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For those of you that have always wondered what Phlitman and Kangaroo would sound like, playing jazz, here's your answer. If this was a quizz and someone would ask me Down Down - Various - The Best Air Guitar Album In The World .

Ever add the name to each track, I wouldn't have too many points. The album, however, deserves all the points. I like it a lot. I hope this is just part one. True, it's a bootleg and that means that someone is making money out of this and it's not the artistsbut it's good to see that some Beefheart video is turning up.

I can't tell you too much about this. I've seen it, but I don't really know what the source is. The first track is from The Old Grey Whistle Test from ; there's Chaos - Various - Best Of The Beats BBC tribute from a couple of years ago; there's the little thing by Anton Corbijn, and then there's some more live stuff, but I can't put my finger on it.

Additional info is welcome. Presenting The Mothers in Detroit in Tape traders or concert traders as one might call them know that this is a very fine concert.

Chow's Love Medicine. Linneman's Riverwest Inn, E. Local bands covering only Zappa music. Hi, for those of you on the right latitude and longitude, please be aware that the merely entertaining Petulant Frenzy will once again be forcing unsuspecting molecules of air Bishops Death - Andrew Powell & The Philharmonia Orchestra* - Ladyhawke - Original Motion Picture S collide in a fashion similar to that envisioned by Frank Zappa a long time ago, in a land far away.

Oh, and free burns of the Roxy DVD to the first payers. Member of the Electric Flag. And they made this rhythm and blues record, which has a lot of words in it like 'baby'. But I'm sure it's very excellent.

Maybe it doesn't even have the words in it like 'baby'. Maybe they got something psychedelic like 'mama'. Here's a transcription of the interview: Frank: The drummer auditions are closed right now because I just hired a guy from Chicago. His name is Marty Seven. As a matter of fact, he's probably there visiting in Chicago with his parents right now He was living in Boston, he came out, he tried out, he got the job and then moved all of his stuff out to California and then went back to visit with his parents for a week.

So he may be back there right now so if he's there, Hi Marty, how you doing? Down, plus guests. I vividly remember their previous album "Deux Ma Sacoche", which came in a handbag And now there's "Sans Culottes".

This is a very fresh and fun sounding album. You should really give this a try. Check the Lama! Down, Mister Pingpongballoon and R. A toy guitar, tape manipulation, casio sounds and a voice that could easily come from a Cavandoli cartoon in one track and from Captain B. I like this a lot. If you're up for something experimental, you have to check this out. This is truly hilarious material. Sticking with the letter "K", it even sounds like something inbetween Kamagurka and Klimperei.

I dream surreal dreams and think of these things in the quiet moments in the darkness before my alarm clock buzzes. I only regret I don't possess even more time to escape from the noise and distractions of the days to reside by rich pools of reflection. They behave as proud and arrogant children All relations: Me And Josie On A Saturday Night - Zita Swoon - Camera Concert: A Band In A Box of Nicu Alifantis - Voiaj nourished on upbringings of TV football and videogames.

Devoid of integrity all systems fail: Black unfortunates drown while Ivy League cronies fuss over dinner reservations. Kansan peasants protect their children from science. The sentimental deification of golfers posited as some supreme value to emulate.

All is money and buying, scheming and getting All is position and territory and image and reputation based on nothing of value or meaning. They behave as proud and arrogant children: All is a battle to prove a misplaced sense of manhood while men themselves are despised All circumstances a battle to trounce the eternal other They establish paradigms of black and white which require no reflection of which they are incapable.

Vince Lombardi's aphorism replaces thinking. Battles lacking any overarching goal or reason or meaning Battles for the sake of battle Inherent belligerence contrives rationalizations for itself. Devoid of integrity all systems fail Devoid of integrity all systems fail Devoid of integrity all systems fail.

They behave as proud and arrogant children. Order now at www. Preview new tracks and read Opperman's blog at www. New New Music Music Music. Hey there! We are having a sale on all my CD's this month in celebration of the holidays. No shipping charge in the continental U. They makes great stocking stuffers. You can access the sale here:. If you have any trouble ordering, or any questions, feel free to e-mail me!

