Metal - Acción Rock Band - En Directo light. Looking for a song for a 93 yr. He says it goes:"Way down on the ole Pee Dee - Some summer night when the moon shines bright - Miss Sally I shall see - I went to see Miss Sally - Miss Sally she wasn't at home, so I took my seat in the old log chair and rattled on the old jaw bone.

Weird music video but the song is very catchy. There's this song that is similar to Marvin Gaye's 'let's get it on', it'sused in similar memes and has a instrumental I think trumpet opening but the video is of a white guy in a all white outfit in a room with I think ropes hanging from the ceiling. It's looks like it from 's. Please help. Could it be "Tomorrow", by Chris Young?

I'm not sure how to reply to posts haha but I believe the song you're thinkingof is "Kiss from a Rose", by Seal! Hope that helps :. It was sung by a blonde woman with a husky voice she was in a red dress on astage being Vampires - Mountainhood - Fox Wedding Morning up by people in the background.

It featured a female singer. I can't remember any lyrics. It had a catchy melody, and the girl sang the chorus. YouTube links are appreciated. Or something like that. In the start part of videothere is some fight between them.

In the end part of videobirthday of his girlfriend and he took him in helicopter. All I remember is Oh na na na naaa and I heard this song in a club in and since then I have been looking for this song.

If someone could help me find it. Its a guy song and it songs like ohhh nanananaa. Its a happy song. The singer is the driver. Looking for a song that sometimes plays on Xfinity Music Choice 70's station. It has My Girl Maria - Tom Jones - Help Yourself slow, deep beat with a female vocalist.

I don't know the artist but one of the songs is about working in a factory. I loved the radio in the mid to late 80s, but I want to hear one more song forthe last time before I die.

The lyrics were something like, "Like the wind, you came running. The lyrics went like They call me princess and tried to rape me, It was sheer hell those girls bed smelled My son showed it to me but lost it before he could send it to me. Looking for song from the s, I believe, with spacey,haunting,mesmerizing,sexy feel to it. I believe it mentioned destiny.

I think women sang background. Sorry hard to describe! Pretty the lyrics in the videos are, "I come Global Trend Report A - Gasfront* - Global Trend Report go like a ra ra ra they don't want to be going na na na" from what I can hear.

This song was played on arrirang channel. Background was bit live studiorecord, where a female was rapping followed by a melodious Male voice english chorus about love hurts me. Year Looking for a Nigerian song, from the movie The Groom, song lyrics are "sinceyou left my heart stopped b.

Song from orblonde white girl feat a men with black short hair. I am looking for a song, which video was a guy walking Im Getting Better All The Time - Various - Those Rockin Gals a hallway, full ofpool tables, he was wearing a suit and tie, and probably fought against other guys.

This is a techno song, released most probably within the I know if I search the whole world through, I could never find another girl like you. Oh Roberta I'm in love with you. It was in English but also some other European language. It was a song that reminds me of my true love. Guy is singing about being on a sail boat. Waking up and casting a line. His ex-wife got the penthouse in the city, house on a lake, and fancy car. She's stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

He has the whole 9 yards. Something to that effect. She calls him on his cell phone, and he throws it into the water. In the music video she goes from room to room to room, outfit changes witheach room. The lyrics I remember are g g g girls girls all around the world pretty littleThe video is of girls in bikinis and the rapper is on an island around I am looking for a song that sounds like a byrds or tom petty song, it is from and the lyric contains these sentences: I believe I have never One Room Paradise - The Raelettes - Hits And Rarities you, you do things to me I can't explain, but you don't want to be with me, you're an independent girl Begins with the words: "Take off your shoes and feel the grass.

We've got tomake the morning last. The only one that comes to mind might be by ELO. Electric Light Orchestra. They do one called, "Strange Magic". Genre is post-hardcore. A little boy buries a pocket watch i'm pretty sure in some type of box. Then he finds it when he's an older man. The vocalists maybe had a scarf on somewhere in the video. Guitarist was throwing down. I know they're in the woods sometime in the video.

In the era. Maybe around From Autumn to Ashes time. Filmed to look older, grainy footage. Really stuck trying to locate an american country style song ,do not know theartist lyrics.

Mid 's possibly up to I'm looking for a rap song. I thought it was from the soundtrack of the movie Twister but no. I am looking the video in which the singer shoots her mother and father in thehead with a pink plastic gun. I remember the video being all very pink. The Lyrics went something like: "High on a hill, looking at the distant sky. Ilong to fly beyond the clouds to find the rainbows end I believe the song was out in It's been faithful to someone you just don't you just don't have faith in.

