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Abrams was kicking around a story idea that would see Chris Hemsworth reprise the role of George Kirk, father to the swashbuckling Captain James T. Kirk, as played by Chris Pine Wonder Woman. But things have changed quite drastically ever since, what with Abrams signing on to helm the untitled Star Wars: Episode IX — much to the frustration of Paramount brass. Indeed, Urban stressed that he knows absolutely nothing about the status of Star Trek 4before.

A little over a year after his tragic and untimely death, Anton Yelchin has been memorialized with a full-size statue at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

The statue, which is now open for public viewing, was unveiled over the weekend, with friends, family and Hollywood figures who Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There him turning Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There to pay their respects. Zoe Saldanawho starred alongside Yelchin in the Star Trek movies, spoke at the ceremony. Here's what she had to say. But, it alleviates my heart knowing that we'll keep him alive.

We're going to keep remembering him in the hopes that by practicing all the things he believed in and remembering all the love that he gave us, and all the joy he gave us, we're able to just keep him here with us. Quentin Tarantino is an increasingly rare breed in the modern Hollywood landscape.

He's a true auteur director who makes the movies that he wants to make and they wind up being financially successful and award-worthy. Yet, somehow, he's never been coaxed by a big studio to direct a franchise entry of any kind. So what franchise might be able to change that?

Star Trekas it turns out, could possibly make Tarantino boldly go where he's never gone before. TMZ caught up with Quentin Tarantino very briefly recently on his way to catch a flight. When asked if he would actually want to direct a Star Trek movie, he wouldn't De Amor Para Quem Te Ama - Milionário & José Rico - Ilusão Perdida rule it out.

Here's what he had to say about it. We reported back in May that director Adam Wingard is coming aboard to direct the highly-anticipated Godzilla vs. Kongwhich brings both the Godzilla and King Kong franchises together. Since we still have just under three years left until this hits theaters, no specific details have been given, but our own Julian Roman spoke with Adam Wingard while promoting the director's new Netflix movie Death Notearriving August Wingard clarified some details about this epic showdown.

For onehe confirmed that this movie is in fact a sequel to Godzilla 2, which is currently in production and set for release on March 22, And it will be the follow-up to this year's Kong: Skull Island.

Here's what the director had to say below. There is Godzilla 2, which they are filming right now. We have some of the cast that is from that one. Firm Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There details are few and far between, but we do know that J. And so, Star Trek 4 was born. And if the stars align, he could be joined by his Ragnarok co-star Karl Urban. But now, we finally seem to be on the same page. Now we have to start working on the game. One point of contention is what 3D engine to use.

Anyone who wants to weigh in on the Ogre vs Panda issue, please feel free to comment. And we finally agreed on one topic - for a change. It will be based in the future in a Sci-Fi kind of a setting. Can't divulge out much details. Our aim is also to develop a self-sustainable economy based on the current world economic principles - which with Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There will be integrated with the real world economy.

It would be possible to earn ones living through the game economy. Looking forward to it. One good thing is that since the basic background is clear, we are now free to go haywire on the designing and coding. After almost years I picked up a pencil and a sheet of paper and went on to designing some architecture for the world.

Here is something I came up with. Will fit this somewhere in the game. Time to give it life and build it in 3d. Blenderhere I come. Tuesday, November 9, Change of Genre. This is probably the best sci-fi show on Netflix, and certainly one of the most creative pieces of science fiction around.

Stranger Things is like candy. Taking place in three time periods —, and — in the small German town of Winden, Dark follows four Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There as children start disappearing in It starts as a fairly straightforward mystery, with intergenerational family drama, and the years of bad blood that can Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There up in small towns over long periods of time taking center-stage.

Eventually the concept of time travel is introduced, which complicates everything — go figure. Dark is a hard show to really explain, especially without spoiling it. Maniac follows Annie Landsberg Emma Stone and Owen Milgrim Jonah Hill as they take part in a drug trial meant to test something that apparently can repair anything about the mind.

Everything from its pacing, to its sense of humor, to the world in which the characters live feels familiar, but slightly off. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are fantastic as two people who become friends as they jump through different layers of the subconscious, and both work at overcoming their individual past OL.GA - One. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, who also directed the first season of the HBO hit True Detective, this is a real Turn It Out - Ben Liebrand - The Ben Liebrand Grandmix 89 bender of a show, and well worth watching.