This sale will last until January 2nd,and we recommend that you order by the 17th to get them in time for Christmas. Johnny D. This was Andre LaFosse's first performance with the band as the electric guitarist and also features Jen Kuhn on electric cello, Isaac Slape on electric bass, and Kevin Dooley on the drums. We were hoping to get this out before Christmas, and we still might, but we're cutting it very close so we're not accepting any pre-orders until I actually have the DVD's in my hand.

We have a couple other volumes of Όταν Στα Κέντρα Σε Πηγαίνω - Οπισθοδρομική Κομπανία - Μια Νύχτα Με Την Οπισθοδρομική Κομπανία Ζωνταν series planned forand I sincerely hope that you enjoy them! Volkmar Mantei of Germany's Ragazzi progressive rock magazine wrote a nice review of both Concepts of Non-linear Time and Me Puedo Programar - Virus (29) - Vivo 2 the Foggy Highway which you can check out here:.

The photos were taken by the lovely and talented Cassidy Freeman. I realize that I haven't been performing very often lately, and that's mostly because I've been doing a whole lot of writing.

Currently, I'm working on the last piece for the studio album tentatively titled " The Sorcerer's Apprentice " called The Porpentine. It's going to be quite the epic, probably clocking in at around minutes, and I really think it's the greatest thing I've ever written. I'm currently orchestrating it for full orchestra and that has been my musical obsession for the last two months.

I was really proud of Special Opps for performing a huge chunk of it a couple weeks ago, because it is ridiculously difficult we spent almost all of our rehearsal time just on that one piece.

I've also started writing songs for the album that's going to come after the one that I'm currently working on. I'll be pretty jazzed when the day finally comes that I can make records as quickly as I can write them, but in the meantime, I'll just keep augmenting my catalog. The two latest editions are two rock songs, complete with lyrics. Every once in awhile, my dad or Tanya will ask me when I plan on recording " Tanya's Song " and the answer is someday.

I realize that there are two other volumes in the Oppy Music trilogy that I haven't recorded yet and although changes will obviously need to be made to them to update them to the 21st century, I haven't forgotten. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and Magnetic Fields Part 3 - Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields is the best!

If you're into exploring music, you need this one. Although he had written several pieces for the W. Toon Tellegen reads from his own work and is accompanied by the Corrie van Binsbergen band.

The album is excellent. And right about now, they're talking it on the road to Belgium. I need more info on these bands. Did anyone attend or does anyone have extra info? Please share it with us. If you want to hear it, go to the Zappateers site and get your Bittorrent program running. It's worth your effort. The Zappateers are working on some sort of list of Zappa coverbands, scheduled concerts and much more.

A little while ago I received additional info from Avo and from Hand Jive - Little Gerhard And His Rocking Men - Rockin´ The Hits Jagatara is a Japanese word from years ago and it's difficult to explain. Have you ever visited Gary Panter 's website?

Well, neither did I. I'm a bit too late with this, especially for the Recital Happy holidays! BTW, the recoring is up for grabs at dimeadozen right now. Sincerely, Brett Ingram and Jim Haverkamp.

A nice message from Kilissa: Greetings! All I would need my little sweet rider just, to pass the time away, huh huh, to pass the time away You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm mmm, Saturday Night Fish Fry - B.B. King - Let The Good Times Roll (The Music Of Louis Jordan) my door, all around my door You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm, all around your daddy's door, hmm hmm hmm It keep me with ramblin' mind, rider Every old place I go, every old place I go I can tell, the wind is risin', the leaves tremblin' on the tree, tremblin' on the tree I can tell, the wind is risin', leaves tremblin' on the tree hmm hmm mmm mmm All I need's my little sweet woman, and to keep my company, hmmm hmm, hey hey My company.

I got a message from Bruce Marson. Just like that. Zita Swoon is one of the most important bands in Belgium. This live album does Me And Josie On A Saturday Night - Zita Swoon - Camera Concert: A Band In A Box present new material, but it does give you the opportunity to find out what the band sounds like live. We all kind of stick together and watch out for each other. Josie and Aldys, both wearing big orange Denominator sweatshirts, are behind a table manning a bake sale.

