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Rare disco gem from Elevate yourself and make sure you come on down. Check out the preview below of Danielle doing one of her performances!!

Happy weekend funky cats! Awaken your weekend with some fun x. Happy Thursday!! Feast your eyes on the main event on the In-Sense home page for more details. Plus something extra special in store Watch this space and have a groovy evening x. More events to be announced soon. Watch this space x. Get your boogie on down for tomorrow night people! Beautiful Music for beautiful people! Not long to go now Happy Tuesday!

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House Legends. Supporting Charities Football Club. Renishaw CMC. Bucks Counties Spectacular Show. Running Wild. One Shot Events. Bike Chester. Auto Live. Chester Lakes Official.

Mission: Dance First - Think Later. Happy Monday! Happy Sunday! Contact The Business. Afterglo 64 Park st Camberley Gupt, Camberley. Running Wild London. Other Events in Chester. Auto Live 43 White Friars. Vampire Bat: Attack Points. The robot exploded. Crowler: Life Points.

Crowler realized! That DID slightly hurt! Crowler gasped in its head. She always goes ahead with her stupid harebrained schemes to Tootin (Edit) - Fingerman - Super Stealthy Edits EP Jaden out of school, no matter HOW horrible they are! You keep going!! Somehow this brought Ancient Gear Soldier back onto the field! And then your soul shall be forfeit!! When my Ancient Gear Beast kills a monster, its effect is negated! Now, Ancient Gear Beast, re-kill the previously-deceased Somebody Who Loves You - Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading man over there!

And because of that, he happened to explode. I play ze Spell card: Infernalvania! There was even a large castle looming behind the group with two flashes of lightning.

It fell to the ground, covered in really small scratches. This provided Crowler with the strength of a mother, which is proportional to the strength needed to stand up after taking a massive nipping.

Crowler drew the single most important card of the entire game. Ancient Gear Golem: Attack Points. Nobody wanted to ask about how it had just summoned its trump card, so nobody asked Crowler anything.

Now, use Mechanized Melee on that Vampire Bat! The giant robot man punched at Vampire Bat, forcing its arm to fly off like a make-shift rocket punch. It made the bat explode into a million scraps of fluffy bat skin. Camula: Life Points Sadly, the bat decided to fix itself up somehow, restoring itself back to normal. Now may I do so? The giant golem robot simply took out a grenade from behind its back and tossed it gently.

It bounced across the ground as it travelled. How did this happen?! Camula wondered, her thoughts flashing like crazy. What did I miss? How did the duel turn like this so fast? This s merely a story where the creator has all power over what takes place!

The only thing that was left was a small, smoking crater. Camula appeared next to him. Oh yeah, I remember now! Banner and Koala Ko Ala turned around and ran. Her skull now humiliatingly showing, she died. Of embarrassment. A cool scanning effect came from his eyes, which covered the item. The Shadow Items are held by the Seven Stars, or their more popular nickname, Shadow Riders, and give them evil powers.

Gut Man and Cuts Man were left there, staring at each other. Janitorboy Ikkaku suddenly woke in the middle of the night and threw up from a sudden burst of stress.

I didn't bother to check the links, so just tell me if any songs don't work. A common-looking boy was standing within a void of darkness, wearing a kickass blue coat with a flame patterned skull on the back.

He pulled his red goggles The Big Brass Band - Various - Merrie England (Record 2) his eyes and got angry-looking. Destroy him with Lagann Impact!!

Then it came back down upon an evil robed figure of Contradiction - Disgrace - Songs Of Suffering Lagann went right through his body.

But there was nothing within the robes!!?! The robes mystically began spiraling around Lagann and consuming it! No, I… I lost?! Simon thought, unbelieving. The boy turned his gaze, and saw a rather plain, fore-headed boy, along with a cute poofy-haired girl with weird, flower-shaped pupils. They were both being strangled by curvy drills that had grown from the ground!