A remake of the classic black-and-white sci-fi series of the same name, the show follows the adventures of the Robinson family as it tries to survive after crashing on My Wild Irish Rose - Connie Francis - Sing Along With Connie Francis alien planet. Thanks for checking out our list. These are just some of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix, but there are even more available just waiting for you.

The Best. Sam Moore. Your guide.

Untitled Sci-Fi comic, looking for feedback on Story, Dialogue, Pacing. Comic: Ongoing Story. Hey all! So right off the bat, the art is is VERY rudimentary, and there are a couple panels where you'll have to infer what the content is from the dialogue. Sorry about that, but if the dialogue is doing its job it . Dec 23,  · Untitled Open Critique Forum. I went on youtube and I've had a lot of mixed results. There are a lot of really bad teachers on youtube who just want to give lists of vague advice along with a bunch of just random hyperbolies. 90% of the artists there, except for the older ones maybe, are there just to feed some sort of narcissistic drive they have and aren't really trying to help anyone. Untitled book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. fiction novel with a steampunk aesthetic that will appeal to readers of both YA and adult spec fic who are looking for something a little different and more poetic, and to those wanting to add more sci-fi to their diverse reading list! The prose in this book stole /5. Grimm used this explanation of war to start talking about how his family had been in the military for generations, leading to him joining when he got out of high school. A spot was open in the United Aerospace Corporation, so he took it. There was no war going on at the time, but there were protests due to the recent rapid advances in technology. She was very wishy-washy, never fully committing to anything until the last second. I think if given more time, she could have been a great main character. And the "love interest" didn't really come into play that much. There is some hot and heavy romance, but not much, which to me means this barely qualifies as NA/5(). Untitled Genie Story. Note: this is just a bit of a goof that I banged out one night. It's a lot more sarcastic than most of my other stories. So, here's the thing. This is the point where the story teller gives you a bunch of back story before all the good stuff happens. Aug 24,  · Did I miss something. You praise George & then tell him why he is wrong. As is part of human nature, I am more concerned on how to profit from all this turmoil. There is a massive tech revolution coming blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics, AI, ETC that will propel US businesses forward, farther than ever before. 4/ stars Woah. Firstly, I’m going to reconsider the sci-fi genre because this is the second book that I’ve really enjoyed, the first being The Diabolic. But I’m not going to say they are similar; A Conspiracy of Stars is its own definition of spectacular. When the Origin Planet became unhabitable, five hundred passengers boarded the Vagantaur and arrived at Faloiv/5. untitled Josh L. Gordon sci-fi script. There was a guy who posted here a while ago about his screenwriting success and I saw at least one or two comments about how he was lying or how his writing probably wasn't that great anyway. I’ve written about 40 pages in the last two weeks and I have never been more proud of a big ol’ pile of. Jan 23,  · The acting, to me, was above average for something with no budget. The cast was attractive, too. The biggest problem is that after this thing finally gets going, it refuses to show you anything. There are too many people who think they can get /10(90).


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  1. untitled Josh L. Gordon sci-fi script. There was a guy who posted here a while ago about his screenwriting success and I saw at least one or two comments about how he was lying or how his writing probably wasn't that great anyway. I’ve written about 40 pages in the last two weeks and I have never been more proud of a big ol’ pile of.
  2. Sci-Fi | Announced. A "reimagining" of the sci-fi film about a crew that finds a lost ship inside a black hole.
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    Noting that the movie is still in its very early stages and has yet to be written, Hawley's vision for the project remains unclear, but the filmmaker is shedding some light on his plans on where to next take the popular sci-fi franchise on the big screen. Here's what Noah Hawley had to say regarding his vision of the next theatrical Star Trek movie.
  4. Dec 04,  · There is one thing that sci-fi has got completely wrong: the boom of recent years has not been driven by shady juggernauts – the Tyrell Corporations or Cyberdyne Systems of the world. Instead, it’s being led by an insurgency of startups with the customer at the centre of their vision.
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    Nov 12,  · The science of Arrival: what the film got right (and wrong) although note there are some mild spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. This is something that has been touched on in sci-fi Author: Jonathan O'callaghan.
  6. May 02,  · For this list, we're focusing on the science-fiction movies that you may've heard of, but chances are that most people today have never bothered to sit down and actually watch .
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