No one is stopping to buy anything. Josie points to the left, Aldys looks, and Josie stuffs a whole brownie in her mouth. They laugh uncontrollably as Josie starts to choke and cough up most of the brownie. They both work furiously on a problem. A judge sits between them. A makeshift scoreboard hanging off the desk shows the score is tied. Josie bangs the bell on the desk and hands the judge her card.

He looks it over, and gives her team five points. They win. The Denominators erupt into cheers. They're jumping all over Josie, going crazy.

As we go wider we see the gym is entirely empty, except for a handful of Denominators going crazy on one side, Get Out Of Here - Bored Nothing - Bored Nothing a janitor sweeping up on the other.

Smiling at each other, Josie and Aldys clutch books Dance Ritual II - Auntie Flo - Theory Of Flo and stand in line. It's late. Josie is typing on her laptop, referencing notes from her notebook.

Schoolbooks and homework are spread around her. Sam is perched on the desk. The usual players in their usual seats. Aldys is standing and reading from her book. We CU on the students, ending on an Asian boy who smiles wildly at Sam and waves. Sam smiles, and waves back. It's about disguise, playing a part. It's the theme of "As You Like It. And it's when she's in costume that she can finally express her love for Orlando.

See, Shakespeare's making the point here that when we're disguised, we feel freer. We can do things we wouldn't do in ordinary life. I had these Spiderman pyjamas. I thought when I wore them, that I had super powers.

One night I tried to walk up the side of the garage. Billy Prince sits to the side--she glances at him throughout the poem, it's clearly about him. Does he notice me? Does he hear my heart screaming his name-- sometimes it's so loud I think the Gods can hear my pain.

His voice is so mellifluous, oh to get just one small kiss. Seventeen-year-old Josie is surrounded by an elaborate, color-coded index card system for her research paper. She sits down next to Josie, visibly excited and pushes her index cards aside. That they'd start an Olympic team for grammar - like diagramming sentences and verb declensions and stuff.

And I'm scouted for the team- just as an alternate, of course- because I'm so young. But then there's talk of me in the '96 games. The two girls look at each other. Big smiles erupt into screams, as they jump up and down, hugging each other. Aldys and Josie head out of class and down the hallway towards their lockers.

Josie stops in front of hers where the Makeout Couple continues their clinch, blocking her locker. Josie pauses frustrated as Sydney's Voice comes over the loudspeaker. Hey guys! Bad news--Chem wing is closed. The Hazardous Materials Crew is on the way. Now, about prom. Josie makes a move to go for her locker. The Makeout Couple are faster. They're back in their clinch, blocking Josie again.

Southglen South competes every year for best prom, and usually they win. We Denominators don't even go to prom. This one has been so hyped. We're tied for most wins with Northglen North. This year's winner will determine the winner of the century. The theme is everything. So whatever Southglen picks has to be totally unique But I think she wanted to be happy, that's why she wrote.

I mean, she was still writing about love, right? Because seventeen-year-olds do not like writers from the '30's. They don't even like people in their 30's. See, aren't you guys glad you took a break from that Denominator stuff. I mean, you shouldn't be spending your Saturday night studying the whole time. They pull up at a red light, next to an abandoned drive-in. She opens her window, sticks her head out, and tries to get a better look. That's the old drive-in. They call it "The Court". Now it's just a continuous party for Guy's group.

I mean, what if they just stupid to hide the fact that they're actually brainiacs with super powers and they're plotting to take over the world and make my life hell until I die? Oh, Guy, you on a little break from having an original thought? Ooops, I forgot, that's all the time. Guy's right in Aldys' face, leaning over Josie. Aldys starts to drive away.

Guy keeps his head in the window while he runs alongside the car. Look, geek, why don't you just go home and play with your calculator. Figure out how many lifetimes it will take you to get cool. No, I am appalled that I have a reporter in there, undercover, for almost three weeks now- I had to read about this in the Tribune. Gus angrily tries to fold the paper back 'up. He's having a hard time. Josie tries to help, but he yanks it away. Gus reads aloud from the newspaper.

Responding officers found minors, marijuana, and cheap wine coolers when they responded to a call to break up a party at what Southglen High Schoolers have come to call "The Court. Well, how would you define to parties"? Because we ordered a deli platter at this one Denominator drill session Gus looks like he may combust.