I need to be always at the ready, by your side, to support you at any moment!! Was I rude? Was I mean to anybody? Okay, what the hell is up with this Syrus kid? Wait… Sy? Is that right? It had the stench of FAIL ure. But I still need to look at the lines, Scoopy! Face To Face - Real Life - Flame for… Ko Ala? It missed by two feet, making a nice splash.

They trudged through the warm surf… until they spied some sort of grape-covered hippo. Then he forcefully ripped off a large, luscious grape with his teeth. Suddenly, something weird happened! He leaped away onto a few rocks, then turned around and stared at the guys.

Why ELSE would he choose this moment to leap from your crotch? They all landed in a weird greenish cave in their normal clothing. Brown shorts?

Shoes that I wear a lot? Boota fell from above and bounced off of his hair thingamabobber-antenna. Be careful. The footsteps came closer… and closer… and cloooooooooseeeeeeeer … and then a bunch of humanoid animals turned a corridor and walked up to them. The one that looked like a gorilla looked sad and walked away.

Kittan, Boota and Simon followed up behind him, neglecting to ask why. They ran down the cave-based world for a couple of dozen feet, all the way up into a wide-open grassy place, despite there being no real sunlight.

A bunch of humanimals were staring at those four guys as if THEY were the weird ones! Hee hee! So, um, Mr… Viral-sama, I understand? Kamina grabbed it by the two-handed hilt and waved his new sword-hand from the catching motion, flinging the scabbard away in an unimportant direction. Viral blinked and sniffled a bit. Viral immediately stopped flying toward him and landed on his face.

Kamina caught it with one hand and strapped it onto his left arm. Kittan noticed. Now, I summon Enki!! Viral: Life Points. Enkidu threw his cutter, slicing through Gurren like something easily sliced. I summon Gurren Lagann!! One of its arms flew at Viral and smacked him in the face. The red robot fell to pieces. That one was the one only the English anime was named after! A large area of the room was shattered as a ginormous red dragon-armored robot entered, leaking all sorts of greenish flame-like energy from its body!

Or at least seen the last 13 episodes. His massive mech squished Enkidudu with his finger. The dangerous hologram suddenly faded out of existence, and Viral was left on the ground, squished to a pulp. Behind him was a massively muscular man letting off an extreme aura of seriousness. His skin was well-toned and his moustache-beard combo was well-groomed.

Simon realized! Lordgenome leaped back several paces and stomped the ground. With the power of his own will, all the parts of a Duel Disk apparently came out of thin air, along with forty cards, which all assembled themselves perfectly. Kamina believes in me! Simon told himself. Although, nobody else seems all that concerned about it… but who cares? And maybe Kittan. And Rossiu.

It flew into the Graveyard, bringing out two generic enemy robots onto the field. Beastmen Gunmen: Attack Points. It resembled EVA The card showed Kamina and Simon Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours in front of a desert, giving off a supportive look. Lagann burst out from the ground with intense drilling action! Lagann: Attack Points.

Gurren then forced Lagann into the top of its head, thus successfully combining!! Armor grew from its shoulders and its limbs grew outward!

A jet appeared on its back! Gurren Lagann: Attack Points. They spun around and pulled Lazengann toward them again, as earlier, and then ripped it to pieces. Spurred by its appearance, Lazengann appeared back on the field!

Lazengann: Attack Points each. Using all of its strength, Gurren Lagann began trying to push it off of itself, causing some damage. Simon: Life Points The Dekautsu lifted its hammer away again and stepped back. He turned to Boota, who made a thumbs-up, though sorely lacking in opposable thumbs. Simon drew a card… called Arc-Gurren!!

This, of course, prompted a transformation sequence. The ship began to separate apart into a giant torso and legs, and arms burst forth from the engines! From the top of the ship, a large Lagann-esque face appeared and burst forth, instantly gaining a neck and eating Gurren Lagann.

This means that it gains Attack Points!! Seven random Beastmen leaped on him and began slapping him in the head. Well, Arc-Gurren!! It was completely crushed, causing the entire mecha to crumple and fall apart. Another card floated out of his duel disk. He tapped one of his cards. A giant, flaming, evil purple Gunman, almost twice as tall as the Arc-Gurren Lagann, was born from the evil figure. His head appeared as a smiling skull-ish figure, and he had an entire planet sitting inside of his forehead.

