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The album's sleeve was designed and illustrated by Colin Elgie and Hipgnosis. Upon hearing the album's title Elgie liked its visual title and immediately thought of Heathcliffa prominent character from Wuthering Heightsand English moorland. He had remembered a scene from the Middle Ages film The War Lord Orbed And Bright (Vadim Griboedoff Remix) - Weight And Treble - Orbed And Bright (File) featured Charlton Heston standing beside a tree and the birds in it take flight.

He looked back on his design and wished to use "a hint more colour, less monochromatic". Rutherford, who wrote the song's lyrics, [3] got the idea after reading a "history book about a failed Scottish rising He spent a year working on the song until he "got it right".

Banks was inspired by the science fiction novel Phoenix in Obsidian by Michael Moorcock. He later said it was easier to join bits of individual songs together than write a single cohesive short piece. Collins describes "Wot Gorilla? It was Phil's idea to play a fast, jazzy rhythm", [3] that built on the success of "Los Endos" from the previous album.

Banks wrote the lyrics with a cartoon-like feel. He explained, "When I heard The Chosen One - Jaheim - Ghetto Classics other lyrics on the album, there was a bit of a romantic tinge anyway, so I decided to go right the other way and make it as cynical as possible.

In That Quiet Earth" are two linked instrumental tracks. I] made the chorus the essence of what the person is actually thinking".

It was a staple on Genesis tours for over ten years. The group picked "Wot Gorilla? The first two are shorter, more commercial friendly songs, and the latter was left off because Collins said it was too long, did not "quite fit" with the overall sound of the album, and that there was insufficient space left. Collins said the group considered including the EP of the extra tracks with the album, but decided against it In The Mood - Horst Hentschel - The Guitar Album songs "tend to get lost" with the listener that way.

Billboard By Aprilthe album had sold roughlycopies in the U. When recording finished, Banks expressed some concern that the album would be too "heavy" and "difficult" for people on their first listen, but he knew fans would give the material a chance. He noted the three tracks recorded during the album's sessions that were ultimately left off were "quite simple" [38] and this meant the album had a heavier and more adventurous theme overall.

In a positive review for Record MirrorDavid Brown opened with "The grey misty, autumn cover gives away the mood of this album, with its mellow tones and airy songs". He believed the band's new following after the success of A Trick of the Tail would not Lown Down Dirty Baby - B.B.

King - The Complete RPM-Kent Recording Box (CD, LP) disappointed. He thought the album is "remarkably well-paced — the In The Mood - Horst Hentschel - The Guitar Album flows Her thoughts include "too much to digest on one listening", "less immediate but more substantial" than A Trick of the Tailand "the band now seem relaxed and confident to be themselves".

As the review progresses, she comments that "One for the Vine" is "Genesis' finest moment". They made particular note of "Your Own Special Way", calling it "a first-rate pop song". The album continued to receive praise from retrospective critics. Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave the album a retrospective rating of four stars out of five on AllMusic. He made note of "Your Own Special Way", calling it "the poppiest tune the group had cut and also the first that could qualify as a love song" and summarised the album as "a standard Genesis record" that finds the band "working the same English eccentric ground that was the group's stock in trade since Trespass ".

Following the album's release, Genesis embarked on a world tour covering Europe, North America, and their first dates in South America. The tour marked the first time Chester Thompson was hired as their touring drummer; Thompson replaced Bill Bruford who played drums on the A Trick of the Tail tour. The band concentrated their stage set with an elaborate laser and lighting display.

Collins recognised a growth in the size of their audience in some cities they visited in the US. Each band member was accompanied by an armed bodyguard during their stay. So it's a good idea and we gotta think about it. Claus: That's really hard to tell. And if you put them altogether maybe there comes out a little Claus Lessmann, I don't know. So why not Europe or at least Germany? Claus: I think the band did not decide it, it was the decision of our management.

In The Mood - Horst Hentschel - The Guitar Album I think that was a very big mistake because we should have, like you said, concentrated more on the German and European markets than going to the States and spending months, months and months on touring there. Because you can tour in the States forever, we still haven't played the United States.

And some bands from the States never come to Europe because they haven't toured the States. So I think it was a big mistake, we wouldn't do that again, we need to concentrate more on our base in Germany and Europe, hopefully make it to Russia one day.