He opens the newspaper, finds what he's looking for, and shoves it in Josie's face. It is a picture of all of the popular kids at Southglen- Kristen, Kirsten, Gibby, Guy- they are all posing for the picture at The Court, smiling and holding beers.

This is where the stories are. You are going to become friends with these people. You are going to party with them. You are going to hang out with them on weekends. When they go to prom, you are going to be in their same damn limo!

Josie runs through the bullpen, past Anita's cubicle. He and Anita smile flirtatiously. And he leans in and kisses her.

She pulls away, confused. A beat. Anita kisses him again. Rob opens the door still dressed in his Tiki Post outfit. He takes one look at Josie and knows that things are not good.

Josie storms into the den, and plants herself on the sofa. She sees that Rob has been watching baseball on T. She pulls the article out of her purse, and shoves it at Rob. He sees the picture of all the popular kids at The Court. Rob, you don't know how it was for me back in high school.

No one ever threw juice boxes at you in the hallway. You never dreamed about being popular- you already were. All I wanted was to be accepted, and they just fucking tortured me. I can't do all that again. I can't go back to Southglen South. Jos, you've been to college, you're successful, you wash your hair now-- you're not Josie Grossie anymore. Don't you realize how much I wanted to be you in high school? Just for one minute to feel what it was like to be popular?

Come on! It's not that hard. All you need is one person. Once the right person thinks you're cool, you're in. Everyone else will be too scared to question it. Look, don't you wanna show them - Gus, Billy Prince, yourself--that you're not freaked out by the cool kids anymore? That you can go in there, be friends with them, and get your story? Josie approaches the school. She's clearly made a new attempt at style- she's teetering on too-high platform shoes and showing a blending white midriff.

No one pays much attention to her. Josie looks confused and scurries to the van. High-tech surveillance wonderland meets seventies living room. Tape players and monitors share space with shag carpeting and a mini-fridge. George starts to wrap wire around Josie's waist.

He pins a kid's plastic "captain's wings" onto her collar. No, it's the Great and Powerful Oz. Now listen--you're in over your head. This is how it's gonna work. I review the tapes, I find your story. A crush of kids flood up the stairs to the front door of the school.

We see Kirsten, Kristen and Gibby walking three abreast ahead of Josie up the stairs. The Crowd parts around them. Josie heads towards them. The three girls pause and turn just as Josie, caught up in the moment, doesn't see a stray backpack on the stairs in front of her. Josie trips and And so it is Rosalind, in disguise, who is best able to see through the disguises of others. To say to Phebe, "Mistress, know thy self," to look at love from every angle, and to realize, finally, that she is in love with Orlando Class is over.

Josie puts her stuff away and starts to follow the Cool Girls out. Your writing. It's amazing, Josie. You're really talented. And far less depressing than Dorothy Parker. They're alive. Like-Eurdora Welty talked about the word it moon"? How for her it was like a Concord grape. Anita sits on Gus's desk, watches the last scene on Gus's TV, engrossed. Gus walks in and stops the tape. Josie walks toward her locker, the Make out Couple is at it again.

Josie's fed up. She taps the Boy on his shoulder. Aldys takes off. Josie looks down the hall, where Guy, Kristen and the others are all looking at a flyer pasted to the wall. They head off, en masse. Josie smiles. Marquee reads "Jimmy Cliff. Josie gets out of cab, and walks towards the club. Josie enters the small, smoky club. She wears what she considers to be her "hip concert outfit," an outfit that completely clashes with the Rasta wear of the other concert goers.

The crowd sits at tables, grooving. Josie approaches the bar. A guy turns around--it's Sam. The crowd roars over Cliff's next song as Lara drags San off into the crowd.

Sam looks back briefly at Josie as we lose him into the crowd. She sees Guy's group sitting at a table and approaches an empty seat. They immediately scoot around so that the seat is taken.

Undeterred, Josie sees a seat at the next table and sits down in it. They all wear big Rasta hats and even bigger hair and are smoking a joint the size of Cuba. She smiles awkwardly. Josie and the Rasta's start to groove to the music. Josie looks over at One Room Paradise - The Raelettes - Hits And Rarities table, sees they are toking off a small joint and passing it around.