He stretched with loud mechanical groaning sounds, extending his thin, bone-like arms protruding from his shoulders to about three times its own height. Sighing, it released a massive violet burst of flaming energy all around the arena until it was blown away with a flick of its arm.

Then they were smooshed together and spun to form a pink sphere of energy, which was focused and blasted right at Arc-Gurren Lagann!! It was burned away within seconds. Simon: Life Points. Do you think you can top that within the next turn? What do I have in my hand… that could create such a comeback…?! It Blücher Senkes - Various - Lytt Til Norge - 1905-1980 two diplomats.

One had apparently been beating up the other and was trying to get him to sign a paper. It also lost its tail, sadly. Tootin (Edit) - Fingerman - Super Stealthy Edits EP ahead. Arc-Gurren Lagann shot a few prehensile drills at the new awesome mecha and pulled it toward itself. Win this thing! And then… Get Away - Various - Commercial Collection 413 became blue… and surged upward, gaining a flowing red cape of courage!!!

Everybody stopped what they were doing and gave it their full attention. Aaaaaaaaaaaand… it was a giant Kamina, whose foot was the size of Granzeboma. It crumbled into dust.

And you decided to help them, i. Simon leaped through the portal and left. Was it really a dream…? There was a sploosh. Meanwhile, Rossiu was tied to a spit and being revolved over a fire by some Beastmen.

The end. ENKI: collectiondx. The music quickly ended. They happily trotted along the sidewalks until they saw a store window filled with TVs. And it sang the following jingle:.

Rei thought. Rei flipped through it, until she saw the current day. And so, Rei and Pen-Pen walked home. A few minutes later, Rei walked into her apartment and sat down on her cozy, large leather couch with Pen-Pen. But at that, somebody knocked on the door! Rei opened it up, letting Kensuke, Laura - Pete Rugulo And His Orchestra* - Laura / Early Stan local spectacled dork inside!

She took the plate onto the Tamsoje (Techno Mix) - Foje - Foje (Memory Stick) and invited Kensuke to sit on it with Pen-Pen. And yet, Rei and Kensuke stuck their hands into it and pulled out some burgers, sending out a few trace drops of EVA Steak Sauce onto the clean sofa. And as he did, they sang! Why am I still here?! Deep-Voice Dobbson turned to Billy Hills. YOU live here. Shall I go on?

Seto Kaiba was at a dimly-lit bar of some sort, smoking a large cigar and playing cards with someone. Now I have a story for all you punk kids! Wow, so they really actually trust me? Gut Man thought. These people are a lot more trusting than I thought they were! Do you know how often that happens, finding a Duel Monsters card on the street without something nasty drawn on it, or having been ripped in half?!

Chazz was hiking with Gut Man, through the woods, carrying backpacks full of survival goods. Heh heh. He ripped it open, sending all of its contents all over the place. HA HA!! Several crappy cards were lining the stony crappy floor. They both wore speedos. The fate of the free world of card games is at stake here!

Chazz, Guts Man, and the robot that his brothers were piloting were all standing around in the middle of the Duel Dome, ready to duel, as hundreds of baggage-carrying students watched on. S-so is this what it feels like to be cheered upon by millions?! Gut Man asked himself, pleased. Well, actually hundreds… or dozens… but I get the picture. Have faith in yourself.

Wait, Polymerization? Chazz realized. Soul Tiger: Defense Points. And so, with the power of brotherly bonds, they threw down a massive green dragon, who was growing emeralds from its own wrinkly skin!

Luster Dragon 2: Attack Points. If you give up now, then we can spare you the humiliation of losing next turn. So you can come up with us and work on the Koala Juice farm until we Falling In Love With Love - Massimo Faraò Trio - Swingin shuttle fare back to earth.