We planned to play there twice already back in Til I Found You (Techno Mix Sans Rap) - Lorraine Scott - Til I Found YouLeningrad for three nights. It was sold out, I think, 20, people but the flight costs they exploded at that time so we couldn't do the show.

This year we were supposed to play in Minsk, Belarus. But it didn't happen because the local guy went broke, he had no money anymore so we couldn't do that. Why not the rest of Europe? Claus: Because they haven't released our latest albums. Next year from February to March or April we're going to play in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Norway looks good, Finland looks good, France looks so and so, and maybe we can do three shows in the States.

What happened? Claus: HEADSHREDDER (El Krawallo Remix) - Furryz Fornicate - Nerdcore (File, Album) has a problem with his hand and the doctor says he might go to the hospital, you know.

So we cancelled the shows. Claus: Oh yes, a real big problem. But nothing that can't be done without a good cut, you know. But it will take some time to do that so we said, "OK, we better cancel these shows, so many people will go there since it's winter, so many kilometers". Claus: No, not at all. Claus: Yes, it's like a marriage.

I think we've been like Claus: Because all the people changed too much. It's like you don't wanna marry your divorced wife for the second time, to do the same mistakes you did before. So that was the reason because people changed so much and there was no basis anymore. We said, "OK, let's start with new people," I think it was a good move. Is that true? Claus: No, that was a rumour. Maybe he wanted it, because at that time he already Milk & Honey - Habibi (Je TAime) that I was leaving Bonfire and he was kinda dreaming about that, I Deeper Than The Night - Various - Untitled, of me as the next singer on his album but I think I would have never done that 'cause I wouldn't have joined another band, you know.

I wanted to work with Hans together the way we both wanted or just leave it. Is it true? There's this German director Joseph Filtzmeier who did a great movie about Stalingrad.

He was also doing a movie on that very famous German book, a remake of the old movie. The original title came from Eirich Hesner and he asked us to do a song for that movie which was more of a family movie, you know, no violence in the film at all, no blood. And I kinda like that because it's very hard right now to do a movie without violence, blood or sex scenes. So we said, "That's interesting, we'll do it!

Claus: It was called "Charlie And Elise", a very, very soft song. It was released but never made it really big. It was an interesting work but nothing more. What's that song "In Zaire" about?

Claus: It's just a fun cover-version, it's a song from Johnny Wakeman. It used to be a really big song in the s, it was about a world championship on boxing when Walter Ralley was boxing in Zaire.

And I don't know, a lot of people know it. So some day I came up with the idea of putting it in front of "The Stroke" 'cause it has the same rhythm, same kind of feeling. So people liked it, they were clapping and we kept that song in the program for several years. So why no cover-versions on that album? Claus: Well, it always depends on your feelings.

Sometimes a song comes to your mind, you like it and say, "Let's play that and do our own version of that! So we just said, "OK, it's about time to do our own version and go away from that Lynyrd Skynyrd stuff, make it more rocky, in the Bonfire style.

Claus: I won't tell you yet but there were very good suggestions, it was very interesting but actually we didn't make up our mind yet. Claus: It's one of my favorite Kiss songs because I do like The Eagles and do like the hard rock stuff, you know. If you look at "Hard Luck Woman", it's kind of an influence like that, a little country in it, a little west coast and I kinda like that. How come you play the song on that soundtrack to the "Shocker" movie?

We were recording "Point Blank" at that time and we were writing a couple of months before with Desmond Child, and they were putting together that soundtrack for the movie.

And he remembered that and thought that the song could fit if played by us, so he gave us a call and was were like, "Yes, sure! What about Bonfire? Claus: No. If we are asked to do some interesting tribute album we surely would do it. But I think many bands do too much of that and they should concentrate more on their own stuff, maybe they are not very successful with their own stuff or whatever, so they are doing tribute albums. Were you invited to participate?

Claus: Yes, Michael contacted me. It was because of September 11, and about what happened In The Mood - Horst Hentschel - The Guitar Album New York.

So I said, "Vossy, that's interesting, you know, but I can't do it now. I'm too shocked about that and I won't do something that I might regret tomorrow. And the second reason why I refused was that somebody's gonna have money from it and I don't want that. If I don't get a confirmation that nobody is earning a penny from it and everything goes to the victims of that day I won't do it.