CU on the monitor. The joint the size of Cuba is passed into frame. Josie's hand takes Me And Josie On A Saturday Night - Zita Swoon - Camera Concert: A Band In A Box. Catching sight of this, George and his Date exchange concerned looks. Josie is high beyond belief, wearing a big Rasta hat and loudly laughing her ass off as the Rastas just stare. She can hardly keep herself in her chair. And Josie proceeds to get up and take over the place--she's dancing on the table, getting up with the band and playing the bongos, all with absolutely no rhythm or style.

But with a lot of whooping. The club is agog. Did I tell you about my new friends? I made friends with a whole table of Rastafarians! Not one, a whole table! She wakes, picks her head up. She looks up at the clock, which reads: She's late. Very late. She grabs her book bag and her keys, and races out. She sees Guy and his Group. We move slowly down the packed hallway, the camera shifting nervously amidst a sea of laughing kids. She makes it to the Girls Room, pushes open the door.

A HAND grabs a paper towel. George can now see Spirit - Chris De Burgh - The Storyman reflected in the bathroom mirror. Josie pauses, goes back to the mirror. She looks up. Sees the stamp. Her hand goes to her mouth in horror. She runs into a stall. They are slack-jawed in shock. Gus shakes his head sadly. The den of Josie's parents' home. Josie is decked out. She's wearing a pretty hideous metallic pink dress, matching gloves, bag, shoes.

She's shining her braces, using the T. Josie grabs it. Hey, Billy. I'm ready. Sure, I can just wait for you on the front porch. See you in a -uhh- jiffer. She hangs up. Sixteen year old Rob, very cute and buff, enters. She's hopping up and down with excitement. She checks her reflection in her compact, and then watches the limo approach.

The sunroof of the limo opens and Billy Prince, the Adonis of the suburbs, stands up, sticking out of the sunroof.

He waves. Josie smiles and waves back. Then, another figure joins Billy's. She's standing up, sticking out of the sunroof as well.

Josie looks a bit confused, but still tries to smile. Then, she sees them holding things. Before Josie realizes what's going on, her metallic ensemble is covered in dripping, oozing eggs. One whacks her right in her trifocals. Billy and his date lob a few more eggs, and their limo roars off. Josie stands on the porch, alone.

She's got egg in her hair, on her face, all over her dress- everywhere. She starts to cry. Softly at first, moving into big, loud, wet sobs. She sits down on the porch, her head in her hands, and just keeps crying. Homeroom has just gotten out, and the halls are packed with kids. Josie is running full speed, trying to negotiate around lots of kids, in her frantic-race for the door.

Kids still point and stare. She bangs into some freshmen, gets whacked by a book bag, slides some banners that kids are painting - but she won't slow down. Josie can't stop. A figure emerges, but before Josie can even see who it is, she slams into it and goes down. She bangs her head on the hard linoleum floor.

This is it Jos! This is my ninth inning! The game isn't over--I just thought it was! I get on the Southglen baseball team, the right scout sees me-- I'm into the minors-it's game time! With the reading comprehension of a fifteen year old!

Plus, I'm popular You want to be popular I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Rob downs his last one, raises his hands in victory. Rob sits down at Guy's table. Last night.

Big Cup. I kept calling you, but I only got your machine. I don't even know your parents line and I was really worried. Girls P. The girls head back to the locker room. Josie lags behind the group, and then wanders over to the baseball diamond, where she hears a bunch of hoots and hollers.

The team is practicing. Rob has just hit a home run with three men on. Josie, post-shower, is wrapped in a towel and carrying her sweaty gym clothes. She approaches her locker and finds it ajar and completely empty. She looks from the empty locker down to the sweaty clothes in her hand.

A realization sweeps over her face. Josie shuffles down the hall, still wearing her cheesy green and yellow gym clothes. Skully Temple - Hard Femme Cop is clearly beaten.

She looks down the hall, stunned. It is Youve Been Mistreating Me Baby - Big Bill Broonzy - Trouble In Mind Rob is being followed by a posse, everyone knows his name.