Are we safe for this turn? Luster Dragon 1: Attack Points. Rare Metal Dragon: Attack Points. Then she was burnt away. Her sacrifice made all the other Dragon monsters Je Marche Dans Les Rues De Paris - Louis Chedid - Tas Beau Pas Etre Beau sad and piteous.

Slade and Zazz thought. Did that Chancellor with the bald head just ask them what was in our hand, as if they knew? Catnipped Kitty: Defense Points. And his robosense. We have, like, three Spells!! Tootin (Edit) - Fingerman - Super Stealthy Edits EP their robot drew a new card with its cool robotic claw. Wait a sec, Zazz and Slade thought, the robot just detailed the card we just drew!

Chazz turned to Gut Man. In order to strengthen our friendly bonds?! Gut Man and Chazz rested their hands on their next card. Consumed by the valiant flames of justice, they pulled it from the Duel Disk. A whirlwind of dust appeared out of nowhere and swooped into The Dark Door, blowing the card hologram away!

Ojama Black: 0 Attack Points. They threw away a Spell card and Ojama Yellow gave a thumbs-up. They all began swirling around together into a large ring of Ojama madness, flying around all those monsters Zazz and Slade had spent the entire game summoning! All at once, he was surrounded by a massive green flare of energy! Chaos Necromancer: Attack Points. The Chaos Necromancer held out one finger, pointed at the Princetons, and tweaked it.

The robot was destroyed in the ensuing fiery explosion. It basically came with the job. You were almost to my chest height yesterday! It came with the puberty! Zazz and Slade were climbing around in a eucalyptus tree with some koalas, picking off eucalyptus leaves and storing them in a sack. I Knew It Couldnt Happen - Stanley Turrentine - Home Again it only took virtually to the end of the season to do it.

How odd. They dug into his skin a bit before falling. Bastion turned and faced his crew and held his right hand up. Attached to it by the wrist was an Omega-Xis head. Then he was struck by inspiration! His eyes turned even more completely crimson than usual, and his green fluffy hair-flames began to flow like wild sparks.

His mouth began absorbing energy from his environment. And then…. Omega-Xis loudly blew open Tootin (Edit) - Fingerman - Super Stealthy Edits EP hole in the wall by shooting a large energy bullet. And so the group approached the cool training cliff. They all, along with the complete Bastion Baseball Wreckers Gang, began drawing cards in a synchronized fashion. One, two, draw! It was some cat lady playing on an electrical drum set. You pervert! You have a cat girl fetish! He held out a card with a green haired fat lady whose robe was slipping off.

Fluffy Fred held out a copy of Nekogal 2. He got a sharp quarter hurled into his forehead. Look at this! I was just kidding! Fluffy Fred had another idea. His eyes…! And a bag. Banner was leading the way as the group stumbled around in the forest in seemingly-random directions. Everybody headed into the stone building for no good reason. All that was left were its four feet and a blood splatter across the ground. Also I was forcing all of these people to build this coliseum because I had nothing better to do.

The two Dueling Duelists walked off into the center of the coliseum. None of the audience could understand what was going on. I like dueling and long walks in empty corridors. Which will you choose? Everybody in the area at that time drank a large cup of water just to spit it out loudly. Jaden, Syrus and Piggybank hit him in the head with large stone slabs. He wiped off his head, leaving it clean and non-bloody as a whistle, and got in the DOOL zone. What a disgusting voice.

ASZ: Attack Points. She exploded, dropping her sword! He applied a handy bandage. Hydrogeddon: Attack Points. Was there to be a werewolf involved…? Wait, Bastion thought, What am I doing? Damn, I forgot, all thanks to her boobs! I summon the Amazoness Chain Master! The paladin lady fired out a cool holographic star at Hydrogeddon, blowing it up. It bounced off of its watery hide, doing nothing. Tanya: Life Points. Tanya caught it and stared at it for a moment. That boy needs to take better care of his cards.