Shewas a rock chick who sung it around the early 00s same time as blurry- puddle of mud. Cher sings song about Indian couple who get married and ride off into a snowstorm and disappear. The music video has a guy and a girl standing by a river. Later in the videothe girl dies and the guy drops her into the water. The music video ends with him being 60 Minutes Of Your Love - Homer Banks - 60 Minutes Of Your Love by police.

Old song I listened to on a 78 record during the 's - evil sounding voicerepeating "I've got you where I want you" and I think an evil laugh -?

Nothing like the Flys song. I used to watch a song of 2 guys the 2 singers-one long hair and one shorthair trying to save fish from the supermarket. During the song they get attacked by a big guy with a beard and a crayfish cut the guy in his ankle - they managed to save the fish and on the beach when they released them they realize the fish was dead This could, across the Spain to heaven, I should have known, I should have known. A black man singing about a little girl who just confessed hope in Jesus andhe whooped her.

I'm looking for a music video about a guy that gets stranded Say Say Say - Paul McCartney - All The Best a desertisland and thenthinks about his love that he lost. The song starts with "ooo"s and children saying something over and over.

Watching beautiful Nicole Aniston in her red hot rio thong bikini kind of reminds us of all those sexy 80's era models the way the rio cut thong rides high on her hips like bikinis used to. Thankfully they keep getting skimpier and racier with time and we're doing our part. Lyrics to I Can't Get You Out of My Mind by Blackstreet from the 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Blackstreet album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! May 18,  · Dear Dr. Kate, *Why do I get so horny right before and right after my period? *Libido is a strange, enigmatic thing. We know that many, many factors play into our level of randiness: life stress Author: Katharine O'connell White. For Busty Gals What others are saying Get to know Exclusively Kristen full bust fashions, filing a niche in the clothing market with classically styled shirts and dresses that fit DD+ busts. Aug 24,  · (flipchip/grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo via Wikimedia Commons) The porn women actually want to watch New Pornhub analytics offer a few eye-opening findings on the viewing habits of each genderAuthor: Carrie Weisman. Apr 21,  · Here's What It's Actually Like To Live With Bipolar Disorder I had no idea why every time I was trying to get better, I just got worse. I achieved all of those things through cognitive. Avoiding the Friend Zone: Becoming a Girlfriend or Boyfriend How to stop falling into "let's just be friends" and the "friend zone". Posted Mar 01, It's Getting Better All the Time lyrics - Brooks And Dunn I don't stop breathing every time the phone rings My heart don't race when someones at my door I've almost given up thinkin' your ever gonna call. And the Angels Sing () January 31, "Camel Caravan" Radio Broadcast from New York, with Benny Goodman and Orchestra. After banter between Benny, Martha and Johnny Mercer, Martha debuts the original version of "And the Angels Sing" (to the tune "Fralich in Swing" with new lyric--including an additional verse not recorded later--by Johnny Mercer). Lyrics to "Getting Better" by THE BEATLES: It's getting better all the time / I used to get mad at my school (No I can't complain) / The teachers who taught me weren't cool (No I can't complain) / You're holding me down (Oh), turning me round (Oh) / Filling me up with your rules (Foolish rules) / .


Diabolic - YuFor1a - D-END EP, Elastic Rick - The Blizzard Sow - Baagou Music, Sail-Joia - Amsterdaô Tem Coracão, Coventry Carol - Various - Darkness Falls Upon This Christmas (File), 3 Sec. Reality - Individual Totem - Mind Sculptures Flesh, Ζω Να Σ Αγαπώ (Born To Be Alive) - Various - Τα 10 Δεκάρια No 2, Gimme All Your Lovin - ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin, Baby Dont Go - The Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour

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    Sammlerstück - mittlerweile sehr selten und oft gesucht. Bear Family Records - Proud to be Independent - Die weltweit renommierteste Firma für Wiederveröffentlichungen - Country Music und Rock'n'Roll, Schlager der 50er und 60er Jahre, Beat, internationale Oldies, Chansons, Jazz, Kabarett & grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo: Various.
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    For Busty Gals What others are saying Get to know Exclusively Kristen full bust fashions, filing a niche in the clothing market with classically styled shirts and dresses that fit DD+ busts.
  4. "It's Getting Better All the Time" is a song written by Ronnie Bowman and Don Cook, and recorded by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was released in November as the second single from their compilation album The Greatest Hits Collection grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo: Country.
  5. Apr 21,  · Here's What It's Actually Like To Live With Bipolar Disorder I had no idea why every time I was trying to get better, I just got worse. I achieved all of those things through cognitive.
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  7. Lyrics to "Getting Better" by THE BEATLES: It's getting better all the time / I used to get mad at my school (No I can't complain) / The teachers who taught me weren't cool (No I can't complain) / You're holding me down (Oh), turning me round (Oh) / Filling me up with your rules (Foolish rules) / .

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