Girls tug on his shirt, guys slap him on the back or high-five him. Guy smiles. Josie looks like she's going to hurl. She looks down the hall the other way- where a huge banner hangs that reads:. Establishing shot of a smallish carnival, Ferris wheel, midway, tea cups ride. Aldys and the Denominators stand in front Me And Josie On A Saturday Night - Zita Swoon - Camera Concert: A Band In A Box a booth that displays a large glass Whose Foolin Who - The Kinks - The Kinks часть 3-4 of jellybeans.

Calculators and paper out, they're engrossed in find the answer. In front are Tommy, Jason, Gibby and Kirsten. She's trying her best to keep her game face on. Josie reaches an empty car--the last one--and gets in. The Carny holds the safety bar open. I'm gonna tell you something here, and I hope it doesn't undermine my position as an authority figure.

I'm a little afraid of heights. They smile at each other. Sam looks a little green. God, I would love to think I'm an interesting teacher. I mean, I had maybe one or two teachers in high school who had any passion at all. I'd like to tell you that we all grow out Me And Josie On A Saturday Night - Zita Swoon - Camera Concert: A Band In A Box it, but that's a lie. Some of us will always be rattling cages. I don't know.

And you know what's scary--when you get older it just gets more confusing. I've spent the last ten years with women who are basically all wrong for me. All I can tell you is that when you're my age, the guys will be lined up around the block for you. They look at each other, their smiles fading into realization. Suddenly, the car jerks, and they start to move down. Josie and Sam are pulled out of their reverie. They smile awkwardly at each other and laugh a small laugh.

They do one of those elaborate, fraternity-like handshakes. Out of the corner of his eye, Rob sees Josie walking alone across the field. He gets an idea. No, dude, Josie. We used to go out and she dumped me. But we're still good friends. And she is. And Josie walks over to Guy's table, leaving Aldys staring after her. Josie sits down at the table. Everyone stares at her. On the front desk, pamphlets on sexually transmitted diseases share space with plastic biology cross-section models of male and Son Of Man - Ulver With Tromsø Chamber Orchestra - Messe I.X-VI.X reproductive organs.

Sam stands in front of his English class, impatiently looking at his watch. Josie looks up from her desk, sees Anita waving wildly from the other side of the glass door. Josie's eyes widen, she starts to make "get out of here" movements.

Sam notices Josie and follows her gaze to Anita. He opens the door, speaks sotto to Anita. Welcome juniors and seniors, this is Pam Kitterman. She's our district health counselor. She's here to lead our sex discussion. Oh, I am. Yes, well, sex. What's to say really, y'know? You like a guy, you do it. Sometimes he calls. Sometimes he doesn't. Why don't we discuss that after class.

But the burning is totally normal. When you're old enough. Which none of you are, trust me I should know cuz when you lose it to some guy named Junior with really bad breath in the back of a van at a Guns and Roses concert Somer (Sketched) - Meltal - Fractured Constellations gonna wish you listened to your Mom when she said, y'know, no one's gonna want to buy the whole friggin ice cream truck when you're handing out the popsicles for free.

The Kids all have bananas and condoms. They are in various stages of putting the condom Real Estate - In Mind the banana. Anita walks among them, clearly more comfortable with her role now.

Without missing a beat, Anita pulls down a shade on the door and locks it. That's big. I mean sex is a really big deal. You shouldn't do it until you know you've found the right person. You know, Adele penguins pick one mate. They spend their whole life looking for that one other penguin and when they find it, they know. That's the penguin they stay with for the rest of their lives.