They became a tremendously large and long dragon creature formed from water, flicking its tail Tootin (Edit) - Fingerman - Super Stealthy Edits EP like a hungry snake eying its next snack. Showing a gorilla encased in a large blue aura, it caused an identical aura to surround her Amazoness Night In Stepbridge - Garlo - Earth Link. Amazoness Swords Woman: 0 Attack Points. She and Jaden gave the barrier one big smashing punch and blew in into smithereens!

Syrus remembered. He envisioned that weird darkness dome that encased Chazz and Yuki during their final duel. Amazoness Blowpiper: Attack Points. Tanya emerged unharmed, but Bastion was covered in explosive smudges of smoke.

Someone get me a combat knife! The pig-eared girl ran up to Tanya and drop-kicked her in the back. Everybody gave him an odd glance. She grew up in a household with a very remarkable older sister, whom was showered with affection by their parents.

All of those hardships all played their part in strengthening young Piggybank to levels unseen before in pig-eared children, somehow, for some reason. Your parents must be real jerks. Naturally, she abused her unnatural strength and beat Shake It (Move Tart Two) - Romeo Gitano - Move kids up.

Surprisingly, they worked. But the teasing really hurt her. While there, you can humiliate your card-playing friends and live on a volcanic island! Entrance exams Smokers Delight - Various - Temple Of Science place tomorrow at any town that matters, and I know how much YOU wanna go.

So come on down to Kaibaland Duel Academy. That was all Piggybank needed to hear. A boarding school for card-playing nerds? Where she could kill the few that would make witty quips about her freakish biology?!

Sign her up! Piggybank stared at him in disbelief. And at that point in time she decided that she was going to love him, no matter how twisted and demented her idea of love was. Crowler, is why I need to go back there and duel for the first time since stepping onto this island in order to save my man! Everybody in the area at that Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell - Shadows And Light (8-Track Cartridge) drank a large cup of water just to spit it out loudy.

Jaden, Syrus, Koala Ko Ala and Banner were all standing by the entrance of the giant random coliseum, around sunset-time. Jaden cried, tired of waiting. Following her were Fluffy Fred and Baseball Bob. Everybody turned to her. Within were Tanya and a box. And a nearly-melted candle. So, what was the agreement again? Some trees and straw huts appeared around the coliseum. Saturn: Attack Points. I can still get out of this situation, though. Piggybank: Life Points. Judgment of Space!

Her face-down card disappeared, releasing a shower of arrows from the sky! Attack with Judgment of Light! Venus held out her arms palms-first, making all the spheres release large rays of rainbow-colored light! They hit their mark. The golden angel woman exploded! Then the giant sanctuary above the duel began breaking apart, dropping large stones down onto the field and audience.

I summon The Agent of Wisdom — Mercury! Aw damn it, that was a waste, Piggybank complained. She came with a fashionable throne. An Amazonian subordinate ran up to her majesty and handed her a new sword, after much heaving. Blood flowed freely everywhere, as if it were an angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion. That was a bad description.

Brilliant Revenge! The Amazoness Tiger was suddenly wrapped up in random ropes. Now stuck to the pillar, a roaring fire started up the stake! By the end of the attack, the tigeress was a charred mess, barely recognizable anymore. This really spooked her out, so she decided to come back to life rather than face her anger.

My Tiger will now kill your Guardian Angel — Joan! Pieces of limp flesh were showered upon the audience. The Amazoness Queen tossed her second sword at Piggybank! The sword hit Piggybank in the head. The blow knocked her limp body onto the ground.

She showed it to the group, revealing that the blade had been flattened against her rock-hard head! Now I play Pot of Greed! She tore two cards from the top of her deck.

I can deal six-hundred damage to your Life Points by summoning a Fairy! Saturn held his arms above his body and looked toward the heavens. His traditional debris storm began raining down toward Tanya. Tanya: 0 Life Points, Game Over. Expect it all to catch up by Tuesday with the new episode.

They kinda just stood there, doing nothing. The three girls turned to the group. At this point Jaden was slapping Atticus in the face with all his might. Allen waved. We always fought all the time, and that was bad.