Not at that point. Were you invited there? Claus: No, our management at that time refused to do it. But Hans was on it because he Wheres The Beef?? - Arlene - Wheres The Beef?? his band EZ Livin' so he was involved in that project. Claus: Me. Claus: Sometimes I do 'cause I think these are the roots where everything comes from.

And there's that song "Thumbs Up For Europe", so we put the anthem in front of it. Claus: I think it's a part of our life. But Bonfire has nothing to do with drugs. I think everybody One More Time - OMD* - The Punishment Of Luxury drinking, you don't have to be a musician to drink alcohol. Everybody is having girls, you don't have to be a musician to do that stuff.

Well, some bands don't like to think about politics, they just wanna party. So we say, "OK, you party, but we wanna think about something else" So we do write songs about that, I mean, pollution with "Nevermind", "Tony's Roulette", "You're Back" and many others.

So there's at least one song on every Bonfire album which is about something else and not that cliche stuff. Claus: Remember what I told you about "Mad Max" movie?

That was just a track to create the mood for the song. And in the middle of the song you find parts from another movie "The Day After". So we just brought together that kind of atmosphere.

Claus: Actually, just a fantasy 'cause at that time we've never been to Los Angeles. Sometimes you have to use your imagination In The Mood - Horst Hentschel - The Guitar Album you haven't been anywhere before. Claus: That's about what I just told you, I mean, pollution, environment's coming down, you know, and everybody is just doesn't care what happens. So if you put some garbage on the street thinking, "OK, they'll clean it up" and that's the same thing you do with water, air.

Step Lightly. Ringo Starr. Oh, My My. You're Richard M. Have You Seen My Baby? Randy Newman. I'm the Greatest. John Lennon. George Harrison. You and Me Babe. Step Lightly Ringo Starr. You're 16 Richard M.

Oct 12,  · Gerry Mulligan, Doc Severinsen "In the Mood" Aug 2, - Duration: Chuck Par-Due 95, views. World Gone Strange is the first album, recorded in , without David Hentschel (producer, keyboards, writer). Reissue of this album by the former Police guitarist. Fans argue this as being timeless, memorable and universal piece of work. "Duke" is the 10th full-length studio album by UK pop/rock/progressive rock act Genesis. The album was released through Charisma Records (UK)/Atlantic Records (US) in March It's the second album working as the trio of Tony Banks (keyboards, string guitar, background vocals), Phil Collins (drums, percussion, /5(). Nursery Cryme is the third studio album by the English rock band Genesis, released in November on Charisma Records. It was their first to feature drummer/vocalist Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett. The album received a mixed response from critics and was not initially a commercial success;Genre: Progressive rock. The depth of emotion in the tone of the music, and the way Phil switches from a soft voice to a rough voice and back again it totally fits with the mood of the album. I remember being lost in the melody at 19, dreaming of being on the darkened moors of Yorkshire, like in my own Bronte novel. Red Rose Speedway was recorded with the second line-up of Wings, with Henry McCullough joining on guitar. The original plan was to release a double album, with around 30 songs mooted for inclusion, but McCartney was persuaded by EMI to condense the selection to a single disc. Evil Woman. Black Sabbath's third and last attempt at a single in the run up to the release of their debut album was recorded Monday, November 10th, in a session at Trident Studios in St Anne's Court, London, with a team of Rodger Bain producing, Barry Sheffield engineering and tape operator David Hentschel. The album’scelebratory tone is aptly expressed in the infectious ‘This One’s for theGirls,’ an homage to self-reliance and fearlessness in love that’s drivenby pounding drums and waves of heavy rock guitar. This discussion is intended to exchange information between customers. If your question answered within 48 hours, the answer gives you an expert of Dodax. Genesis were an English rock band formed at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey, in The most successful and longest-lasting line-up consisted of keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford and drummer/singer Phil grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfoicant former members were original lead singer Peter Gabriel, and guitarists Anthony Phillips and Steve grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo: Progressive rock, art rock, pop rock, .


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  1. Wind& Wuthering is the eighth studio album from English progressive rock band Genesis. It was released on 17 December on Charisma Records in the UK and the following January in the United States. It was the last studio album to feature guitarist Steve Hackett before his departure to pursue a solo career. Following the success of their tour to support their previous album .

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