Filename D:\Downloads\EAC Rips\FLAC\Zita Swoon - A Band In A Box\15 - Me & Josie on a Saturday grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo Peak level % Track quality % Test CRC 9A Copy CRC 9A Accurately ripped (confidence 3) [B] Copy OK Track 16 Filename D:\Downloads\EAC Rips\FLAC\Zita Swoon - A Band In A Box\16 - Moving Through Life as grunge.kazraktilarbagamiopira.infoinfo Jan 08,  · Zita Swoon is an odd band, playing unobtrusive indie-pop with electronic as well as folky touches. This, at least, is the musical content on the dubiously titled A Song about A Girls. A subdued groove leads through all of the songs. Melodies, however, are pleasant but barely memorable/5(3). One night, Williams joined an impromptu rap video with crew members. When a fan yelled out "Mork!" on the set, Williams responded without missing a beat: "I've got a new job now." The film failed to make a splash at the box office, but critics made their sad goodbye inBoulevard's reviews. Whippin' Post - The Allman Brothers Band () Zita Swoon Camera Concert: A Band in a Box () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Zongamin Zongamin () Make Love Not War - Davie Allan and The Arrows (). Zita Swoon ‎– Camera Concert: A Band In A Box quantity. Add to basket. Category: CD Tags: You’Re A Big Girl Now | Our Daily Reminders | Me & Josie On A Saturday Night | Moving Through Life As Prey Be the first to review “Zita Swoon ‎– Camera Concert: A Band In A Box” Cancel reply. Whippin' Post - The Allman Brothers Band () Zita Swoon Camera Concert: A Band in a Box () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Zongamin Zongamin () Make Love Not War - Davie Allan and The Arrows (). Dec 09,  · Camera Concert A Band In A Box anglais] Me & Josie On A Saturday Night Moving Through Life As Prey. Disque: 2 1. Moving Through Life As Prey (Dvd) merci zita swoon pour tant de richesse musicale et de générosité, mais pourquoi ce groupe n'est-il 5/5(2). Discography A band in a box / Camera Concert () (Chikaree Records distributed by Bang!) About the project A Band In A Box Quotes: “A Band in a Box is the name of Zita Swoon’s newest live CD, DVD and concert tour. Smitty worked as a box boy at Safeway. He will be very much missed. I got to work the Paul Revere and the Raiders concert tonight, 08/22/ You guys put on a great show and I enjoyed it very much! Paul, I enjoy your combination of humor and great music. You're all awesome performers! Got the chance to see the band Saturday night at the. Here they were on Saturday night (8/18) at San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium–the temple of rock history and ’60s Cool–and yet, years after Janis and Jimi and Jerry, the Monkees still couldn’t fit in. And the harder they tried, the more ridiculous the results. For starters, the band tried overly hard to .


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  2. View Suede's concert history along with concert photos, videos, setlists, and more. Krust / Skinny / Freq Nasty / Scratch Perverts / Bailey / Richard Dorfmeister / Bob Log III / Ed Rush / Grooverider / Zita Swoon / Dom And Roland / Steve Wynn / Optical / Ink / BJORN / Doc Scott / DJ Die / Gay Dad / Ken Ishii / Sparklehorse / ROC / Johnny.
  3. Discography A band in a box / Camera Concert () (Chikaree Records distributed by Bang!) About the project A Band In A Box Quotes: “A Band in a Box is the name of Zita Swoon’s newest live CD, DVD and concert tour.
  4. Whippin' Post - The Allman Brothers Band () Zita Swoon Camera Concert: A Band in a Box () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Zongamin Zongamin () Make Love Not War - Davie Allan and The Arrows ().
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    They're spoiling us. The latest, brand-new Zita Swoon album has a bonus DVD. Just like that. "Camera Concert - A Band In A Box", this latest Zita Swoon album is exactly what one expects from Zita Swoon: a very impressive album. Zita Swoon is one of the most important bands in Belgium.
  8. Discography A band in a box / Camera Concert () (Chikaree Records distributed by Bang!) About the project A Band In A Box Quotes: “A Band in a Box is the name of Zita Swoon’s newest live CD, DVD and concert tour.
  9. Whippin' Post - The Allman Brothers Band () Zita Swoon Camera Concert: A Band in a Box () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Raining Pleasure - The Triffids () You're a Big Girl Now - Bob Dylan () Zongamin Zongamin () Make Love Not War - Davie Allan and The Arrows ().
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    They're spoiling us. The latest, brand-new Zita Swoon album has a bonus DVD. Just like that. "Camera Concert - A Band In A Box", this latest Zita Swoon album is exactly what one expects from Zita Swoon: a very impressive album. Zita Swoon is one of the most important bands in Belgium.

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