So can we follow you around in this episode, huh, Chazz, huh? But then Bastion and Jaden crashed into a man in a janitorial uniform! That man right here is Kanda Yu! Allen gave him a used contact lens. You get it! Also I was drunk off my ass when I thought of that, but it sure does taste nice. Yeah, what a coincidence. He turned to Janitorboy Ikkaku, who was walking by at the moment. As soon as the door had closed, Chazz took the opportunity to express his views on the situation. Come ON you guys!

Why would we hire a detective to help us hide our keys in plain sight when they were all safer around our necks?! Like they stuck it into a dying animal! A truck could be seen driving away, dragging the safe along by chain. Banner nudged him with his shoulder. Allen Walker came to our humble island home.

He told us to hide all of our keys and even SAW us do it. So, what could this imply? The fact that we know nothing about them makes this even more obvious! What kind of unholy terror have I unleashed upon the earth? 3.

Allegro Assai - Mozart* / Maurizio Pollini · Karl Böhm · Wiener Philharmoniker - Klavierkonzerte were the one that said they KNEW their key was missing! You certainly knew what was happening. You know that, yo! They could be spies, for all we know!

He set the book back into his hairstyle. Everybody in the room was on-edge, thanks to being accused of the crimes committed. No matter who got the blame, they were ready to smack them around a bit for getting them so scared about everything. They had completely forgotten that Chazz has absolutely no power in a court of law. Sure, they could merely be performing their civil duties.

Allen, a detective, Ms. Lee, a nurse, Kanda the janitor, Lavi the student, and… Krory. Since when did this go to a horrible courtroom drama to a hostage situation?! Bastion himself held up Omega-Xis in a firing position. The bullet had hit Lenalee in the leg… which was covered in a cool, knee-height black boot! Oh, sorry guys. Give him the key! If you win, then we give you back all the keys. Lavi pulled his small black hammer out from his pocket and spun it around his hand by the handle.

Meanwhile, everybody else was flying, flying, flying, until they crashed onto the hard pavement of the harsh docks of fate. Chazz: Life Points, Allen: Life Points Huge waves crashed upon the shipping docks, as if they were trying to improve the atmosphere. Golem Sentry: Defense Points.

I sacrifice it in order to summon Armed Dragon Level Five! Gray Man vol. And placed into the Graveyard, but still…! I play Exorcist Allen Walker! Allen pulled off his detective clothing, revealing his cool black clothes on underneath, bringing back all the great Big House memories.

Allen Walker: Attack Points. So we were hired to be Shadow Riders. We also got this cool eyepatch, which lets us turn solid in the real world. And we got a job on a sitcom. Can you really suck that much as a main character? Kanda appeared on the field first! But first, Lenalee began channeling wind around Holding Back (My Love) - Various - Groove #126 / CD 35 left leg, which was lifted slightly.

His swoopy hair lifted itself out of his own face as his expression became truly badass. Krory then threw him to the ground forcefully.

Chazz: Life Points. Some cool random circles began floating around him, showing off different signs. He pressed his weapon into one, giving it a new picture on the hammer!

They splashed into the ocean a few miles off. He flipped up off the ground onto Mann McOldsmobile and grabbed his collar! Kanda proceeded to punch him in the face repeatedly. The duo punched their Duel Disks a couple of times.

He lifted up the hologram of Armed Dragon Level Seven did you forget about it? It was Krory, stealthily taking the top two cards of his deck! He lost all of his remaining stealth. Not wanting to listen to him scream and stuff, Chazz hurriedly threw the card into the Graveyard.

Chazz knew. I need to focus! Chazz drew his next card…. Mann McOldsmobile: Attack Points. Why do they look so official?! Chazz wondered. Cuts Man even pulled out his knife-on-a-stick from his original entrance!

Then he punched Kanda in the face, forcing his arm through his entire head. The resulting shockwave blew his entire body apart. Allen and Lavi were showered in blood and guts.

Allen: Life Points. He held his claws up. They glimmered in the moonlight. Lavi was less worried about the stolen audience and more worried about gutting claws. Did you forget so soon? Allen wondered, his mind boggling.

These kids… are insane! What do THEY have to do with them?! It was instead smashed open by the impact, though. Allen: Life Points, Game Over. The next week, Jaden and his roommates turned on the TV. I love Big House, so I have to watch this too, of course. Jaden skeptically turned to his Mann and Man-themed friends for guidance. The guitar was top-notch today, and actually hitting coherent beats and power chords! It was sulking in its office, waiting for something VERY important.

I ordered it two-to-three weeks ago! The person at the door? It was the famous deliveryman; Delivery Davis!! Inside was a grey ball with a timer on it. And then I shall celebrate with ice cream cake. Why should today be any different? Oh, right. Bastion, Crowler and Piggybank stood there for a moment as the fire alarms blared irritatingly.

Several students were out in the One On The Ground - Coalesce - Give Them Rope (CD, Album, Album), sitting around campfires, as if they were ready to sit out there for a long time. And sleeping in it. And I want to sleep. In the bed. Right now. Do you smell trouble? Because I smell trouble. Jaden ran all the way back to the school, which was honestly not too far away. He dashed into the bright, empty halls, as the fire alarms faded out by themselves.

He stopped next to Bastion and Piggybank. Jaden stared at Bastion, then Piggybank, and then Bastion once again. Then he looked at his now-handcuffed arm. Bastion and Omega-Xis left the building and spotted Syrus, Koala Ko Ala, and the rest by their campfire, warming up some vittles. Piggybank landed softly on top of him. But the… the head-hole?! He moved his hand around. Jaden threw a few coins back at Piggybank. The attack was hard enough to throw Jaden away to the Flux Sunrise - Bisse - PMS the handcuffs would allow, pulling Piggybank to the floor.

Jaden punched at Piggybank, who caught his attack. Then she punched at him, forcing Jaden to grab her fist with his sole remaining duke! Suddenly, their two fists slipped out from their fist-holders, successfully slugging each other in the faces! A cross-counter! The two combatants took a step back and took some deep gulps of breath, wiping the sweat from their faces. Before he could land, Piggybank leaped at him and delivered a stern kick to the stomach. This was strong enough to blow them both away toward the Duel Dome.

They broke through the doors to the Dome and fell into the center of the coliseum. He leaped onto his janitorial cart and began rolling off, using his mop-lance as a paddle. It held fast. He tossed the bottle at the cuffs, doing nothing. They both took Sonata I - Blavet*, Jed Wentz, Musica Ad Rhenum - Flute Sonatas (Complete) spaces and took their Duel Disks out from their But Beautiful - Bing Crosby - His Legendary Years 1934-1957 pockets.

Damn, and even after I played my theme song. Jaden: Life Points. Talking about me and Bastion like that?! He can win, but he can die, too. Nobody smiles like DAT these days, Jaden knew. In a few seconds it spat something out. And now attaaaaaaaack!! The really, really big man created a fat ball of electricity within his meaty paws and tossed it at Piggybank.

This self-indulgent freak is actually letting me win, after all that talk? Though, you were still a jerk earlier. She placed her Field card into her Field card space. His skin somehow turned pink, and his pants inexplicably transformed into a blue loincloth, ew. The blue sword became a large original-flavor blade of justice and light. Zerato: Attack Points, Defense Points. Jaden is merely cool now, not cute!

Alright, fans? It responded by firing a large yellow laser at Necroshade, blowing him away. Then he extended his wings as far as he could and shot an amazing barrage of feathers at Jaden! After hitting him, they and everything else on the field exploded. Jaden: 0 Life Points, Game Over.

Jun 15,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the kbps File release of Super Stealthy Edits EP on Discogs. Juno Download Disco/Nu Disco bestsellers chart All. Sep 15,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Special Edits 04 on Discogs/5(58). Dec 06,  · And here we are, the last episode of season one, full of all the cut-aways that made episode one so popular. Thank you for all the continued support, have a good life, the end. [spoiler=Episode The Graduation Match - Part Two]Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! The Fan Fic. Episode The Graduation Match – Part Two. supported by 18 fans who also own “VIP Edits 2 ()” yes well I saw half of the magik ontop on the Auckland Art Gallery, last weekend, the sky was blue, the trees were green, and it was such a lovely time in the full sun, so here we are Whyte Rushan. go to album. Elevate your mind. Colorful scenes and even better music. A night to let loose and re-wind with no non-sense. Mighty Reel is an event for an eclectic all round repertoire for music, life and soul which credits and brings exceptional independent DJs and artists to these events. Let your spirit alive and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events. Adventures of Commander Cool Hand - Episode 13 - Boogie Knights is a Funk / Disco / Nu-Disco Mix uplaoded by CoolHandJ in Mar - Captain's Log, Stardate: Tonight I start my trek from Jupiter to the further reaches of the solar system. It reminds me of the journey's the stalwart knights made during the Crusades of ancient times. Fingerman held a vinyl residency at the Casablanca Jazz club in the mid 00′s playing 12″ disco and edits and eventually began his love-affair with the re-edit scene. Aug 10,  · Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd Phoenix (Edit) · Fingerman Super Stealthy Edits EP ℗ Chopshop Released on: Composer: Fingerman Auto-generated by YouTube. supported by 18 fans who also own “VIP Edits 2 ()” yes well I saw half of the magik ontop on the Auckland Art Gallery, last weekend, the sky was blue, the trees were green, and it was such a lovely time in the full sun, so here we are Whyte Rushan. go to album.


Walking Towards The Sun (Hell Boulevard Version) - Eisfabrik - Walking Towards The Sun, Hippach Lied - Zillertal - Frühschoppen Aus Hippach, Velodu Vilaiyadum - Various - Devotional Songs From Tamil Films, Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley And The Wailers* - Live!, Paisaje Interior - Jorge Nasser - Nasser 3.0 - Concierto 30 Aniversario - En Vivo En El Teatro Solís, One Room Paradise - The Raelettes - Hits And Rarities, The Wonder Boys - Den Flygande Värmlänningen, Aus Der Tiefe - Schattenspiel - Missing In Action And Presumed Dead

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    Elevate your mind. Colorful scenes and even better music. A night to let loose and re-wind with no non-sense. Mighty Reel is an event for an eclectic all round repertoire for music, life and soul which credits and brings exceptional independent DJs and artists to these events. Let your spirit alive and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events.
  2. Juno Download Disco/Nu Disco bestsellers chart All.
  3. Adventures of Commander Cool Hand - Episode 13 - Boogie Knights is a Funk / Disco / Nu-Disco Mix uplaoded by CoolHandJ in Mar - Captain's Log, Stardate: Tonight I start my trek from Jupiter to the further reaches of the solar system. It reminds me of the journey's the stalwart knights made during the Crusades of ancient times.
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    Jun 15,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the kbps File release of Super Stealthy Edits EP on Discogs.
  5. Available for download on Traxsource. The Silver Rider - Sterling Sounds EP is the latest release on Undercover Operations.
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    Review: The mysterious Belabouche is back after top releases on the likes of Paper Disco, OBM Rec. and Thunder Jam in recent times. For Katakana Edits' 64th edition, he serves up a bunch of respectful edits here optimsed for maximum dancefloor potential. First up is "Sneakin Up Behind You" and indeed its groove certainly will in super lo-slung fashion.
  7. supported by 18 fans who also own “VIP Edits 2 ()” yes well I saw half of the magik ontop on the Auckland Art Gallery, last weekend, the sky was blue, the trees were green, and it was such a lovely time in the full sun, so here we are Whyte Rushan. go to album.
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    Available for download on Traxsource. Rayko - Enjoy Your Life is the latest release on Undercover Operations.
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    DJ Butcher - Happy Moog is the latest release on Undercover Operations. More from Undercover Operations. Sex Operations EP Jad & The Ladyboy Undercover Operations. Disco Bukowski Shit Hot Soundsystem Undercover Operations. Super Stealthy Edits EP Fingerman .

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